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  • Outliers Analysis

    field. Do you already have 10,000 hours of practice? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe you’re working on it. It is easy to break down the math and look at it: 52 weeks a year x 20 hours a week x 10 years = 10,400 hours. Using that formula I have 36,400 hours. Using a full time formula I have over 62K hours. Either way, I’m still practicing. I’m still working every day to improve myself and get it right. What about you? Where have you logged your hours? Or are you still logging hours of practice? What is it that you do really well? What tasks do you perform so well that people are always asking: How did you do that? This could be your blue flame. Stick with it. Individual Snowflakes Snowflakes and people have something in common, we are all unique. My dad would tell me growing up that I looked just like him, two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth. That was true. But I’m still unique. There are no two people or snowflakes alike. There are no two me’s or…

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  • Frida Kahlo: My Inspiration

    Frida Kahlo is my inspiration. I remember the first time I actually studied one of her paintings with more than a passing, curious glance, when I read pages from her journal and grew voracious wanting to know more about her. It would have been hard to say at first what about her I clicked with. I would have only been able to describe abstract emotions, complicated thoughts and ideas all tangled together as I happily unknotted ideas that gave me such joy, such inspiration. Now, I feel a closer…

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  • Amber Mizar: My Inspiration

    In every person’s life there is someone whom we respect most. We respect the person because of his or her inspiration. I respect my uncle whose name is Amber Mizar. I respect him because of inspiration, the way how he views the society, his loyalty to the society and his coordination in the society. First, I respect him because of his inspiration to me. When I was 11 years, I was poor in mathematics. I thought I would never get success in my life, so I have ignored…

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  • Cristiano Ronalo My Inspiration

    The person who inspires me the most is soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, he isn't just a normal soccer player to me he is my inspiration and my motivation to never stop trying, never give up, and doing the best I can. This belief is important to me because during my own personal struggles as a kid I looked up to Ronaldo as a role model someone who I could relate to and make a personal connection with. I have come to develop this belief because even with Cristiano's struggles in life he was still…

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  • Personal Speech: My Dad, My Inspiration

    My Dad, My Inspiration The person who inspires me most in my family is my dad, Darrel Drumright. He is a very important person in my life. Once my siblings and I turned 14, he has tried to convince us to get a job, since he had a job before he turned that age. My dad feels that young people should have jobs to better appreciate where money comes from and the value of it. He worked hard to get his chiropractic degree. Even as a kid, he had always wanted to become some type of doctor. My dad…

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  • Mhamad Ali My Inspiration Analysis

    My Inspiration Muhamad Ali is a black American boxer and arguably the best boxer of all time. Ali is my biggest inspiration. Ali is not only a boxer, he is also an inspirational speaker, he stood up for what is right and what he believed in, and he works so hard and dedicates his life to anything he truly desires and wants. Muhamad Ali is a three time world champion in the heavyweight division and he is the first and only to do so in the History of boxing. He first got his title which was taken…

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  • John Singer Sargent: My Nine Sources Of Inspiration

    This painting by John Singer Sargent at least has the ladies moving around Apollo. My Nine Sources of Inspiration Books, I read a lot. Have shelves of books, a well-worn library card, and the Kindle App on everything I own. These days I download more than I take off the shelf, finding it easier to keep things in focus on my tablet. I intend to read far more than I do. Start way too many books these days that I don't finish. Feel incredibly guilty, but there is so much information out there to…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Barbie: My Favorite Doll

    Barbie is My Favorite Doll When I was a little girl, I thought nothing in the world could delight me more than a Barbie doll. She has often stayed with me in spirit and acted like a model for me to follow, when I have grown in my childhood. Indeed, Barbie doll is like a life-like figure, who stimulated my imagination, encouraged me to move on when I felt sad, enlightened me when I was in the dark. Interesting, Barbie doll was also my faithful friend, always lending its ear to listening to my…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Just Don T Love You Again

    "I just don 't love you anymore." He wouldn 't look into my eyes, I 'm not sure he has the whole time I 've been here. "What do you mean? You can 't just stop loving me!" I let out a nervous laugh, my hands were starting to shake and I could feel the tears in my eyes. "You can 't just throw three years away!" I screamed, anger taking over me. "Clara, things change! I 'm sorry but I just can 't anymore!" He yelled back at me, finally looking up at me as tears swam in my eyes and ran down my…

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  • My Antonia Symbolism

    My Antonia by Willa Cather is a novel that includes bone-chilling tragedy and life affirming uplift. The story centers around a memoir by Jim Burdin, a middle age New York lawyer who decided to write down his reminsces of his dear friend Antonia Shimerda. The story begins with Burdin heading on a train for Nebraska to live with his grandparents. He is ten years old and both of his parents have recently died. On the train he spots a Russian immigrant family and he is intrigued by them; the family…

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