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  • People Serving People Case Analysis

    Part A 1) The organization that I am volunteering at is called People Serving People. People Serving People is the region’s largest and most comprehensive family-focused homeless shelter. Their vision is to envision a community in which all children have the stability and support they need to develop their full capacity to thrive. Their mission is to help homeless and at-risk children and their families manage crisis situations and build a strong foundation for their long-term success. This organization values acceptance, family, community and the feel of belonging. They value diversity and hope. This also ties to their culture at People Serving People. It’s an organization that is very open and ready to serve the community. They are understandable, and they care for the well-being of the people they serve. I say this because I have witnessed it myself while volunteering there, and they create a welcoming feeling that makes people feel comfortable. This organization does not discriminate against anyone, and they believe that everyone is able to reach their full potential, and will. 2) At People Serving People, there are many great direct services that are offered to families to help them get back on their feet. There are advocacy and employment services. With the help of family advocates, a strengths-based and client-centered approach is used to work one-on-one with families to address their barriers, building relationships, providing support, and connect them to community…

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  • Gun Control: Guns Don T Kill People, But People Kill People

    Mina Mikhail 12/5/2015 English 4 Research Paper on Gun Control Guns Don’t Kill People, But People Kill People Us as americans we are a gun culture. in 2009 about 124 million people lived in households owned a total of 270 million guns. So that means that we are obsessed with guns. But the question now is: what do we know about guns? how many of us actually used one or seen a gun that being used? How many of us seen people pointing a gun at each other or seen someone actually killing other?…

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  • Why Do Guns Don T Kill People, People Kill People?

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It is true that 30,000 people are killed using guns every year, but out of that 30,000, 61% are suicides. That’s 18,300 people using their own gun to kill themselves, not being killed by someone else pulling the trigger. Less than 13,000 people are killed in other ways by guns. ( People have begun to fight for gun control due to the numbers of mass shootings in the United States over the past couple years. Out of the eighty million gun…

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  • People Are Illiterate

    As the world becomes more advances, some people tend to adapt along and some does not. Alvin Toffler, an American write and a futurist, stated, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who can 't learn, relearn, and unlearn.” In his quote, he implies that those who cannot learn, relearn, and unlearn are illiterate because their knowledge are basic and is not advance like the other people Toffler refer to as “those”. According to Alvin Toffler,…

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  • Neat People Vs Sloppy People Analysis

    Quarterly, the Southern Poetry Review and many more literary magazines. After I read her article “Neat People vs. Sloppy People”, she talked about the aspects of neat people and sloppy people to related to the target audience. She contrasts and compare them to show a different aspect of ourselves. Therefore, this article should be published to the public because she wants her audience to laugh at themselves by humorously compares the two kinds of individuals. Her purpose is to entertain her…

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  • Lorrie Moore's People Like That Are The Only People Here

    we believe”. Lorrie Moore’s People Like That are the Only People Here has an interesting analysis of the hospital setting. I find it particularly interesting how she uses the symbol of machines to talk about the people in the hospital and the process of being a parent of a child in the Peed Onk ward. Moore gives us the image of the hospital and the Mother’s experience in the hospital as a mechanical process, which you become a part of when you enter it. She does this in a couple of ways. One…

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  • Gun Control And Portrayal Analysis: People Kill People

    Kelly O’Halloran Professor Said Disc 1312 7 October 2014 Analysis Paper 2 People Kill People Turning on the TV to a new channel and seeing another headline about a school shooting or other gun violence is devastating no matter your view on gun control. This has sparked the discussion and debates about gun control across the nation. People’s immediate reaction is to suggest more rules and regulations about who can own a gun and how they can purchase a gun, but this is not the solution. Gun…

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  • Why People Should People Become An Organ Donation?

    are just a couple of reasons why everyone should become an organ donor, but sadly there is not enough donors in the world. Twenty-one people die every day while waiting for an organ transplant (“Facts About Organ Donation”). We can reduce this number if everybody signed up to be an organ donor. In order to put an end to the organ shortage crisis we need to examine the causes, the effects, and the possible solutions to this issue. Many people are dying because they are not receiving the organ…

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  • Neat People Vs Sloppy People Essay

    there was an in-class essay to read. “Neat People vs. Sloppy People” by Britt. The subject matter in this essay slapped me upside the head! My best friend Val makes quite a bit of money, and she is one hell of a neat person. She throws out toys as her sons grow out of them. She makes sure the mail gets gone through and thrown away daily. She is everything that Britt describes about neat people. “They have cavalier attitudes very informal and offhand toward possessions, including family…

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  • Health: Physically Active People Vs. People

    Health: Physically Active People vs. People Who are Less Physically Active Regular physical activity included with the proper diet will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Participating in regular physical activity while maintaining a proper diet will lead to loads of health benefits worthy in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and physical activity is important for everybody no matter how old they or what their sex maybe. ”The Exact amount of physical activity needed to do this is…

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