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  • The Civil War: The Causes Of The Civil War

    Throughout the years many historians have argued over the some aspects of the civil war. One of the most important questions that the civil war creates is: was it inevitable? To find the answer to this question we must first state and analyze the causes of the civil war. In this research paper I will prove that the civil war was inevitable because the free states and the slave states would eventually break out in war since the problems between them would’ve never been solved if the war weren’t waged. Slavery is one of the main causes of the civil war, and although it seems as an exaggeration almost all other causes can relate back to slavery . The reason of why slavery is such a decisive and influential factor in the civil war is that slavery basically divided the country into two rivaling parties. The North which opposed slavery and saw as a crime against humanity and the South which praised slavery as one of…

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  • War Of Attrition In The Civil War

    The American civil war was known to be the bloodiest battle in American history and the last war fought on American soil. The competitors of the American Civil War were the Union and the Confederacy, or North and South and both of the sides thought that the war would be quick but the war carried on for four years and killed two percent of the American population. The American Civil War turned America into a much stronger nation because of the many developments that it generated during the very…

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  • The Civil War: The Freedom War

    Essay Question #2: The Freedom War I hate this the Civil War is called what it is. Civil is defined as being courteous and kind, but none of this existed from 1861-1865 as war raged in America. Over six hundred thousand people were killed in a war that was rooted in insurrection and rebellion. This war was violent gruesome, and filled with hatred for the other side. It was a modern war fought in the realm of antiquity. Somehow the cultural schisms between the Northern and Southern states grew…

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  • Civil War Causes

    The American Civil War was a war in the United States in the years 1861 to 1865. The Union faced different leaders in eleven Southern states as they grouped together and formed the Confederate States of America. The Union, also known as the North won the war, making what was one of the most intense wars in history. The war was fought between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America. Jefferson Davis, a former U.S. Senator and Secretary of War, was appointed President of…

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  • Spectacle In The Civil War

    Civil War: Drama, Spectacle, and Performance War sets the world on fire. Often caused by differences in beliefs, war divides people based on perspective. One of the most bloody and divisive wars in history was the American Civil War. During the Civil War, America was pitted against itself in a bloodbath divided by geological, social and political differences. These geological, social and political differences, lead to drama spectacle and performance that can be seen. These…

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  • Madness Of The Civil War

    The Civil War took place during April 12, 1861 to April 9, 1865. The two opponents to this war was the North which was referred to as the Union and the South whom was referred to as the Confederacy. The overall madness of this war was based on if the Confederacy was going to secede from the Union, and if the Union were going to remain as a whole based on their success. This war took approximately 4 years, but in those four years, thousands of bodies were piled up in the aftermath. However, more…

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  • Slavery In The Civil War

    John Brown was an abolitionist that wanted to abolish slavery no matter what. John Brown in 1859 decided that he would attack slavery from the south. Brown found 21 individuals including five free African Americans “…in hope of fomenting a slave insurrection.” On the night of October 16,1859, Brown and his followers took over a federal armory at Harpers Ferry in Virginia. The problem with Brown’s plan was is that he never gave a word to the slaves to give weapons to and help him and also…

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  • Innovations Of The Civil War

    The civil war was a time of great suffering, amputation, disease, and imprisonment but it was also an era of great creativity, development, and invention. While the civil war was a bad time for the U.S. it also helped the U.S. develop in important ways. This paper will discuss how the civil war changed America with its many innovations in transportation and communication, weapons and small innovations, and new laws/documents. Although the civil war was an ugly time for America it was also a…

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  • Symbols In The Civil War

    The Civil War was a time of terrible social turmoil and bloodshed for the American people. However, it was also a time of great innovation and creation by both the Union and the Confederacy. As the intellectuals of the two sides invented better and more efficient ways to hasten the slaughter of their countrymen, the leadership of the Union and Confederacy lost no time in their application of these new arsenals. The Civil War is the war that has seen the greatest loss of American men, and the…

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  • The Inevitability Of The Civil War

    The Civil War was an inevitable incident. For decades, the North and South had been splitting apart due to their differing economies, beliefs regarding slavery, and political views, including states ' rights. While there were efforts to resolve the issues, primarily the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850, these were failed endeavors and did not stop the forthcoming events. The South had an economy that heavily relied on agriculture as the primary form of income while the North…

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