Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice Marriage Analysis

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Pride and Prejudice is set during the early 1800’s with an accurate representation of how romantic relationships and marriages actually were. Jane Austen shares many different relationships within one story, such as people marrying for the business side of marriage and young lovers who truly appreciate and love one another. During this time period, marriages were not the same as they are today in society. Jane Austen describes many relationships, but one of them clearly serves as her ideal relationship with the romantic aspects between the two, which gives them a different motive for marriage. Marriages in the 1800’s were not commonly between two people in love, but rather an organized event that took place based off one’s social class, family wealth and the parents approval. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet were part of this societys norm at the time of encouraging their daughters to marry into wealth and for their inheritance to be well taken care of. The married couple overall represents a happy couple with basic roles as the “breadwinner” and the “homemaker”. Mr. Bennet tends to the farm outside while Mrs. Bennet cares for the children and keeps the house tidy. Their attitude towards …show more content…
Darcy confessing his love for Elizabeth Bennet in a field near by and asking her hand in marriage was unlike many proposals during the early 1800’s. He walked there rather than taking his carriage because he knew that Elizabeth preferred walking, he called her “Mrs. Darcy”, but only when he was completely in love with her and he did not need social class alikeness for this engagement. Jane Austen certainly viewed this romantic relationship as the ideal relationship, by being different than the other business-like marriages, these two young lovers decided to be married because of their true love and devotion to each other. These two defeated the social norm of marrying for wealth and created an interesting romantic story compared to any other the other relationships in Pride and

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