Patriarchal Society In A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

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A Doll 's House was written by playwright Henrik Ibsen. This play tackles many subjects that were ahead of its time as it identifies the struggle for identity and the rights of women and their roles reflected society 's "traditional values" at the time. The play acknowledges the roles the nineteenth-century women had to abide by in that era. This is to establish the struggle for an authentic identity in the face of oppressive social conventions and this conflict is displayed in Nora Helmer 's character, as throughout the play she presents to us a false identity as she eventually attempts to discover her own identity, despite the role as a woman forced upon her by society.

The patriarchal society portrayed in A Doll 's House draws a very
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Torvald 's patronizing mindset was not really unusual for men during the Victorian era. He asserts his dominance over Nora verbally in a nonchalant manner by giving her nicknames. He is a man who is more worried about his reputation rather than his wife 's overall wellbeing. Furthermore, Nora 's and Torvald 's marriage on the outside may appear to be the perfect relationship, but as the play progresses forward, she begins to realize that her marriage is not as authentic as it appears to be. Torvald sees Nora 's role as being the subservient and perfect wife, he presented her to …show more content…
She comes to the conclusion that the life she knew was a lie and pretending to be the old Nora, hiding the woman she had become towards the end. Individuals struggling with their own identities in the face of oppressive social standards seem to be a common theme in many of Ibsen 's plays and this is prominent in A Doll 's House and this can definitely apply to Nora Helmer as she herself struggled to find her own identity. Torvald 's condescending and attitude towards Nora and forcing her to act in a way the pleased him and only him as his perfect doll. In the end, Nora decides to leave her doll-like existence behind and explore her newfound

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