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  • My Career Teacher: The Importance For My Future Career Teaching

    During my CSL I have learned four very important things that I will use every day in my teaching career. I learned the importance of knowing students names and the importance of not ignoring the little things. I also learned that it is okay to tell students their work is not good enough and that having high expectations for students will help them grow as learners. Of course I have learned many other small things, but the above mentioned four are in my opinion the most influential for my future career teaching. My first day of CSL, I quickly realized that I will be teaching multiple different classes every day. This means that I need to know more than one hundred different students, their names, their faces, and how they learn. The big problem…

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  • A Christian Worldview: My Future Career

    In regards to voting, I should vote for someone that holds the closest to my beliefs. That does not mean that I am looking for a pastor to be president, but rather that I look at what presidential candidate’s beliefs are and check their beliefs against the Bible. Voting for a candidate that aligns pretty close with what Christians believe is best because that means the candidate will do their best to run the country to honor God. Another key area that my worldview should influence is my future…

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  • Motivation Affect My Future Career

    this essay I will be talking about motivation, and how it will affect my future career. We know that there are three different types of motivations and also types of behaviors. Motivations 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 but Daniel Pink says there is a fourth. Motivations 3.0, this motivation deals with intrinsic desire. Which, on the other hand the other motivations focus more on extrinsic. Motivation 3.0 is a more advanced type of behavior. Daniel H. Pink himself writes that motivation 3.0 and type I behavior…

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  • My Future Career Goals To Be A Veterinarian

    My future career goal is to be a Veterinarian, and hopefully to open my own practice. In order to be a Veterinarian, I need to obtain a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). The first step to obtaining a DVM is to complete undergraduate school. Several schools only require 45-90 undergraduate hours, but the school I am interested in, requires a bachelors degree. Finding a position in the field of veterinarian medicine has a high chance, due to the current rate of attrition, many Veterinarians are…

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  • My Future Career As An International Lawyer

    Personally, it comes down to two main questions when considering my future career as an international (corporate) lawyer. The first question is “will I be good at it?” and the second is “will I enjoy it?” My answers to both of them are yes. Lawyer in general, work in jurisdictions, which by nature are local. But, international lawyers work with clients that have business interests in more than one jurisdiction, and therefore their work usually involves parties from multiple nations. Being born…

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  • The Importance Of A Successful Career

    “Successful careers today are not planned out in advance.” This is my favorite quote from “Managing Oneself.” I enjoy this quote because it holds a lot of truth for careers in this day in age. Sure, some people might have known what they wanted to do when they grew up as a young kid and it ended up working out for them great, but that is usually not the case. A successful career takes a lot of building, changes and learning to create. This building starts as a young kid and then really…

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  • Realistic Careers: Self-Directed Study

    Who I am in Reference to my Future You can tell a lot about a person by what they want to do in their careers, what their hobbies are and what they are interested in. This self-directed search (SDS) is a good tool to learn more about yourself, your interests, and what career you are suited to pursue. The SDS is a series of self evaluation questions. Questions that ask you what activities you enjoy or do well, occupations that interest you, and what you like to do in your leisure time that…

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  • Skills Profiler Report: Personal Assessments

    profiler report. The third test had a scrolling aspect which was different from the previous two test. The test was simple since the assessment wanted me to self-score myself on where I was from basic to genius. Most of the questions I answered on a moderate scale although only a few of my questions somewhat distressed me on either my answers were accurate to myself. After the test, I was confused on how my scores were able to identify which job is best suited for myself until I found the career…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Growth As A Global Citizen

    Throughout my highschool years, I have reflected upon how I have grown as a global citizen and as an academic student. These reflections are usually based upon different projects I have completed in class or presentations that were assigned to me, but this year has allowed me to reflect on unique experiences. I have become more aware of the situations that happen in the real world; this has strengthened my skills for college and my future career, which shows my growth as an academic student.…

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  • Cas Standards

    whether the University of Northern Colorado Career Services where I intern this semester follows the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) policy or not. After having a one on one conversation with the Career Services Director, she made realize that Career Services used the CAS materials to conduct their 5-year program review. In this paper, I will not offer recommendations for ways the Career Services office might better meet CAS standards. Instead, I will analyze…

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