Donald Trump Debate

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Donald Trump has recently been making large waves in the political community. He began with his announcement to run for president, from there he overtook and swept the rest of the Republican candidates away—becoming the Republican nominee. Many people credit his success to his means of communication. In the debates and events leading up the Republican Convention, Trump seemed to exhibit the communication competence that all sixteen other candidates lacked. He used the same channels and methods of getting his message out and yet his message did not fall on deaf ears like the others’. This is due to the content meaning in his messages. He spoke of things openly, and people enjoyed this freshness to the political pretending the United States …show more content…
For Trump to win the presidency he must communicate well, clearly, and to all people. Reaching one voting demographic will not help Trump win, especially if he does not respect the situations they find themselves in. Recently there was a tragedy in which, Nykea Aldridge, NBA star Dwayne Wade’s cousin, was shot and killed when caught in the crossfire of an inner city shooting. Trump, in an effort to win “black” votes tweeted:
“Dwayne Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!” Donald J. Trump
Not only does Trump not communicate how the events even relate to African-American votes, he did not offer his condolences to the family until later, after he had received considerable unhappy feedback from naysayers and supporters alike.
This is one of many incidents where Trump has suddenly begun to show his weakness in human communication— he overlooks the fact that there are humans involved in any form of communication. Running the country is not just another business venture. It is human lives and futures. It is to keep together the human race. Not to send people away because they are

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