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  • Celebrities Are Annoying People

    Celebrities are annoying people who has to have all the attention on themselves. In my opinion celebrities are not a big deal. They are just people who make a lot of money doing movies and songs. The world makes them a big deal because they come on televisions, radios, and magazines so they must be idolize. Just because they have talent does not mean everyone should give them attention and care about them. Celebrities are not god figures, they are not as important as middle and lower class, and people should not follow into their footsteps. Celebrities should not be treated like gods and goddesses. When celebrities are treated that way, they think they own the world and the people. Just because their song or movie is number one in the world…

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  • Black People Vs White People

    said that the white people were just lazy, worthless, laying and anarchist lot. While the Mexico and black people were slave; uneducated, and unskilled farm workers. The Mexican and Blacks were actually working hardest than the white does during the farm. The white does got paid highest than the Mexican and Black did when they were working during the farms. The paid were not fair for the Mexico and Black people, and they were suffering while working as labor. White people hiring the racial…

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  • How People Treat Black People

    I’ve been thinking a lot about racism and how people treat black people. I think we need to learn things about each other. We all need more love less hate because we don’t all know how to be nice or nicer. We all need to start thinking about a way to stop racism because people are committing suicide because of racism mostly young people. We need to start learning more and more things about each other, and be nicer not meaner because some people only know how to be mean because they only hang…

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  • The Karen People

    The Karen People Ethnicity The Karen people are an ethnic group living in South-East Asia with their own distinct languages and culture. The Karen people who are from Burma are ethnically distinct from other groups living in Burma and Thailand. The Karen are unique in which it is not necessary to have Karen parents in order to be Karen. To be the Karen people, a person must identify himself or herself as Karen by knowing Karen culture and customs as well as speak a Karen language. The Karen are…

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  • July's People

    In July’s People by Nadine Gordimer, Bam, Maureen and the Smales’ children are whites living in South Africa with their black servant July. Initially, Bam demands total respect because he is a white male adult in apartheid society. However, as black unrest threatens to disturb the balance of power, apartheid begins to disintegrate in the wake of black rebellion. Bam is left with a choice, stay in Johannesburg and have hima and his face the wrath of black rebels or join July’s village people. Bam…

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  • Non Lonely Target People

    a high GPA, perceivers would rate the non-lonely target person higher level of achievement than the lonely target person, but when the target person had a low GPA, perceivers would rate both lonely and non-lonely target person similarly on the level of achievement. Based on the results, we found that people rated the non-lonely target person higher achievement ratings than the lonely target person. This was consistent with the hypothesis derived from Jones et al.’s finding. The perceivers…

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  • Relationship Between Emo People And Gothic People

    I'm going to kinda teach about emo people/gothic people. emo/Gothic people don't always hate everybody,don't always wear black, aren't always depressed,like some people,don't always worship the devil,and have friends. A Lot of people say emo/gothic are bad, BUT THEY ARE NOT!!!!! Emo/Gothic people were only bad back in the days like 40-50 years ago. Only because they only wore black for funerals, or when they worshipped the devil. That changed a long time ago. Now you can wear black as much as…

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  • Nyoongar People

    My research for this project will be on Nyoongar (Noongar/Nooga/Nyungar) people. Indigenous Australians are also referred to as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia and there are several hundred groups/communities/tribes spread across Australia e.g. Ngunnawal people were the first inhabitants of Canberra, Eora people of Sydney, Alyawarre people of north east Alice Springs, Nyoongar people of Western Australia etc. Nyoongar people are Indigenous Australians who live in the…

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  • What Are Celebrities Affect Ordinary People?

    that is said, worn, bought, eaten, and even drank by a celebrity, influences an enormous amount of individuals to follow exactly what is being done. The question is why? Why do everyday individuals feel the need to copy and mimic those who strive tremendously in the superstar category? The answer to that is simple, insecurity. Ordinary people, such as myself, encounter uncertainties and doubts about one self. We each undergo a tornado of what ifs; what if this looks weird on me, what if…

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  • Indigenous People: Diabetes

    Indigenous People – Diabetes The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are commonly known as Indigenous People of Australia who were descended from groups that lived in Australia and nearby islands before the European settlement. It is estimated that 669,900 indigenous people spread across Australia representing 3% of the total Australian population as per the information from the 2011 Census. (The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)-2013). The majority of (79%) of Indigenous…

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