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  • Essay on Awake of the Civil War

    In the wake of the Civil War, Congress acceded to pressure to have the federal government intercede to secure African Americans' rights.  What were some of the long-range effects of that government posture? The Union Victory in the Civil War in 1865 granted freedom to approximately 4 million slaves, however, the process of rebuilding the South during the Reconstruction period 1865-1877 brought a lot of challenges. In 1865 and 1866 under the supervision of President Andrew Johnson, new Southern

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  • What Caused The Civil War?

    What Caused the Civil War? In 1861, issues between Northern and Southern United States were at a climax because of rights and federal authority, westward expansion, and slavery. Election of Abraham Lincoln, an anti-slavery Republican as president caused seven southern states to secede from the Union, to form the Confederate States of America. The essential economic differentiated between the Northern and Southern regions. In the North, industry and manufacturing were well incorporated. As in the

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  • The War Of The Civil War

    paper I will go through the story of this catastrophic disaster. First, many of the Union Prisoners of War were weak to begin with. This is due to diseases, bad housing, and malnutrition in the prison camps. They had a feverish desire to get North to their Midwestern homes where they would see family, have rest, and good food again. Most of these men would go by river. Following the end of the war, many men were slated to travel on the Sultana, from Vicksburg. This ship was a typical side-wheeler

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  • The War Of The Civil War

    Dylan Kolson History 130 Dr. Kelman Final Civil War Neither side thought that the Civil War would turn out to last almost four years yet alone be one of the bloodiest wars in American history. Each side misjudged the other’s resources and will to fight for victory. Jefferson Davis did not believe that the North had the stomach to fight a war of any kind. He thought that the North lacked the honor that ran through the men of the South and that citizens of the North would be afraid of a fight

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  • The Civil War Essay

    American History, The Civil War After the Constitution was adopted by all of the States in 1789, uniting the States into one nation, differences between the States had been worked out through compromises. By 1861 these differences between the Northern States and the Southern States had become so great that compromise would no longer work. Thus, a conflict started within our nation that was called the Civil War. For more than 30 years arguments between the North and South had been growing. One

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  • The Civil War And Reconstruction Era

    Slavery was one of the biggest issues in the United States. Once the Civil War and Reconstruction Era ended in 1865 the thirteenth amendment was created to free slaves. All former slaves moved on to do their separate things. Some reunited with their families and moved north, while others stayed close to their previous owners who provided sanctuary. African American population patterns can be traced using maps published in the atlases created by the U. S. Census Bureau for each census taken from 1870

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  • The Battle Of The Civil War

    cause of the Civil War. Regardless of the political stance, or the argument of what the motives that led to this division was, the fundamental cause of the separation in Confederacy and Union. Many historians agree that the cause slavery itself, however, some counterparts consider it to be westward expansion. After the Louisiana Purchase, many states were settled with the Missouri Compromise -the compromise established to momentarily calm the issues on slavery-. The Mexican-American War that gave such

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  • Reasons For The American Civil War

    Many students think that the main reason for the American Civil War was only slavery, and they believe that slavery was abolished one hundred percent by the end of the Civil War. Also, some students do not have a complete idea about the American Civil War; all they know about this war is American people were fighting with each other and American people wanted to divide the country into many sections. However, the American Civil War started from 1861 to 1865 between the South and the North in the

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  • The American Of The Civil War

    and reasons of such diseases in the 1860s. In the Civil War doctors went too medical school for only about two or four years more of school. Now in the Civil War time period medical improvements were so little, they practically wasn’t there at all, and that goes the same for doctors. The medicine time in the 1860s was the new start of the equipment that we use today. But in the 1860s doctors or nurses were known as specialists. When the Civil War began, The American Army doctors or health staff

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  • The Civil War

    Inaugural Address and Success is Counted Sweetest were referenced about the Civil War. Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address took Socrate’s rhetorical approach in that Lincoln tried to influence the souls of his audience. Dickinson’s Success is Counted Sweetest was less direct to her audience but nonetheless conveyed her message go triumph being more significant to he who failed rather than to he who attained victory. The Civil War, according to Lincoln, was God’s will for punishment against the slavery

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  • Vietnam War As A Civil War

    Vietnam War or even in university there are some chapters that the professor might talk about it. Usually they not go really deep into the Vietnam War, because of the time limits of the class, so that is why today I will inform you about the Vietnam War with lots of details. Vietnam War was a civil war between North and South Vietnam. In this Vietnam War, we can learn about mistakes in the past from both Vietnam and America, and we can distinguish between the right and wrong in this war. I am

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  • The Cause Of The Civil War

    Final Exam Question 1: Slavery The Cause of the Civil War Prior to 1830 Slavery was viewed as a necessary evil among many Americans. As a result of the Constitutional Convention the founders banned the importation of new slaves, put a temporary hold on debates to abolish slavery, and instituted the three-fifths rule for federal representation and taxation. The founding fathers, hoped through providence this regrettable evil would eventually become extinct in time (Stamp pg, 157). Following the

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  • The War Of The Civil War

    The Civil War 's staggeringly high death rate is most often attributed to the fact that in this war, Americans were fighting Americans – every death of the war counted as an American death. Though this is true, it is not the only factor which led to the war 's extremely high death rate. For example, new war strategies shifted the war from a limited war to a war of attrition; new war technology made killing faster and easier; and lack of medical knowledge made treating wounded soldiers difficult.

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  • The American Of The Civil War

    Antebellum (pre-Civil War) America to contemporary (modern) America Starting from the pre-Civil war years between 1820 and 1860, America underwent the most chaotic experience in its history. During this period, the nation saw its people being developed from underdeveloped farmers and frontiersmen into becoming members of an urbanized economic powerhouse (Layson, 2014). America therefore in this period experienced five major trends in their life as the agricultural south became more separated from

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  • The Battle Of The Spanish Civil War

    Similar to the American Civil War, the Spanish Civil War had long lasting, distressing effects and consequences. The conflict between Nationalists and Loyalists first began with a revolt against the Spanish republic government, but soon it became a bloody and widespread war. The Spanish Civil War, which lasted from 1936 to 1939, marked the birth of a new political party in Spain that caused much turmoil. In the series of only 3 short years, thousands of people lost their homes, while hundreds fled

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  • The Abolition Of The Civil War

    was divided on whether slavery should flourish or be abolished. Slavery was dividing the country, with a Civil War in the makings. It is long debated what the cause was, and therefore it is unknown which specific event caused the war. The many speeches given by citizens and politicians, the Compromise of 1850, and the Dred Scott Decision are largely considered to be the main causes of the Civil War. However one might argue that the Kansas-Nebraska act (and “Bleeding Kansas”) was the main cause. The

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  • The Civil War By Karen Abbott

    During the Civil War, a lot of people played different roles on both the Confederate and the Union sides of the war. There were spies who used their seductive powers to get information out of the officers and women who dressed up as men to be accepted as a soldier 's. The Civil War influenced much of society by beginning segregation, secession, and gave rights to slaves. According to the biography on her website, Karen Abbott is the New York Times bestselling author of Sin in the Second City, American

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  • Essay on Civil War Total War?

    The definition of total war is when one side mobilizes all available resources in order to destroy another side¡¯s ability to engage in war. The Civil War was a total war because both Union and Confederate Generals like William Sherman, Philip Sheridan, and Robert E. Lee used total war tactics against each other when the other side hinted weakness. They used these tactics to try and put an end to the war. The Civil War was a total war because both sides used tactics that were defined by the Powell

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  • Civil War And World War I

    not foresee north or south to secede would have led to a civil war among regional. I have used in this war - for the first time in modern warfare - some military technology that were not used in previous wars, such as the submarine, armored with iron ships (instead of wood), automatic rifle, balloons exploration, trench warfare, the telegraph and the railway. American Civil War is the largest global wars between the Napoleonic Wars and World War I, the biggest revolution and represent the United States

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  • An Lesson Plan On The Civil War

    Summary: This lesson plan spans over a four week period and has the students working in literary circles to learn about the Civil War. The students are broken up into groups of four, and each group of four is assigned a historical fiction novel about the causes, people, and battles of the Civil War. Once the groups have been formed, the members of the group will decide how many pages or chapters they need to read each week in order to finish the novel at the end of four weeks. Each member of the

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  • The Civil War And The War

    The Civil War started in 1861 and was between two factions in the United States-the Union and the Confederacy. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, and millions more were wounded in battle. This begs the question: Did all these people really have to die? Could this war have been avoided? To answer these questions, it is essential to look at the events leading up to the war and what caused them. One cause for the Civil War is due to the issue of slavery. While some people today argue that

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  • Maryland And The American Civil War

    American Civil War became unpreventable. Maryland watched its neighbors convert into Northern and Southern support-zones. However, in the midst of such actions by her neighbors, Maryland remained disjointed. She struggled with the decision whether to secede and join the Confederacy or remain in the Union. Geographically, the population sympathized with both the North and South. Yet, Maryland had to be on a side because it was impossible for her to stay autonomous during the Civil War. It also

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  • Women in Civil War

    Women, Slaves, and Free Blacks in the Civil War What roles did the Northern women play in the war effort on the Union side during the Civil War? What roles did the Southern women play in the war effort on the Confederate side during the Civil War? How did the war affect each group? “There were just shy of 400 documented cases of women who served as soldiers during the Civil War, according to the records of the Sanitary Commission.” (Brown, 2012) Women during the 19th century, according to

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  • The Civil War And The Wars Of The Twentieth Century

    they needed larger military forces during wartime, than they felt they could get through voluntary enlistments. Although the United States has relied on all-volunteer military for most of its history, it was forced to draft men to fight the Civil War and the wars of the twentieth century (Ruschmann, Mandatory Military Service 10).Why people or nations would try to conquer and destroy each other baffles me.Over what to say the least. Can’t disputes be settled in a more reputable, civilized and non-violent

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  • The Civil War Was A Bloody War

    4.) The Civil war was a bloody war. It was one the most important wars in history. It consisted of a separation between the North and the South. It was a war over slavery and advancement. It started in 1861 and ended in 1865. The North had different generals like George McClellan, Henry Halleck, and wrapping it up with Ulysses S. Grant. The South was led by General Robert E. Lee. It was a long war, but it had to come to an end. The civil war did not rely just on people. As the book states it relied

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  • Civil War Was Inevitable?

    Civil War Could the Civil War have been avoided? Lincoln says it best with the following quote. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.’ I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved--I do not expect the house to fall--but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other.” One would hope that war is always avoidable but history proves differently. With the evidence laid

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  • Chinese Civil War Essay

    CHINESE CIVIL WAR? Cases of Chinese Civil war can be divided into long and short term causes. 1. Struggle for power since 1927 between Nationalists and Communists 2. Chiang Kai-shek had tried to eradicate members of CCP 3. Japanese War unite CCP and GMD. However, Chiang Kai-shek couldn't accept Communists as his partners so he attack Communist forces in the south. 4. Polarized society Short term: 1. Divided country 2. Revolutional spirit 3. The Chinese Civil War (1927 – 1949/1950) was a civil war

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  • civil war amputation essay

    Madison Thacker Webb US History 22 May 2014 Amputation during the Civil War When people picture the Civil War amputations, they often picture piles of limps stacked around a battlefield and a surgeon as a butcher. However, this picture is not true to the real nature of battlefield medicine. Amputation was the most common surgery throughout the Civil War. The Civil War leads to advancement in amputation and quality of life for those who had amputation. Artificial limbs also came into the

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  • The Civil War And Civil Rights

    citizens from the federal government is the first step of liberties and rights to the citizens of America. But, over time there have been struggles of which the rights belong to in the first place. According to the Essentials of American Government , a civil right is the government-protected rights of the individuals against the arbitrary or discriminatory treatments by governments or individuals.(O 'Connor, Sabato, & Yanus, 2012) Basically, is protection from the unfairness treatment of the government

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  • The Civil War And The American Revolution

    Michael Works The American Revolution America has gone through many different types of revolutions such as the Revolutionary War and Civil War. When thinking of revolution, modernization comes to mind. The modernization of America was the biggest factor in determining how America would turn out in the future. America is not the most stable country, but from its past and different obstacles, it has been able to bounce back from nearly every problem, no matter what the circumstance. The Boston Tea

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  • Civil War

    The American Civil War is one of the most momentous and controversial periods in American history. America Civil War during the years 1861-1865 was resulted in the social, political, and economic differences that can be traced to the first colonies and are exemplified in the conflict between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. These differences expanded over time to result in the divided country of the 1860's. At the time of the Civil War, the abolitionists had many conflicts with South. The

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  • Espionage in the American Civil War

    NC Term Paper INTELLIGENCE IN THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: THE DEVELOPMENT OF INTELLIGENCE IN THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR AND THE EFFECTS OF THE ESPIONAGE SYSTEM ON THE WAR Lauren E. Caulder HIS 318-C Fall 2011 Espionage at the commencement of the American Civil War was not an organized system; however the war necessitated the development of more structured intelligence systems for both the Union and the Confederacy. By the middle of the war the dimensions of the espionage system had augmented

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  • The Civil War

    know, the Civil War is one of the most important events in U.S. historical timeline, however, only a few people consider about the economic differences between the southern and northern relating to the war. Bascially, there are three periods of time during the civil war that I really want to talk about: before the war, during the war and after the war. These facts make the economics become an impactful factor in this situation. Before we go ahead talking about the economics in civil war, there is

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  • The Civil War And Reconstruction

    Question #2, Civil War & Reconstruction, Lincoln During the Civil War and Reconstruction Abraham Lincoln was very important to the time. Abraham Lincoln was president during the Civil War. Since he was president, he was in charge of how to deal with the Confederates and to keep other states from succeeding. Lincoln was against charging the succeeding states of treason because he wanted those states to come back into the Union and end the war. He wanted to do this however, without giving them slavery

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  • The Battle Of The Civil War

    When the Civil War started many people of this nation were not expecting the chaos, destruction, and they certainly did not expect the war to last so long. The history of the guerrilla warfare began shortly before the start of the Civil War and lasted a few years after the war. The guerrillas dominated Missouri to such an extent that the Union army had to station thousands of troops in the state to try to control the turmoil that these guerillas caused. As Richard Brownlee states on page 5 "The history

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  • Causes Of The Civil War

    Causes of the Civil War Over a hundred years after the Civil War started, there are still debates, theories, and opinions regarding the causes of the War. Many people believe that slavery was the main (and only) cause of the Civil War and it is often the only one that is focused on. However, while slavery certainly played a role in the outbreak of war, there were many factors that also played just as big of roles in dividing the nation. One such factor was the extreme cultural and social differences

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  • The Civil War Of South Carolina

    The Civil War began at Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina on April 12, 1861, due to rising tensions between the Union [Northern states] and the Confederacy [Southern states]. There were many disagreements on how the Union carried out their laws and taxes. The Confederates wanted to secede from the Union because they felt like they would be better off without control from the Union. One of the main issues were the opinions on slavery. The North wanted to begin expanding westward and not allow

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  • The Civil War Essay

    The Civil War occurred because of several reason, one being slavery and another was maintaing the Union. Slavery played a big part in the Civil War because of the fact that it did cause an abundance of conflict between the North and the South. The Union War mainly focuses on the United States citizen in the free and four slaves states who were against secession and supported the Civil War to maintain the Union. The Union represented “Cherished legacy of the founding generation” (GWG). It was

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  • Spanish civil war Essay

    The Spanish civil war is often seen as a fundamental divide between right and left- the first major struggle between Fascism and Communism. The Spanish civil war started distinctly as a Spanish civil war born out of Spanish disputes, but it was soon to take on an international character. The military situations were practically equal to both sides before the foreign intervention. However, after Germany, Italy, and USSR intervened the situation changed dramatically. In general, the decision by

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  • Civil War Essay

    The American Civil War, widely known in the United States as simply the Civil War as well as other sectional names, was a civil war fought from 1861 to 1865 to determine the survival of the Union or independence for the Confederacy. Among the 34 states as of January 1861, seven Southern slave states individually declared their secession from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America, known as the "Confederacy" or the "South". They grew to include eleven states, and although they

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  • The Goals Of The Civil War

    Introduction The American civil started purely as a military effort with limited political objectives especially for the white community. By early 1861 white citizen’s main aim of the fight was to preserve the union and as well maintain a democratic republic. The north fought for reunification whereas the south fought for independence during the initial stages of the civil war. However, the war changed between 1862 and 1863 as a result of emancipation. It is believed that the war took a different course

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  • The Civil War

    The Civil War landmarked the defining moment when the tension and anger between the Northern and Southern people had reached a point of no return. Until 1861, the radical abolitionism, failed compromises, and industrial differences in America pitted the North and the South against each other in a sectional battle for social, political, and economic power. Thus igniting the spark of the Civil War between the American people. The stark differences in the Northern and the Southern territories promoted

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  • The War Of 1812 And The Civil War

    Since the United States established its world presence in the War of 1812, the country has been known to exert its supreme power over other countries and territories. Prior to the Civil War, Manifest Destiny included the Americans expanding to the western territories. Following the Civil War, in the early twentieth century, the expansionism was spread further to other countries across the globe. Expansionism strengthens the country 's power and prosperity in the world. Throughout the late nineteenth-century

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  • The War Of The Civil War

    The American Civil War, the bloodiest war in American history, was caused by political issues, military actions, and social and economic reasons between the Union (North) and the Confederacy (South). Specifically, slavery can be seen as the direct cause of the Civil War. David Goldfield, American historian, wrote “Both northerners and southerners recognized slavery as the immediate cause of the civil war.” On April 12, 1861, the Battle of Fort Sumter sparked the Civil War when Confederate General

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  • Reconstruction After the Civil War

    The period of Reconstruction began during the Civil War and ended in 1877. This era is known for the advancements made in favor of racial equality. These improvements included the fourteenth amendment (citizenship and equal protection under the law to blacks) and the fifteenth amendment (voting rights for blacks) of the Constitution. Yet, with the end of Reconstruction in 1877, the Republican Party lost control of the southern governments and the Democratic Party took over. This shift in power was

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  • Essay on The American Civil War

    The Civil War was the bloodiest war in American history. It had terrible losses and almost completely ruined the South, but there were some good things that came out of the war. Medicine has never been as important as it was during this time. Because of this, medicine was innovated like never before. One of the amazing innovations during the war is doctors started using life saving amputation. Many soldiers did not die of their wounds, but instead the diseases they caught in the open and poorly

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  • The Causes Of The Civil War

    the Civil War Like many topics you have two different sides that see an event differently and the Civil War is no different than any other event. You have supporters of the Confederate States of America (those that support the South) and you also have Union supporters(those who support the North). The Confederate supporters don’t see slavery as a primary cause or even a cause of the Civil War and you have Union supporters that support that slavery was the primary and only cause of the Civil War

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  • Reconstruction During The Civil War

    Reconstruction in The South to the 1900s After the Civil War, r econstruction was a difficult process, especially in the South. during this reconstruction process there was a lot of plans and changes like Lincoln’s plan and how people like Wade and Davis try to change it. Also during reconstruction there was a lot changing for the blacks as well. December of 1863, Abraham Lincoln had a plan of Reconstruction which is known as the Ten-Percent Plan. At least 10 percent of state voters takes a promise

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  • The War Of The Civil War

    Soldiers’ day to day lives during the Civil War was filled with drilling, writing letters to their loved ones, and fighting in battles which would potentially change the rest of their lives forever. At the beginning of the war, both the North and the South didn’t have a problem with numbers in their military because of the amount of volunteers. Some would do the heroic thing and join because they “wanted to save the Union” or “secure their liberty.” Though many people from the Confederacy and the

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  • The Civil War And War Between The States

    The Civil War or “War between the states” (page 26) is a historical American event like no other that has been over for nearly 150 years. Most Americans are under the notion the Civil War is over and done with where, other Americans believe the war is still being fought today. In Tony Horwitz’s book “Confederates in the Attic” he explores the impact the American Civil War has on the modern day south, and just why southerners in particular still care so much about the Civil War? After reading “Confederates

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