High School Narrative

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Waking up before the sun on the first day of high school, I pictured myself walking into heaven. No more jail-like school uniforms that I’ve been stuck with since kindergarten, overly handsome varsity athletes everywhere, popular cliques that all the dorks -like myself-looked up to, and freedom. Freedom from being treated like a baby. I was practically grown. At least that is what I thought; it was only the beginning. I felt as if I was living the dream, and then I actually stepped on campus. Totally disappointed with what was before me; needless to say, it was not what I thought it would be. I felt so betrayed by the movies I grew up watching and admiring. High school was most definitely nothing like High School Musical. The highschool that I got may have not been the one I dreamed of, but it sure has taught me lessons upon lessons. The lessons that I learned did not only get me through high school, but could get me through life: choosing my friends wisely, building good relationships, and coping with stress. …show more content…
Starting off on my first day junior high my mom told me that, “ The friends that you start with, may not be the same friends that you finish with.” You can bet she was right. I gained some and I lost many. All of my old “best friends” are basically strangers now. Some I lost because we branched off into different interest, and others because of the path that they decided to take. I had to prioritize my life fast because I was growing up fast. The friends I once had were not friends at all in my eyes. Become friends with those who want the best for you; leave the ones who do not. If you so happen find yourself not being able to call on your friends when they are really needed, but they always seem to call on you? Those are the friends you should

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