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  • The Vietnam War, Vietnam And South Vietnam

    Before Ky was born in 1959, Vietnam was divided into two states at the 17th parallel during the Geneva Conference of 1954. These two states were known as North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The North was governed by a Communist Party and the South was governed by the Republic of Vietnam. Since many of the people in the North feared the persecution from the Communist regime, nearly one million individuals fled for the South. Among these one million individuals was Ky’s family. By moving to the South, Ky’s family had to leave behind their home as well as the relatives who decided to stay in the North. Ky’s parents promised their family that they would eventually come back to their original home in the North once the national and general elections were held; however, this election never occurred due to the South Vietnamese President’s decision to refuse…

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  • The Protests Of Vietnam And The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War was one of the most controversial wars America has ever been involved in. Our nation was divided into two bodies who argued the sanity of the other. Televisions and radios covered every inch of the war, from our soldiers to their families at home. Overseas our troops fought alongside Democratic South Vietnam to not only protect Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh and the growing communist threat, but to also put an end to the spread of communism throughout Southeast Asia, as or postulated…

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  • The Impact Of The Vietnam War In Vietnam

    d Vietnam become an American War by 1968, and what problems did the United States have in winning the “Hearts and Minds” of the Vietnamese people? By 1968 American politicians committed hundreds of billions worth of resources and nearly half a million personnel to the Vietnam War. Which was a war based on fabricated research and statistics, blatant lies to the American public, and cherry-picked threats. Americans provided most of the financial assistance, resources, over half a million…

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  • The Dehumanity And Actions Of The Vietnam War In Vietnam

    The Vietnam War period took place during November 1, 1955 to April 30, 1975. The Cold War was a global war between the main two government powers, which were the United States, and the Soviet Union. Overall about three million people were killed during the brutal warfare. At the peak of the war about half a million America soldiers were killed, the division among the United States citizen led to the withdraw of American forces under the authorization of President Richard Nixon. Although World…

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  • War In Vietnam: The History Of The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War was a chaotic time in the history of the United States due to America losing countless men in a costly war thousands of miles away. It not only divided our country politically, but also on a moral and a philosophical frame. To understand why the United States would be drawn into such a war, one must understand the immediate history of that era. Vietnam was at war with France in 1954. The French, overwhelmed at the battle of Dienbienphu, requested American air support. America…

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  • The Vietnam War: The Causes Of The Vietnam War

    The Causes of the Vietnam War Callum Pastuszak The Vietnam War was one of the bloodiest conflicts post WWII, it is important to understand how it started and learn from our mistakes so nothing like this happens again. It was a war that revolutionised warfare for ever with the first widespread use of Grulla warfare and introduce many new tactics and weapons. It involved some 2.2 Million soldiers and $150 billion ($950 billion in todays USD). It is a war that should be used to learn off…

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  • The Vietnam War: Causes Of The Vietnam War

    Vietnam War is one of the wars that United States of America was a part of during the cold war to fight against the communism. Frdrick Dowes throghout his book says that this war was a surprise to him and he didnt expect so much brutality to happen. The war lasted for more than 20 years from 1954-1975 according to encyclopeadia britanicca and was one of the biggest indochina wars.The war itself had many casualties that even caused uprisings in the homefront. There are still veterans who have not…

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  • Vietnam: The Causes And Effects Of The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War The Vietnam War was by far the most violent and traumatic of America’s three wars in Asia in the fifty years since Pearl Harbor. In August of 1964 two U.S. destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin were attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats. President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the bombing of military targets in North Vietnam as retaliation. By February 1965 the United States had begun regular bombings of North Vietnam ( The war did nothing but cause problems for the…

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  • Vietnam Culture

    who died during the Vietnam War. Although war for soldiers is difficult and demanding, the lives of the Vietnamese civilians are forever /were changed due to the war. The war affected the everyday lives of civilians from either making them flee the country to safety or killing them. The things these civilians faced during this time were and still are unreal; something no one could even begin to imagine. The Vietnam War started in 1954. It was between North Vietnam and the Vietcong…

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  • Involvement In Vietnam

    Similarities and differences of Vietnam from other U.S. foreign interventions The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War was a Cold war-era proxy war fought between 1950 and 1975. It was a long drawn out and complex war that resulted in high casualties on each side along with the eventually unification of Vietnam. It marked the end of a decades of invasion and oppression by foreign forces in Vietnam. The French colonized the region in 1887 and held on until World War Two when the…

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