Personal Narrative Essay: Taking Care Of Animals

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Narrative Essay
It all starts when everyone is young. Parent, family members ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As just being a little kid, kids might say something unrealistic or may realistic. But when I was asked what I wanted to be I said a vet. I loved animals and with having pets at home it taught me the responsibility of taking care of animals. It was not until I learned what vets actually have to do and I had no intent of doing that to animals even if it was to help them. I have never had a strong stomach and would get grossed out by just seeing a little cut. As I got to second grade, I thought about teaching. I am extremely bossy, so people could say that teaching would be a good thing for me. As third grade ended, I remembered
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Down below in the picture, I have massive family considering not everyone could make it unfortunately and that 's only my mom side of the family! In summer of 2015, we planned a big family reunion. We rented out half of an R.V park and all of stayed down there from Thursday-Sunday. Most of my family stayed stayed in a cabin only because they did not have a camper. Some of the family wanted to sleep in tent; other family member absolutely did not to sleep in a tent. We were in Brule,Nebraska at Eagle Canyon Hideaway R.V Park. The R.V park was only 50 feet away from the Lake Mcconaghy, which was so nice because we were in the middle of nowhere. All we could do is go down to the lake, which was fine by me. Out of all of us we had three boats, four jetskis, five kayaks, and a huge water mat! So we stayed occupied for the three days that we were down there. The very last day was hard because we all knew that we probably would not see everybody for the next five years and for the long trip home. I had a seven hour trip home which was the longest trip home out of the whole family! We already have a grasp of what we are going to do …show more content…
I mean i have watched sports since I was young but did not really get into them like I do now. I loved watching the royals over the summer, I probably watched every single game but about five. If I had to work and the royals were playing I made sure to record it, so could watch them when I got home. My favorite player, Mike Moustakas, who plays third base for the Royals. He is very dedicated to his job and teammates. With football season just right around the corner, i 'm ready to watch the Denver Broncos play. I’ve never really liked the Chiefs: even when they got better. I do not have a favorite Broncos player because there are so many to pick from! I would have to say my favorite basketball team is Oklahoma City Thunder. My goal is to go to a game one day. I also would say my favorite player is a tie between Kevin Durant and Russell

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