Cause And Effects Of Arranged Marriage

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Do you know how many arranged marriages that are taking place currently throughout the world? According to Statistics Brain, “there are between 53 percent and 55 percent of arranged marriages in the world.” (Arranged/Forced Marriages Statistics) Arrange marriages are marriages or marital unions that are determined usually by the grooms and bride’s parents and family. These marriages are formed usually before a real relationship to get to know the person. Also arranged marriages are mostly forced where there is not choice or decision that can be made by the bride or groom. Arranged marriages have been around for a long time and it is still occurring today but the concept of forced marriage may not benefit the actual people in the …show more content…
Before arranged marriages take place the families of both sides usually wants to know the other’s family history or circumstances. Some families look into the other family’s financial and social circumstances before they consider marrying off their child to the family. Family background could be a huge factor in following arranged marriages. Other factors besides the reputation of the other family could be the beliefs or religion, ethnicity, wealth, social class ranking, education, horoscopes, and occupation of that person. Also a reason could be to form a political alliance between the families. Whether the family has wealth or is trying to accommodate it by arranged marriage it still may be an essential factor. There are wealthy families that look for a prospect that upholds the same financial status that they have to marry their child. These families want their child to remain wealthy and continue to have financial stability. Other families may not be wealthy but want their child to marry into a wealthy family to provide for them. In some cases a family that does not have a high class ranking may want to find someone with a higher status. If someone is in lower social class marries someone that is of a royal family can make their partner’s ranking becomes higher due to the marriage. Council on Foreign Relations claims that in India “many parents marry their daughters off young to preserve their chastity until marriage, which upholds family honor, and to protect maturing girls from predation.” This is a reason to maintain the family’s reputation. Also the type of occupation and the level of education in most cases that the future groom holds play a big part in the marriage process. In others cases Muslims follow the tradition where they do not marry outside their religion. Therefore when

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