Informative Essay On High School Football Players

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Millions of high school football players risk their future lives on the football fields under the lights on Friday nights. Their parents have either decided that the amusement of playing football either outweighs the risks that may occur, or they do not even think the sport is as dangerous as most think. Therefore, brain injuries have become a troubling topic of discussion in the NFL today. Football players use their helmets as weapons for a playing advantage on the football field. Due to players using their helmets as a playing advantage, helmet-to-helmet hits are becoming more common, and resulting in more brain injuries. If better safety precautions are not taken, then the sport will become more life threatening. The experience of playing football is not worth the risk of …show more content…
Any competitor looks for an advantage in what they do, because they want to win. For football players, they use their helmets to tackle or run over other players. They tuck their chin into their chest and ram into defenseless players. In the midst of a quarterback throwing a ball and a receiver catching a ball will be classified as a defenseless player. Defenseless players have no way of protecting themselves and attacking opposing players take advantage of it. Eddie Canales, father of a high school football player, recalls what improper form tackling can do. His son, Chris, was making what seemed to have been a great play but instead was something serious. Eddie claims, “It looked like a great tackle, but if you slow it down enough, you saw at the very last minute, he dropped his chin” (“Keeping young players safe on the football field”). Chris had suffered a spinal cord injury that impacted him from that moment on. This is only one example of what poor tackling technique does in football. Coaches need to be held accountable to instruct their players the proper tackling technique. It only takes one hit to change someone’s

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