Procrastination Reflection

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Process and Issues:
Miss Waltrip and I, Marissa Scheele, met together today. It was our fourth and final meeting together. Miss Waltrip and I first met in the beginning of the semester when she came to me to discuss some of her issues in dealing with procrastination. Miss Waltrip had been struggling to overcome this problem for many years. She decided that now was the best time to get a handle on it, as she was planning on going off to graduate school. Her number one concern was getting help to solve her problem of procrastination with her schoolwork. However, she also wanted to work on her procrastination in her normal life, such as working, paying bills, setting appointments, etc. Based on these issues, we worked on creating a goal and tasks
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I learned just how easy it is to relate to someone’s problems. As the social worker this could pose a problem, as you begin to think about your own problems instead of your client’s problems. This is when it is important to be able to separate yourself from the problem. This assignment has helped to practice this separation, and hopefully allow me to continue using it effectively in the future. I also got the chance to learn what it is like for the client. You can never truly know something until you are on the receiving end of it. To be able to better help my clients in the future, it is good for me to experience what they do. I am glad for this opportunity, because it allows me to see my chosen profession from another’s eyes. It also helps me to realize that all problems no matter how big or small are equally important no matter who the client sitting across from me is. I learned a lot about myself during this assignment. Not just what it was like to be the client or being able to relate to them. I learned that I could quickly feel comfortable around some people. I do no get so nervous after the first or second meeting. I also feel as though I am simply having a conversation with someone. These are all things I can take into the future with me. I am grateful for this assignment, as it has allowed me to see within myself better than any other assignment could

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