How Social Media Can Be Defined Through Various Definitions

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Writing is a broad topic that may be defined through various definitions. An important way to look at writing is a “permanet” way to put your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge onto paper in a distinct number of ways. Those distinct ways may include text messaging, email, social media, or regular old paper. It’s at young age that children are initially taught the basic fundamentals of writing. As our live progress and we mature, our writing does as well. Between short stories, book reports, and formal essays, I’ve noticed my writing has evolved. Something people writers don’t often think about is what they’re putting out into the world, this should be considered being as some things you put out into the world may stay there permanently. Take social media for example, Facebook comments or tweets may be deleted by the click of a button but that does not necessarily mean it is gone forever. Social media has taken over my generation and I personally have made comments that I wish I could take away for good. Though I realize they are out in the internet universe forever. However, in some cases typing or writing your ideas and thoughts onto paper may not be as long lasting. For example, my writings have been lost or misplaced throughout the years, I have no recollection of where some of my work is now. Different texts such as books may be a different story, they can be preserved through families and passed down generation to generation. As a child my first years of school

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