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  • High School Narrative

    Waking up before the sun on the first day of high school, I pictured myself walking into heaven. No more jail-like school uniforms that I’ve been stuck with since kindergarten, overly handsome varsity athletes everywhere, popular cliques that all the dorks -like myself-looked up to, and freedom. Freedom from being treated like a baby. I was practically grown. At least that is what I thought; it was only the beginning. I felt as if I was living the dream, and then I actually stepped on campus. Totally disappointed with what was before me; needless to say, it was not what I thought it would be. I felt so betrayed by the movies I grew up watching and admiring. High school was most definitely nothing like High School Musical. The highschool that I got may have not been the one I dreamed of, but it sure has taught me lessons upon lessons. The lessons that I learned did not only get me through high school, but could get me through life: choosing my friends wisely, building good relationships, and coping with stress.…

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  • High School Narrative Essay

    Narrative Essay It all started my sophomore year of high school. People always tell you that when someone knocks you down, you should always get back up and keep trying. I had this mindset at the beginning of my sophomore year, but I ended up letting a teacher of mine knock me down to the point where I didn 't quite get back up for a couple years after. I never expected my second year of high school to go so array. But, I was able to push myself back up and forget leave my negative experience…

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  • My High School Narrative

    March 21 2010 I migrated to the United States of America from India. August 21 2010 was my first day of high school. I was enrolled at the STMHS (Science and Technology Magnet High School) it was located in New London. I was exhilarated to start the year. STMHS was a “pubic school” meaning it was funded by the public and the students were not required to pay fees to attend the school. I found everything poles apart from the school I attended back in India. From the infrastructure to the…

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  • Dream High School Narrative

    was not a brat who was crying because she is at her sister 's graduation, because that’s not true. In less than 14 hours I would be graduating from Middle School, I was happy but also very anxious. Although, Middle school was awkward, I had made so many memories with many of the people I had met along the way. My dream high school was the very high school where my sister…

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  • Maquoketa High School Narrative

    here in 2012, was a small quiet town and although that is something that I now I know it is also so much more. I was in middle-school when I first came but it was in high school that I truly grew to appreciate the wonderful community. My first year of high school was certainly unnerving, although I had previously attended an elementary and middle school that were more than double its size it still held an allure of suspense over what may soon come. My freshman year was admittedly, uneventful,…

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  • High School Graduation Narrative

    Have you ever wished you could go back in time? If I was able to go back, I would relive my high school graduation. I never thought this day would come and when it finally did, I was more terrified of what life after high school would be like. However, that day I could not wait to finally throw my cap in the air and say “I did it”. This day was full of happiness, excitement, and even fear. The happiness I felt the day of my graduation was probably the same as when a mother sees their child for…

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  • Example Of Narrative Essay High School

    Luna McKee 1201-34 Richel Burkley-Harris Narrative Essay Sydney and I haven’t always been the closest of sisters. While there were moments of solidarity between us, they were few and far between, and we spent the majority of our childhoods scorning each other. I was born six years after her in 1995, to a different father (one who wasn’t kind to either of us, but especially not to her); and that fact alone caused our complaints of “she’s not my real sister” to bellow through the house. Now, I’ve…

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  • Personal Narrative-High School

    It is the final days in the senior week. The school has set up a stage on Foss Hill and invited four alumni bands to come and perform. It is almost like a small-scale version of Spring Fling, and therefore, many Wesleyan students decide to savor this event as it can be their last chance to do drugs with their college buddies. Jin and Xavier, of course, are ones of these students. Xavier manages to get themselves two doses of magic mushrooms, which are in high demand at the time, so he can't…

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  • Narrative Essay On Leaving High School

    University of Central Arkansas, located in Conway, Ar. Over twenty-six thousand students attend this school, and I am one of them. As I was in my final days of high school I became anxious. I was going to be moving to a new city and would have to make new friends. I prepared myself all summer for this drastic change, and before I knew it move-in day was here! The whole ride there I was trying to think positive thoughts but there were always some what ifs in the back of my head. My cousin had…

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  • Narrative Essay On Private High School

    A typical afternoon after school, my car pulled into the driveway. The air was cold and the sky was already dark. My phone buzzed with friends saying that they received their high school acceptance letters. I attended St. Andrew Apostle, a private middle school, and the norm was to also go to a private high school. Walking towards the mailbox outside, my phone kept buzzing. As I opened it, I immediately noticed three envelopes, two big and one small. Although I already knew what a small envelope…

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