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  • Three Components Of Clinical Practicum

    1- How have you experienced the three (3) components of the Community of Inquiry (cognitive presence, social presence, and teaching presence) since your first term in your midwifery, family nurse practitioner, or women’s health nurse practitioner program? Please describe the role the three (3) components played in your education during both your didactic studies and your clinical practicum. The educational framework used by Frontier Nursing University fosters high levels of cognitive presence. Throughout the program I felt compelled and motivated to study. I found the quality of the coursework not lesser than in-person courses. My test taking experiences feel real with the proctor. I have acquired valuable knowledge and thinking skills from the program. After frontier bound about 3 years ago, I developed a strong sense of connection with my peers and my advisor. My fellow classmates initiated networking groups to support and uplift each other. The group projects foster student’s participation and collaboration. We were able to gain and share knowledge and ideas with one another. Instructors were always available for questions and concerns. The social presence, however, declined over time because we all live in separate space and time. I personally felt isolated at some point because I lost touch with some classmates. Gratefully at clinical bound last year, I met new peers and instructors which somewhat rekindle the social presence. I believe that face to face communication…

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  • Behavioral Observation Analysis And Assessment Of A Mini Mental Health

    down so she does not pass out. The client is currently on a prenatal vitamin in which she takes daily and has been on this vitamin for the last year because she was pregnant. The client recently acquired birth control after a session in which she decided that she did not want to get married to save her marriage. The client does not use alcohol, drugs, caffeine, or cigarettes, but admits to drinking large amounts of mountain dew. The client refuses to take prescription medication for major…

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  • Direct Patient Care Case Study

    Care How did you feel about your performance in the clinical setting this week? What went well? What would you change about what you did or didn’t do? Describe a patient(s) you cared for this week. What were the patient’s medical diagnoses? What nursing problems or actions did you address when giving care. List any medications you gave this week that you have not given yet this quarter. Mention any particular assessments you did that helped you identify the patient’s problems or nursing…

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  • Kaakinen's Definition Of Family Health Care Nursing

    What is Kaakinen’s definition of “family health care nursing?” What is your own vision of family nursing? What from your readings “resonates” with your own personal thoughts on family nursing? Kaakinen, et al (2015) identified family health care nursing as providing healthcare needs to families that are within the nurses scope of practice and is intended to address all four approaches of viewing a family to treat the family as a whole (p.8). My personal view of what family nursing is, and…

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  • Letters From Birmingham Jail Analysis

    Letters from Birmingham Jail 1. Martin Luther King Jr. writes, Letters from Birmingham Jail as a member of the clergy and as a member of the Black community. As a Reverend and as a leader of the civil rights movement, King uses his influence among members of the church and movement to promote nonviolent protesting as the foundation of the equal rights campaign. King also uses the knowledge from his experience in the Clergy and as a Christian leader to refute the criticism of the eight clergymen…

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  • Marx And Weber And Social Action

    Marx describes in detail two ways that people are classified that is dependent on their relationship to the means of production. Max Weber describes a more modern look into how people are, act, and do what they do in society based on people’s class, status, and party. While Marx describes outlooks into his view on peoples place in society through their means of production, alienation, and commodity fetish; Max Weber in particular provides accurate details that describe a person’s class, status,…

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  • Author Lauren Tarshis Calls The Flood In Louisiana Chapter 2

    very cold.” A frigid wind stings your cheeks. Antarctica has a frigid climate. When frigid is used to describe a person or a behavior, it means “cold” as in lacking emotional warmth. A frigid greeting is not friendly or enthusiastic. Severus Snape is a frigid character. 2. mobilize (MOH-buh-layz) verb; To mobilize something is to make it mobile—that is, able to be moved. Mobilize is often used to describe bringing people or things together, organizing them, and preparing them for action. A…

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  • Definition Essay About Fun

    How do we describe fun and what really is the definition of fun? Fun is simply just a word but it is expressed as a feeling. The emotion that is often related to the word fun is happiness but it can be felt or experienced in many ways. People throughout the world rely on fun to stay close to their loved ones, to stay close to a happy heart, and experience life to the fullest of their abilities. In different areas of the world, cultures have a different way of describing to the world what they…

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  • Family Centered Care Core Concepts

    Give an example of patient- and family-centered care with the following core concepts described in the IHI modules: Dignity and Respect. Information Sharing. Participation. Collaboration. The nurse of a NICU baby listens attentively to the infant 's mother 's values and beliefs when it comes to her child. The nurse then expresses the mother 's values and beliefs to the doctors and nurse practitioners during their rounds. In some cases, the parents are not able to be present in the NICU so their…

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  • Character Analysis Of Everyday Use In Alice Walker's Everyday Use

    Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” is a very interesting story. In the story the characters are Dee, Maggie and Mama. Mama is the narrator of the story and she describes herself as being a big- boned woman with rough, man working hands. Maggie was is described as being very shy. She has scars on her body from when their old house burned up and she was caught in the fire. As a result of this Maggie felt safer at home with her mom. Ever since the fire Maggie has been walking with her chin on her chest,…

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