Pride And Prejudice: The Importance Of Marriage

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Laura Gonzalez
Professor William Marquat III
British Literature 2323

Pride and Prejudice: The Importance of Marriage
In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen it talks about the struggles of a young women living in the early 19th century. The novel is about the point of view in the story is Elizabeth Bennet and how her daily life about social classes and the limit power of woman in England.
This novel explains the obstacles and the need for a young woman in England to marry. Jane Austen, the author of the novel explain the obstacles that the story describes it. Obstacles such as social class and the need of marry in the early 19th century in England. Austen describes Elizabeth Bennet as herself and all the problems she faced.
As women in
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Lydia is really spoiled by her mother and tend to be flirtatious with men. Putting the name of the family to embarrassment. Lydia seeks marriage with another point of view, she seeks adventure. Lydia thinks that marriage is like playing house, she is really immature and wants to do anything she wants without any consequences. The Bennet’s recognize the behavior of Lydia, yet they don’t do anything to change her behavior. One of the reasons why Lydia is not be punished for her actions, is that she is Mrs. Bennet favorite child. Austen describes the lack of respect and morality that many immature women, went through. Young women tend to seek future suitors but they want to have fun as single woman. Mrs. Bennet didn’t bother to fix Lydia’s attitude and personality, her goal is to marry them …show more content…
It shows how a mother search for a protection for theirs daughters. The need and the ultimate goal for a women who is not looking for fairy tales and wants the secure and home to avoid the entailment. Another obstacle is the social class and the importance of class and reputation in the eyes of the society. The story not only revolves around Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, but also minor characters that represent the issue of the England of 19th century. Austen’s work was part of her feminism act, to make women aware about the limit power of the women in England. The importance of marriage for both genders, men or female, both seek marriage. As for Jane Austen she was never married and decided to be writer. In her books show the importance of marriage and manners.

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