High School Narrative Essay

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Narrative Essay
It all started my sophomore year of high school. People always tell you that when someone knocks you down, you should always get back up and keep trying. I had this mindset at the beginning of my sophomore year, but I ended up letting a teacher of mine knock me down to the point where I didn 't quite get back up for a couple years after. I never expected my second year of high school to go so array. But, I was able to push myself back up and forget leave my negative experience behind me.
I went to Sandia High School for my freshman and sophomore years. By my sophomore year I felt pretty good about high school. My favorite subjects were science and English. I had signed up for newspaper that year and was very excited because
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We were again caught. This time my friend was smoking cigarettes. I made it clear to security that it was her. I was fed up with getting in trouble. Even tho I had nothing on me, Mr. Knauber still decided to expel me. I lost all of that semesters credits. Even though I was upset, I was also relieved. I transferred to Gilbert Sena High and began to try to make up for my lost credits. I did alright at first, but my anxiety about school was very bad. I didn 't want to go because I would have anxiety attacks. I never wanted to ask for help because I was scared the teachers would be like Mr. Steele. I was almost scared to turn in work, especially in English because I thought that they would just throw it away or yell at me for not doing it right. I ended up pretty much missing that whole first …show more content…
In the first semester of my last year of school I took 11 classes. I took some at school and some online to catch up what I had missed. I then took 2 extra dual credit classes at CNM in my last semester because I had nothing else to do and wanted to get started with college! Throughout this whole experience I was able to understand myself better. I was able to realize that I could get control over my anxiety. I was able to get control over my life again and now know not to let anyone bring me down. I know I 'm trying my hardest and that’s what matters. I almost gave up on school and I am so happy that I didn 't. Even though I don 't really want to be a writer anymore, I was able to find what I feel like is my calling. I don 't plan on ending my education anytime soon. Even when I graduate college, I won 't stop seeking knowledge. Knowledge is

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