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  • The Civil War: The Causes Of The Civil War

    Throughout the years many historians have argued over the some aspects of the civil war. One of the most important questions that the civil war creates is: was it inevitable? To find the answer to this question we must first state and analyze the causes of the civil war. In this research paper I will prove that the civil war was inevitable because the free states and the slave states would eventually break out in war since the problems between them would’ve never been solved if the war weren’t waged. Slavery is one of the main causes of the civil war, and although it seems as an exaggeration almost all other causes can relate back to slavery . The reason of why slavery is such a decisive and influential factor in the civil war is that slavery basically divided the country into two rivaling parties. The North which opposed slavery and saw as a crime against humanity and the South which praised slavery as one of…

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  • Civil Liberties, Civil War

    Civil Liberties, Civil War During times of war or emergency, the principle salus populi est suprema lex reigns supreme. This is a Latin term whose meaning is that the welfare of an individual yields to that of the community. (Salus Populi Est Suprema Lex Definition:) The use of this term could justify extraordinary executive powers during extraordinary times, and Lincoln was justified in defending his actions against the antiwar Ohio Democratic congressman, Clement L. Vallandingham, as both…

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  • Civil War Women

    The Civil War wasn’t all about the male soldiers on the battlefield. There were other soldiers fighting a different battle on the home front, and they were none other than the women. The lives that women lived during this time period are often over looked, but they played a huge role in the war. As noted by the article “Women and the Civil War”, “…when in 1861 the American Civil War broke out between the north and the south, both men and women became deeply involved in the conflict.” (Women and…

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  • Civil War Summary

    Images and discussions of the Civil War focus on the battles and the hardship back east. The burnt out husks of the Old South and bodies of soldiers lie strewn on the ground in black and white photos from the era. Movies romanticize large white columns and women in corallines swearing that they will never go hungry again. While school books will touch some on the Board War between Kansas and Missouri, they leave out the ripple effects of the war on the Indian Territory, and those who have been…

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  • War Of Attrition In The Civil War

    The American civil war was known to be the bloodiest battle in American history and the last war fought on American soil. The competitors of the American Civil War were the Union and the Confederacy, or North and South and both of the sides thought that the war would be quick but the war carried on for four years and killed two percent of the American population. The American Civil War turned America into a much stronger nation because of the many developments that it generated during the very…

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  • The Civil War: The Freedom War

    Essay Question #2: The Freedom War I hate this the Civil War is called what it is. Civil is defined as being courteous and kind, but none of this existed from 1861-1865 as war raged in America. Over six hundred thousand people were killed in a war that was rooted in insurrection and rebellion. This war was violent gruesome, and filled with hatred for the other side. It was a modern war fought in the realm of antiquity. Somehow the cultural schisms between the Northern and Southern states grew…

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  • Civil War Economy

    Mr. Lincoln’s war, The War for Constitutional Liberty, The War of Secession, The Second American Revolution. Whatever one calls it, the Civil War was a major turning point in American history. It was the time when various forms of tension between the northern colonies and the southern colonies divided the two into an immense war costing over 600,000 lives. No single issue could have caused a war of this scale. Thus, the outbreak of the American Civil War was caused by the combination of many…

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  • Cause Of The Civil War

    For 72 years, Northern groups used tariffs to exploit the South for their own benefit. Finally in 1861, the treatment of these problems started the civil war. The civil war began because of the increasing differences between the North and South regarding issues like tariffs and other laws. First of all, the South did not have manufactured goods, so they paid to import things from the North. Since the South did not manufacture goods, they had to ship or import from the North. The South…

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  • Spies In The Civil War

    The Civil War is the deadliest war this country has had to endure. It pitted the North versus the South over the issues of slavery and preservation of the Union. Families were literally torn apart as some members supported the Union while others supported the Confederacy. Divided loyalties among such close relatives made espionage a near certainty throughout the war. This paper will examine why there were spies, who they were, how they operated, and their contributions to the war effort. During…

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  • Civil War Compromises

    The amount of hate and violence around the time leading up to the Civil War was high. People were angry, and believed that their way was the right way; the only way. Battles were fought, arguments were made, agreements were made, yet no one was able to get everything under control. Over the years, things started to get worse. Some believed the Civil War was inevitable, that no matter what, it was bound to happen. With the many pressing issues, events and compromises happening, the outbreak of…

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