Importance Of Relationships In College Essay

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Relationships are one of the most important factors of one’s college education and experience. Examples of relationships that are formed in college include those with instructors, family members, romantic partners, and the relationship with other students and roommates. Forming strong connections with others can really improve one’s college experience both academically and socially. Both in the classroom and outside the academic environment, strong and positive relationships offer benefits such as guidance, support, assistance with academics and the option to ask and receive help when needed. The emergence and preservation of relationships college students form are significant to shaping a positive and beneficial college experience.
One of the most important relationships that develop in one’s college
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If either the student or professor is not performing well, then the outcome would not be positive and the student will most likely fail the class. A study, conducted by Adena M. Klem and James P. Connell, had tested the performance of students depending on the supportiveness of their teachers. The researchers claimed that “students need to feel [that] teachers are involved with them” (Klem, Connell). Klem and Connell studied the performance of teachers from the beginning to the end of the year. At the end of the school year, they surveyed the students, the teachers, as well as the parents, on the performance of the teachers and the students in both primary and secondary schools. There was a total of 1,846 elementary students from 6 different elementary schools in a district and 2,430 secondary students from 3 different secondary schools in another district in the sample. The researchers obtained the data of the "students outcome variable", which include grades, national test scores, attendance, and the students’ ages, to determine the results (Klem,

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