Personal Narrative Essay: Barbie: My Favorite Doll

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Barbie is My Favorite Doll
When I was a little girl, I thought nothing in the world could delight me more than a Barbie doll. She has often stayed with me in spirit and acted like a model for me to follow, when I have grown in my childhood. Indeed, Barbie doll is like a life-like figure, who stimulated my imagination, encouraged me to move on when I felt sad, enlightened me when I was in the dark. Interesting, Barbie doll was also my faithful friend, always lending its ear to listening to my stories, happy or sad. In proper perspective, Barbie doll may be just a toy for young children, nothing more, and nothing less. For me, she is a always my companion bringing me joy and solace.
My first Barbie doll was a four-year-old birthday gift given to me by my mother. She differs from other dolls or toys because she had pretty face, long blonde hair, perfect tan skin, a tall, slender body and gorgeous clothes. She brings me many
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They all astronaut doll have inspired me to emulate the mode. For a young child like me, the outside world was strange and totally unknown to me, due to natural environment and other factors. But, different Barbie dolls are being clad as be fitting to different occupations. I was fascinated by Barbie dolls from all walks of life. She aroused my curiosity about different jobs in the real world. Sometimes, my parents would help me learn the specific profession she represented. I remembered when I had an Astronaut Barbie doll and I did not know why she wore a plastic helmet and special outfits. My mother told me those were oxygen helmet and spacesuit. Without oxygen supply astronauts will not survive in space. The outfits are necessary for them to resist the greater radiation. Her explanation helped me to dispel doubt about something in space. Barbie doll is not just a toy and it leads me to know other

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