Teenage Pregnancy Case Study

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In this article the main focus was on adolescent girls and their knowledge of the possible dangers of teenage pregnancy. The study that was done was interesting and came up with some results that were a little bit surprising. There were also aspects of this article that showed up in the textbook, such as adolescent pregnancy as a whole, and the consequences of adolescent pregnancy. By having this information allows for teachers to use it to their benefit when it comes to situations that may occur in their classroom. There was some very surprising information. Be start off the study was done in India, so even though the information doesn’t come from the United States doesn’t mean that it isn’t beneficial to us. There was a study done on adolescent …show more content…
In the textbook it states that, for the United States, that the three main reasons as to why teenage pregnancy rates are so high are: Childbearing regarded as adult activity, Clear messages about sexual behavior, and Access to family planning services (Santrock 202). This was different in the article because of the fact that it was a study that was done in a different country, for India there are teenage pregnancies but they don’t know that much about it. In other words, it seems like that the United States is a little bit more aware of their options and the places in which they can go to when a situation, such as pregnancy, occurs. Then there is also part where the text talks about the consequences of teenage pregnancy. In this section it talks about how the child is more likely to be born premature and have a low birth rate (Santrock 205) just like it was stated in the article. The fact that majority of teenage mothers end up dropping out of school was also talked about in the text, and how some do end up going back to finish school but in the end teenage mothers normally don’t end up catching up economically with the women who wait to have children later in life (Santrock 205). This was not mentioned in the article, which is interesting because one would think that the education level of a teenage mother would be an important fact that adolescents should know about. The textbook seemed to have focused more on what could happen to the child, as well as the characteristics that are commonly seen in teenage mothers, did not mentions any medical issues that the mother could face later in life like the article did. In the end there were some things that were mentioned in both the article and the textbook, but it seems like for the most part they covered different aspects of what could occur with teenage

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