Arranged Marriage Essay

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  • Importance Of Arranged Marriage And Arranged Marriages

    die. But what happens if a marriage is not based on love but rather it is arranged? To this day the controversy about whether arranged or love marriages is better still rages on. But frankly, nobody has an answer because this topic is so individualized. Arranged marriages are a touchy topic that affects the lives of many parents and families. Although arranged marriages are not as common in the Western world it is still as viable of an option as love marriages. What is an arranged marriage? An arranged marriage is a union between two people in which their parents or relatives selected each other to get married rather than the…

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  • Arranged Marriage Ethics

    term "arranged marriage" in the west can incite a plethora of responses. Some believe an arranged marriage is a set up for failure since you cannot choose your spouse and are forced to marry the person your parents choose for you. Others believe that loveless marriages are unethical. However, it seems that a vast majority of people believe that an arranged marriage is synonymous with forced marriage. It is because of this that the practice is seen as a savage. Asia is one of the places the…

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  • Advantages Of Arranged Marriages

    When most people think of marriage, they do not think of their parents choosing their future spouse. Unlike arranged marriages, the marriages Western society often think of are those where love is the deciding factor, but in arranged marriages love is not important. Arranged marriages may not be common in Western cultures, but in some areas, they are the “norm”. Although it may not affect society directly, it is an important thing to have an understanding of. After abundant research, I have…

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  • Importance Of Arranged Marriages

    Arranged marriages make Westerners uncomfortable. Individualism is as ingrained in American culture as much as possible, so that one can 't even turn on the television without being assaulted with messages like 'just be yourself ', and 'let them make their own choices '. To tell an American that they don 't get to decide who they will marry is to ask for ranting, yelling, and perhaps even violence. It 's unthinkable. However, this does not make it immoral. Cultures differ all the time. Asians…

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  • Arranged Marriage Analysis

    and how it’s often misinterpreted. Then present a brief discussion about the arranged marriage prepositions many Indians live with…

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  • Arranged Marriage Essay

    discussion has focused around gender, race, sexuality, class, nationality, religion and age. Through multiple articles, documentaries and videos found on the Internet along with the book So Long A Letter and our textbook International Perspectives On Women the class has learned how exactly these characteristics can affect a women throughout the world. One of the concepts the class has focused on so far is the concept of an arranged marriage. Within the first book we had to read, So Long A…

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  • The Importance Of Arranged Marriages

    Arranged marriages have been practiced for hundreds of years and are even still practiced today in some cultures. Arranged marriages are usually practiced by non-western cultures in parts of the world including Africa, India, and Asia. The definition of arranged marriage is “ a type of marriage in which the families of the bride and groom negotiate an arrangement before the two parties enter into a relationship” (Kunz, 2013, P.5). The parents of the bride and groom, for numerous reasons…

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  • The Importance Of Arranged Marriage

    people find it incomprehensible to have an arranged marriage. An arranged marriage is a marriage that is planned by the family, mainly the parents or guardians of the bride and groom, who have little or no say in the arrangement (Oxford Dictionary). Although in modern day society, arranged marriage is not as dominant as it was in the past due to social change, it still exists in many areas of the world today. Often times marriages are arranged due to religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds,…

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  • Arranged Marriage Advantages

    “How is it possible to marry a stranger?” asked a woman who accompanied Mr.Shad Imam on his flight back to America.The very question has popped up in his a mind few years back, but now almost 6 years into his marriage, he cannot imagine being with somebody other than his wife selected by his parents. Just like Mr. Shad Imam, there are plenty of young people in the world whose acceptance of arranged marriage has restored the traditional values and customs back to the modern society.Although the…

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  • The Values Of Arranged Marriages In India

    Gavin Healey Writing 101 December 15th 2016 Arranged marriages in Indian society Arranged marriages are a huge part of Indian societies, and many other societies and cultures. In Indian it is believed that arranged marriages are the most effective, if not, the only way a man and a woman should marry each other. They are right to believe in them because it works for the most part. The divorce rate is much lower in arranged marriages, rather than marriages built by “love” which commonly occurs in…

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