Is Donald Trump A Racist?

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The Good, The Bad And The Beautiful: Why You Just Gotta Love Donald Trump!

While you really don't "have" to love Donald Trump, you certainly have to pay attention to him. He has single-handedly instigated a firestorm of emotion and challenges to the American public, to which they have responded with strong and passionate rhetoric - both overwhelmingly positive and negative.

No matter who you intend to vote for, one thing is for sure: Donald Trump has opened your eyes to a whole new political and sociological landscape. Here are a few of the good, the bad and the beautiful things about the man behind one of the most dynamic presidential campaigns in US history:

Donald Trump Is Good For The Election Process

Yes! If you weren't politically
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Is Donald Trump A Racist?

There's a difference between having an aversion to people because of their ethnicity, country of origin and/or religion and wanting some law and order in the nation. Trump has never stated any disdain for a particular group of people; rather, he opposes a particular outcome when law and order runs amok, such as with unsecured borders between Texas and Mexico. His position is supported by the authorities in charge of enforcing the laws themselves. Occasionally, though, Mr Trump does put his foot in his mouth when speaking about subjects of race and nationality.

Is He A Con-Man?

In terms of being a successful business man, there is no denying Donald Trump's accomplishments; however, there is evidence which appears to support the fact that Trump may sometimes do whatever it takes to land on his feet. Whether or not that constitutes a con-man or is a characteristic of someone who shouldn't be President of the United States is entirely up to you to

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