Characteristics Of A Teacher

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The future of today’s generation depends upon the quality of the educational system. Various researches cited different factors with respect to the improvement of the educational system. Usually, the quality of the educational system is often associated with the achievement of the students within (Gipps, McCallum and Hargreaves 98). However, there are also those who advocate that a good educational system rests primarily on the characteristics of the educators who shape the students. Apparently, it has been pointed out that the qualities of the teachers have a great effect on student’s achievement. In fact, most of the studies carried out in relation to the topic have shown that the achievement of the students depend not on the quality of their …show more content…
The role of the teacher is very important in ensuring that their students obtain the best education they can from the schools they enroll in. Aside from this, the effectiveness of the teachers is then also very important in ensuring the effectiveness of the school. Researchers say that in order to ensure the effectiveness of the entire school, the performance of the people in individual classrooms must be efficiently managed. There are often misunderstandings with respect to a good or effective teacher (Gipps, McCallum and Hargreaves 98). Apparently, good teachers are merely recognized as person who possesses desirable traits, using effective ways in order to create a good atmosphere in the classroom. Aside from this, the approach of a good teacher is limited to one who has mastered numerous degrees, applying them in teaching their students. Researchers, however, say that a good teacher should not be limited to the abovementioned description (“Context for the Study of Effective Literacy Teaching Practices in the Early School Years” …show more content…
For example, an effective primary school teacher follows a sequenced curriculum wherein the lessons are presented in small hierarchical steps (Glazzard 57). He or she then presents bits of information, encouraging the children to repeat the information; the latter then answers questions about the materials (Aylen 67). Finally, the teacher gives a feedback regarding the responses of his or her students. In teaching basic skills, on the other hand, effective teachers in the primary schools first ask their students basic questions in order to stimulate their thinking activities. It is believed that in doing so, the mind is prepared to take on the different lessons (Smith

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