Concussions In High School Football

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Have you ever experienced a head to head contact or a head collision where your head was involved. If you have, you will know how the effects will haul into place, but if you have not you should yield it into consideration in behalf of this collision is profoundly dangerous in the long term as well as short term. This effect is called a concussion where parts of your brain may not function as well as it use to.

There are hordes of kids in high school who end up playing high school four out of 1,000 players are exposed that resulted in an injury moreover, in college is is 8 out of 1,000 players are exposed to an injury. In addition, source 1 states that high school football players are twice likely to experience an injury, they sustained a
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When high school football players pick up injures they are notably likely not going to bring up the topic to their trainer as well as their coach so they will not be benched/taken out of the games. C.T.E is a head trauma induce disease that is linked to depression, impulse control problems, memory loss, including dementia. There have been more than 20 N.F.L players who have died for that reason of C.T.E. Furthermore, they have been increasing the awareness of the dangers of repeated hits to the head that may not raise the level of a concussion. All the young people are still in the stages of development of their brain tissues that are not fully matured than an …show more content…
Back then the player used to practice with their head to tackle their opponent. Therefore, there have been implements of new techniques of how to tackle without having your head experiencing a collision. Another essential point is the case of the size of the player the bigger ones may inflict way, more power to a smaller guy that vise versa. As an example Pop Warner had changed its rules in 2012 to help prevent concussions on their smaller players. The rule changes were; 1. No full speed head on blocking or tackling drills in practice, nevertheless no intentional head to head contact. 2. The amount of contact at each practice is limited to two ⅓ of practice time.

What I conclude is that high school football is a dangerous sport, but is can be played where you will not experience a severe injury if you learn the proper ways to play, moreover follow the rules, but even knowing the proper techniques in the heat of the game not everything will hightail as planned conditions may hit the road consequently be

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