Mr Darcy's Marriage

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In Jane Austen’s novel, she embraced the attitudes and reasonings behind marriages of the Regency Era into Pride and Prejudice. At the time, women were expected to get married at a very young age compared to the standards of today’s society. It was unusual for any girl to be single past her twenties. Marriage reasoning at the time was much different than today’s society as well. Many women looked for suitors with money, respected family name and a title that is equal or above their own. Also, it was very unusual for women to marry out of true love, it was more to find better fortune. These reasons make it an interesting discussion when debating the common and contrasting factors of the five major engagements or marriages that are included in …show more content…
Darcy’s engagement is also shown as based around true feelings and a mutual interest in each other. The relationship was somewhat based on appearance and financial status, but mostly because of their extreme fascination with each other. Mr. Darcy is introduced as an arrogant, snob, lone and wealthy character after Mr. Bingley brings him to the first community dance mentioned in the book. Mr. Darcy is very antisocial when it comes to conversing in public situations. He hardly dances or talks with any of the Bennet sisters he is reccomended to meet. Darcy shows a pride in himself as well as a prejudice towards the lower class in the opening chapters of the book. As the novel progresses, Mr. Darcy emerges more and more from his “antisocial shell” and begins to find himself very passionate about Elizabeth Bennet. She is disgusted by his unattractive behaviors until she reads a letter from Darcy explaining the situation between him and Mr. Wickham and his reasoning behind getting in between Mr. Bingley and Jane. She finds how her feelings were blinded by her own prejudice feelings toward him earlier in the book. After Jane’s visit to Pemberley and the surprise arrival of Mr. Darcy, she becomes very attracted to him once she experiences his true self at his own home. Their marriage is sure to be successful because of the given opportunities for

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