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  • Important Career Goals

    A career goal is the most important part of your career. Successful people have a lot of goals and do anything to achieve it. The attitude of taking life as it comes is not welcome if you want to be professionally oriented. The best thing to do if you want to be professionally aggressive and competitive is to really understand and analyze where you want to be in two years, in ten years and keep planning and achieving. Having a good career is the most important thing these days, so devoting your time to it makes sense. Let’s look at how to make career goals and succeed in life. Firstly, you have to understand what you really want to do in life and then split your career goals into short and long term ones. You should then make sure you do everything…

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  • Georgia Tech Career Goal

    exciting. My goal is to become involved in these advancements and to contribute to the industry of technological solutions for enterprises. I believe Georgia Tech has the best atmosphere for professionals seeking business education with a tech scope. My short-term goal after my MBA studies is to continue my career in IT consulting or, if possible, join or launch a start-up.…

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  • Career Goals For Becoming A Teacher

    Becoming a teacher is a career path I came across while working for the Realizing Amazing Potential (R.A.P.) before and after school program. In my undergraduate program I always knew I wanted to working with children, but it was a challenge for me to choose one career path I felt my work would make a difference. The defining moment for my career was the passion I found working with special need students, and the hard work to help them succeed academically. Being part of the education growth for…

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  • ENCP 6000: Career Goals

    ENCP 6000, Section## Career Goals Joshi, Prerana Avinash My persistent inclination towards technology influenced me to pursue my undergraduate curriculum in Electronics Engineering from University of Mumbai, India. During my studies I was intrigued by the stupendous pace at which telecommunications industry has evolved and transformed our lives. In order to be a part of this development process and to pioneer the next generation of networking…

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  • Long Term Career Goals

    understands his or her own strengths and behaviors, and is best able to develop strategies to meet and exceed the demands of his or her profession. An effective leader with excellent skills always stands for improvement in quality, working environment, and advocates for changes which promote overall wellbeing of the society (Blais & Hayes, 2011). Through consistent and perfect performance, effective leaders maximize the talents of the team members and lead the team to success. To accomplish the…

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  • The Impacts Of Technological Developments On Career Goals

    Every individual has a specific goal in his or her life. To achieve that goal a person has to make efforts. A career goal can be defined as a specific statement that defines what profession an individual wants to pursue throughout his or her career. It is not easy to identify the career goals that is why there is requirement to develop an action plan. If I talk about my career goals then I want to integrate with the emerging field of the Information Technology (IT) where I can grab various…

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  • Essay On Short Term Career Goals

    What are my short-term career goals? What are my long-term career goals? Planning a successful future will need to start with goal setting. A person greatest achievement did not come over night. I have always put goals in place and set to achieve them. When I say goals I mean accomplishment not too easy to obtain but a little challenging to appreciate the hard work. My short term goal to being successful both in the military and as a civilian is to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree this…

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  • My Academic And Career Goals In The Medical Field

    1) My academic and career goals are set around the medical field. I want to finish my nursing degree and hopefully work for a great hospital/clinic that will give me the opportunity to grow and advance with them. I came about this career goal because of my own conditions. A few years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and it woke me up. I have an eleven years old daughter and being diagnosed made me think twice about what I should be doing with my life and how i should spend my days. I had…

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  • My Goals Of Obtaining A Career In Criminal Justice

    1) When I think about my professional goals I want to be in a position where I take pride in what I am doing. After earning my degree I would like to work with an agency in criminal law. I have always taken pride in being a Military Police Officer with the Colorado Army National Guard, therefore going to school in pursuit of a degree in Criminal Justice would lead me in great directions.To be successful and always focusing on ways to better myself and my family. My personal goals, being a wife…

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  • Career Goal

    For as long as I could remember, I have wanted a career in the healthcare field. I enjoy taking care of people around me and it became my life goal to work towards making people feel better. My educational goals consist of acquiring a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with a concentration in Health Promotion and Policy (HPP). On the other hand, my career goal is to one day be able to open a wellness clinic where I will be able to educate people around me on the importance of taking their health…

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