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  • Essay On Choosing A Career

    People are living in the world of changing and the future is developing. Choosing the right career/ major for the next generation can be the most crucial task. Parents who have most experiences and full of knowledge can help their child for choosing a bright career, but the next generations also have their own skills, interest, career path, and dream. Parent may only share their experience and coach their child for career, so the children should learn from previous generation for achieving their goals. As all people were a child, most of them wanted to become an engineer, a doctor, a police officer, a fire fighter, a soldier, or even a superman. It’s a good sight that they all wanted to be a good people who have responsible for their community…

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  • The Importance Of Choosing A Career

    Career choice is a reoccurring inquiry presented to young adults and teenagers. Choosing a career requires much research, thought, and contemplation. Many people tend to avoid the subject or brush it off when it is brought about in a conversation because they are unsure if their careers they have thought of in the past are truly what they want to do. They also tend to forget to consider imperative factors and components of careers and how they relate to their lifestyles. Therefore, people…

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  • Importance Of Choosing A Career

    Choosing a career I think is the hardest and most important decision a person does before marriage. This decision is important because it will depend on what will be the rest of your life. Making a good decision will lead to a full realization of yourself, because you 'll play something that will help you economically plus you 'll be happy to develop your work, and on the other hand, a bad decision would result in the opposite, you’ll feel uncomcomfortable in your work, and therefore to not…

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  • Situation Analysis: Choosing A Career

    advice could mean the difference between having a profitable career – or struggling and starting over later in life (Holly Johnson, 2015) Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions most of us ever make. Depending on the individual, the choice of career may be decided by following in the footsteps of a parent or taking over a family business. For others, it is the pursuit of a passion or lifelong dream. Whether your path is clear or uncertain, careful planning may lead to the job of…

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  • The Importance Of Choosing A Career In College

    Choosing a major is one of the most important parts of being in college. A major is a specialized area of study. Along with the general classes each college requires students to take, there is a group of courses in that chosen subject that must be completed to be awarded a degree in that major. (princeton) Examples of a few include chemistry, mathematics, medicine, or engineering. While some students go into college already certain on what they would like to study, a majority find this…

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  • Importance Of Choosing A Career In Psychology

    Choosing a profession is one of many life altering decisions everyone has to make at some point in their lifetime. The good thing about being able to choose my profession is that I 'm in control of changing it at any time. Throughout my whole life I changed my mind as to what I wanted to be when I grew up. First I wanted to be a veterinarian at about age four, about ten years later I thought for sure I wanted to be a dancer, and now that I 've thought more realistically about my future…

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  • Importance Of Choosing A Career In Medicine

    his life. I watched mesmerized as the resident opened up his chest in order to get control of the bleeding. Even though the procedure was unsuccessful and the patient eventually expired, it was a great learning experience for everyone involved. Medicine is such an interesting field because it is constantly changing and adapting to new information that is discovered and there are always learning opportunities. When I was in kindergarten, I always told people I wanted to become an…

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  • Importance Of Faulkner's Diction In A Rose For Emily

    An example of this precision is the sentence from "A Rose for Emily" discussed in Alice Hall Petry's article: "Thus she passed from generation to generation - dear, inescapable, impervious, tranquil, and perverse"(280). In this sentence Faulkner summarizes Emily Grierson's character and her relationship with her community in five adjectives. While probably overlooked by the casual reader, Petry explores how closer examination reveals Faulkner's organization and manipulation of language. Placed…

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  • The Importance Of Choosing A Career In Modern Life

    In modern life today, it is getting more and more difficult to choose a right career. Choosing a career is also one of the most important decisions a person has to make in life. According to a proverb, the early bird catches the worm, and it is certainly true when it comes to deciding our futures. In order to find a suitable job soon, we should have a defined career direction while we’re still at school. First, our interests and hobbies have to be considered. It is usually very easy to turn…

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  • My Experience In Human Resource Management

    I first met Kay when my indecisiveness in choosing a major began to inhibit my academic progress. For this walk-in, I was blessed to have received Kay as my career counselor. She was friendly and approachable, which helped ease the anxiety I felt about the situation. I felt comfortable disclosing my thoughts, fears, and self-doubts with her. Kay understands that choosing a career depends on understanding one’s personality; therefore, she would ask questions beyond my educational and career…

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