How Does Family And Social Support Affect The Health Of Adolescent Motherhood?

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Adolescent motherhood is a major difficulty that can pose significant effects on an individual’s life. Teenage mothers may have greater risks of developing complications in major areas of their life, such as education failure, deficiency, and psychological problems. Adolescent motherhood is associated with limited chances of acquiring full education. Additionally, they may face considerable social stigma and hostility during the pregnancy. Stigma may cause adolescents not to seek the required medication during pregnancy, which exposes them to various medical complications (Cornelius et al, 2011).
Teenage mothers are in need of unique appreciation, health care, and guidance concerning proper diet, illnesses, drug abuse, and general care during pregnancy. Lack of social and family support during pregnancy and after childbirth also puts the young adults at a great risk (Oberlander & Black, 2011). This paper seeks to discuss the relationship between family and social support and the health of adolescent mothers. Moreover, the paper will analyse the impact of the information from the discussion to future nursing practice of nursing students.
Support from the Family
Family support plays a significant role for the adolescent mothers. Teenage
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Teenage mothers are in most cases viewed as failures and promiscuous. Therefore, they are stigmatized by the society, at school, at home, and at health care facilities and it could lead to stigma-related unsupported issue, which could lead to mental illnesses and if not attended to, it may escalate to suicidal behavior among the adolescent mothers. Teenage mothers drop out of school, failing to acquire the skills required for securing decent employment that can only guarantee a poor life for both the mother and the child. Nurses should advocate for practices that reduce stigmatization and promote the well-being of the young

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