Essay On Pride And Prejudice Women

The Pride and Prejudice novel was written by Jane Austen during the 18th century in 1813 and is centered around the futures and fortunes of the five daughters of the Bennet family. When this book was written, it was a time and culture when women were treated unequally to men. Therefore, women have little independence and were always at a disadvantage, different from the life style women live today. Pride and Prejudice takes place in a society where a role for women is earned through relationships that are determined by wealth and rank, marriage and social status. Women were to act in a specific way and any deviation from that specific way was harshly criticized. Women are also married at a certain age, if not; it was frowned upon by the society …show more content…
She is devastated by the likelihood, after rethinking Mr. Darcy’s personality that she could have possibly pushed him away forever. For Mr. Darcy to be able to convince Elizabeth that he is honorable, unselfish, and thoughtful, by helping the Bennet family when Lydia runs away with Wickham to elope. Darcy offers Wickham money to wed Lydia since he has none, even though he despises Wickham.
Mr. Darcy is the other important character in the novel. The reader’s view of Mr. Darcy changes from cruel to compassionate and caring. He becomes the perfect match for Elizabeth, even though you would not have thought about them being together when they first met. Mr. Darcy is educated and sophisticated, he is also wealthy and good-looking, claiming that other women had the fondness for him throughout the novel. It is simple from the beginning, that he is only interested in Elizabeth who dislikes him. Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who is Mr. Darcy’s aunt, already holds a position in society with honor do to her
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Wickham meet and have a conversation, she starts to take an interest in Wickham. Elizabeth senses the tension between Wickham and Darcy and is curious to find out why they dislike each other. Wickham mentions to Elizabeth about the past that him and Darcy share and how Darcy’s father was his godfather and they were suppose to provide a living for him after Wickham’s father died, but when Darcy’s father died, Darcy decided to take back that promise and give him absolutely nothing. Elizabeth is outraged and wants to humiliate Darcy publicly because she feels sorry for Wickham. Mr. Darcy cannot figure out why Elizabeth is so intrigued with Wickham and it only ignites his interest in her even more. The critical moment in the novel is when Mr. Darcy gets a break to clear his name and the truth about his past with Wickham. After Mr. Darcy clears his name, he starts to win over Elizabeth’s feelings. Darcy decides to ask Elizabeth’s hand in marriage and she rejects him. He remains focused and strong-willed to win her over. Darcy’s prejudiced is proven through the way he speaks to Elizabeth during their first encounter. Mr. Darcy soon sees Elizabeth as an independent woman, who has her own goals regardless of social class and

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