Bible: Interpreting The Ten Commandments Today

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Anastasia Jakub

Mr. Snader

Old Testament Bible

April 6 2017

In this essay I will be explaining what the Ten Commandments meant to the Israelites when

they first received them, how we interpret the Ten Commandments today, I will also be giving

several examples of how we interpret them today. The Ten Commandments were ten beneficial

laws that were given to show us how to create a better life and please God. God gave to the

israelites to help them live a better life and please God at the same time. Here are the Ten

Commandments 1. I am the lord thy God. 2. No other Gods before me. 3. no graven images or

likenesses. 4. Do not take the Lord’s name in vain. 5. Remember the sabbath day. 6. Honor

your father and mother. 7. You
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eighth commandment is you should not commit adultery. This is because when you pledge

yourself to someone then cheat on them you are lying and that relates to the tenth

Commandment. The ninth Commandment is you should not steal. The bible says it is wrong to

be jealous and you would not steal from someone unless you are jealous of them. God gave us

these Commandments so that we can live a better life, and be successful.

Today we interpret the laws differently then the Israelites did. We are using the same

commandments but in a more modern time. Some commandments that are different would be

“no other gods before me” the israelites would have been things like the golden calf, but we

would have more modern things like iphones or different technology. Another law would be “do

not commit adultery” back then it was very hard to get divorces and cheat on someone but this is

more common during our time. The last commitment that we interpret differently would be to

remember the sabbath day. Back then they didn't do anything the entire day but we still do work

and activities that the israelites would not have
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For example “No other Gods before me”

the Israelites had physical things they would pray to and think that inanimate objects were gods.

But we just have gods that we don’t even realize are gods. Those are some different ways of

interpreting the Ten Commandments.

Writing this essay really helped me learn more about the Commandments. I explained what

the Commandments ment, then gave examples of how they are interpreted today, and also how

they were interpreted back then. God gave us the ten commandments to help lead us to have a

better life to glorify him.

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