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  • Reason For Growth In Urbanisation

    topic at a global scale – 91432 Urbanisation is the increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas compared to rural areas. An urban area is a built up area such as a town or city. A rural area is an area of countryside. As a country industrialises, the number of people living in urban areas tends to increase. MEDC’s were the first countries to urbanise. LEDC’s currently have lower rates of urbanisation, but they are urbanising rapidly. Megacities (cities with over 10million people) are almost always in LEDC’s. The main reason for rural to urban migration is because of the ‘push’ factors, these factors are population pressures and lack of resources in rural areas. Another reason…

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  • Strengths And Disadvantage Of Urbanisation

    Urbanisation takes place when people travel from rural areas to a more urbanized area in hopes of finding a better lifestyle. Urbanisation can also take place in a rural areas due to an economical and financial development. Urbanisation itself involves many life changes when people decide to move from rural areas to urbanized areas. People experience differences in their lifestyles and go through major changes in areas of their lives such as their jobs, education, and living condition. All of…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Urbanisation

    The world is urbanising rapidly. In 2008, the number of people living in cities exceeded those in the country side. Urbanisation per se is often a positive development, as urban areas tend to be more productive than rural areas…yet rapid urbanisation can outreach the capacities of cities to absorb and cater for an ever growing number of inhabitants (Matuschke 2009). India is not an exception to the general urban scenario in the world. It is becoming more urban albeit regional variations across…

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  • Rapid Urbanisation In Zambia

    Lusaka in Zambia and Lagos in Nigeria are two cities facing similar issues due to rapid urbanisation. However these cities are dealing with the issue differently. Both cities have a strong colonial background which has influenced the city today (Gandy, 2006; Rogerson, 2008). Both cities economies have not grown as fast as the population and the people have responded differently to this issue (Hampwaye, et al., 2007; Ilesanmi, 2010). Each city has a different approach to how they are going to…

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  • Effects Of Urbanisation On Global Pollution

    Does Urbanisation affect Global Pollution? By Mia Knudsen, 10.i What is urbanisation? Urbanisation is the process of increase of population in urban areas. As a country develops urbanisation increases due to people being attracted to the benefits of living in an urban area. These benefits include job opportunities, better standards of living, better healthcare, and better schools. 90% of the UKs population is currently living in urban areas like towns or cities. (BBC Bitesize, 2014) Along with…

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  • Peripheral Urbanization And Third World Development

    Urbanisation is the process by which an increasing proportion of a national population lives in towns and cities (the ratio is an indicator to compute the level of urbanisation). In other words, more people migrate from rural to urban areas. The First World, by definition, is the capitalist industrial market economies involving counties like United States, France and the United Kingdom. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the First World was so-called ‘developed countries’ as a synonym. The…

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  • Urbanization In Mumbai Case Study

    Mumbai, similar to several other large cities across the world has been undergoing the process of urbanization which has lead to massive spatial restructuring of the city. The urbanisation process has to be understood as one of the many consequences of Globalization and not as a process functioning on its own. The nested economic interest of underlying the process of globalisation include increase in the inflow and outflow of foreign capital in the country, shift from manufacturing to service…

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  • Urban Inequality Case Study

    Gendered Response to Urban Poverty and Inequality A Case Study of SDI 1. Introduction Urbanisation has accelerated in the global scale, especially in the Global South, with the urban population growing rapidly due to both natural growth and rural-urban migration. The living condition and lifestyles of people are changing along with different situations in transport, housing, employment and infrastructures. However, in the process of urbanisation, people of different genders, religions and…

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  • Urbanization In Tamil Vaddu Case Study

    The level of urbanization can be defined as the proportion of the total population that is living in urban centers. In India, Tamil Nadu is one of the fastest growing urbanised states compared to the other. Urbanisation is an integral part of the development process and it increases the employment opportunities for people. Because of which more people migrate to urban centres. The Percentage of migration in Tamil Nadu was 24.04 in 1991 census and it has increased to 25.36 in 2001 census.…

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  • The Importance Of Urban Planning

    centuries and even today the planning process is evolving. However planning has mostly only occurred when big technological advancements and opportunities came about, the biggest advancements or rather the rapid changes and the time period when planners were most needed occurred when people changed their thinking. Known as the paradigm shift of understanding, it was when rational thinking occurred and industry, the nation state and rights of an individual were considered and adopted (Reeves,…

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