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  • Donald Trump Thesis

    Cody Hayes-Tyler English 1301 Mr. Hale 11/18/16 Donald Trump When friends of mine who are trump supporters inform me that they support him, I understand the reasons they picture him as our future president of the united states. Donald Trump has never been an elected official. He has never held elected office of any kind. He’s never had to broker political compromise, give political speeches or pour over political briefing notes. So why on earth, with no experience in politics, would people think he’d make a good president? Sure, Donald Trump is a shameless self promoter and experienced businessman. But Washington, D.C., is not Wall Street, and getting things done in the nation’s capital takes more than a big personality and strong will.…

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  • Donald Trump Issues

    Current Event #1: Donald Not-So-Triumphant Trump In this article, Kate Linthicum reports on a letter sent in to CNN that discusses the differing views on immigration. In a recent debate, U.S presidency candidates, Donald Trump, made it clear that he is very much against immigration. In fact, Trump even vows that if voters elect him for 2016-20 president, his main focus will be to cut down immigration from Mexico. Trump plans to do so with tactics such as: building a wall along the border and…

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  • Donald Trump: Not The President

    Jennifer Robles Mrs. Reichenbach English 11 -- Period 03 13 February 2017 Not my President. There’s this man and he has done very bad things. He has been accused for sexuall harassment over sixteen times with different women. This man bragged about not paying income taxes. This man has been known to disrespect women, is a racist, and only won the presidency because of the electoral votes, This man is Donald J. Trump, our new president of the United States of America. Donald Trump has a…

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  • The Donald Trump Campaign

    personalities. Although Donald Trump is far from being the most liked republican, he is actually at the top of the primaries with 185 more delegates than the second, Ted Cruz. The chance he has to accede the second round are definitely high. Ted Cruz needs 693 delegates (90%) of the 769 remaining to beat Donald Trump, that is going to be hard to achieve. Donald Trump campaign is based on creating terror. He took advantages of many events that happened around the world to praise racism. His…

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  • Donald Trump Realism

    2016, GOP Candidate Donald Trump–now President Trump- gave the country a glimpse of how Foreign Policy would work under the Trump Administration. During his speech, a picture began to form of where his viewpoint was in International Politics, and some statements formed an unmistakable picture of realism. Realism has some very distinct characteristics, but some of the features Donald Trump seems to share was having a national interest in power and forming relations with other Great Powers to…

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  • Donald Trump Fallacies

    Fallacies sell deodorant, and presidential candidates; no other candidate in the twenty sixteen election is better at using Fallieces than Donald Trump. What was once a name synonymous with money and power is now associate with wild claims about immigrants and China. On June sixteenth Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president. In a grand congregate of family members and supporters Donald Trump announced that he will, “Make america great again.” Mr. Trump has performed a metamorphosis…

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  • Donald Trump Misconceptions

    Misconceptions about Donald J. Trump and why I support him Donald trump as had lots of misconceptions painted on him lately. He has been painted as a racist and sexist. He has also not received credit for many of his policies. In the next few paragraphs, I will inform the readers about Donald trump, and why many of these misconceptions are complete and utterly false. Let’s start with sexism and racism. I bet many of you believe this true, but if you understand what these words mean you would…

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  • Donald Trump Is Wrong

    Democrats say Trump is ‘not who we are.’ They’re wrong. "Un-American," what does that mean in a country that has a wide array of beliefs? Which American 's thoughts are those that doctrine what being "American" entails? It is this conundrum that is highlighted in the editorial Democrats say Trump is ‘not who we are.’ They’re wrong. Author Yoav Fromer argues that Donald Trump displays the "bullying, imperiousness and ignorance" that the American public feels secretly and that this mind set is…

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  • Donald Trump Influence

    The votes are all in.. and the President of the United States is… It was election day and America was voting for a new President, the presidential candidates were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump has a big influence of my life because he’s good at fixing problems such as making America great again, building a wall to stop illegal immigrants, and he also has a sweet flow going on. His sweet flow is influential on my life because what's better than having a president doing great…

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  • The Dangers Of Donald Trump

    presidential election is one for the books, but WAIT! It 's just not over yet. Donald Trump has been one of the most mesmerizing candidates for all the wrong reasons, but that 's not stopping American people from voting for him. In the campaign ad "Everything", the use of old and new clips and different news headlines are shown to prove the racism behind Donald Trump and his supporters towards African-Americans. What do we have to lose? "What do you have to lose?" Trump says this towards blacks…

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