Arranged Marriage Ethics

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Hearing the term "arranged marriage" in the west can incite a plethora of responses. Some believe an arranged marriage is a set up for failure since you cannot choose your spouse and are forced to marry the person your parents choose for you. Others believe that loveless marriages are unethical. However, it seems that a vast majority of people believe that an arranged marriage is synonymous with forced marriage. It is because of this that the practice is seen as a savage. Asia is one of the places the pratice is still popular. It is common for parents to arrange for their child to marry someone; of course the permission of the one getting married is needed as well. Families are often no different when parents are married in a love marriage …show more content…
To begin, arranged marriages ensure that an individual meets someone that they get along with. With the difficult screening process, it is unlikely that one will get paired up with someone that they do not have any interest in. Second, it can make some feel closer to their culture. Arranged marriages are part of some cultures and practicing this tradition can help some feel closer to their culture. There is the potential to meet a great individual without wasting time dating around. The person that one chooses to get married to will most likely share the same views which includes view on the future and family. This can create peace within the relationship as the two people share the same …show more content…
It has been reported that the satisfaction between love marriages and arranged marriages is similar. People in arranged marriages are more likely to look for their love to grow, whereas in love marriage, people expected to still be in love. Compared to love marriages, arranged marriages are made on the basis for a long and lasting relationship; love is something that is supposed to develop throughout the relationship. In love marriages, love is the most important factor and cannot be overlooked. Arranged marriages have a lower rate of divorce than love marriage and some may argue that these relationships laso last longer than love marriages. In some love marriages, the feeling of love tends to diminish as time passes and people many divorce as a result. In arranged marriages, people try to make it work and some may say that the love people feel in arranged marriages only grows over time. In the end, the choice between arranged marriage and love marriage lies in the culture and the choice of the

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