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Current Event #1: Donald Not-So-Triumphant Trump In this article, Kate Linthicum reports on a letter sent in to CNN that discusses the differing views on immigration. In a recent debate, U.S presidency candidates, Donald Trump, made it clear that he is very much against immigration. In fact, Trump even vows that if voters elect him for 2016-20 president, his main focus will be to cut down immigration from Mexico. Trump plans to do so with tactics such as: building a wall along the border and ending automatic U.S citizenship to children born to legal immigrant-residents. While many support Trump’s plan, his polls soaring after he announced his campaign focus, pro-immigrant organizations couldn’t be anymore against the “increasing hatred… directed …show more content…
The debate has even escalated to the point of anti-immigration groups trying to move to revoke birth citizenship, though it seems to be a direct contradiction to the 14th Amendment, with Trump as their motivator.As a way to protest not only will upcoming presidential debates be surrounded with both supporters and protesters to immigration, in the letter, the sender also suggests …show more content…
Not only would his plan to build a wall cost millions of dollars, Trump expects Mexico, the country who doesn’t have a problem with the immigration, to put up the money for the construction. His plan unreasonable, it’s unrealistic. If the fence and national guards can’t stop immigrants from gaining access to the country, does he really think that a wall can? And even if it does seem fool-proof and Mexico agrees to pay for it with their money, which should be directed toward their country’s the drug-cartel issues, has Trump even taken into consideration the time and labor that would go into putting up the multi-million dollar wall? As for his plan pertaining to citizenship, I think his idea is headed in the right direction seeing as that is giving birth to a child in the U.S so they can have citizenship is one of the leading causes for immigration. However, tearing away a illegal-immigrant-born person’s U.S citizenship is both unreasonable and inhumane. How would he feel if the he was suddenly torn away from everything he’s built in the U.S, kicked out of the only country he’s known, and relocated to one that he’s unadjusted to as a result of some new law claiming that he’s no longer a part of the country that he’s been born and raised in? I feel like Trump is throwing out ideas that sound good,

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