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  • My Career And Career Goals

    1. What are your career goals? How and why did you select these? Do you feel they will change in the future? Why? I am uncertain about my career goals. I am still thinking about what to do in my life and what career I am choosing for once I graduate. I had many career goals when I was in High School, but they all changed when I realized that those careers I were leaning towards were not ideally of what I expected to be. I will need to research and speak with people about careers before I graduate from college. Currently, I am leaning towards working for the public sector in which I can be able to help people in need. I am not certain in what specific job that would be but I am trying to research in what could it be. It’s not easy to choose, but time is running out before I know it. 2. What are your other goals in life? How and why did you select these? Do you feel they will change in the future? Why Once I am 22 and obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration, I will move on my life journey. My goals in life is to be independent so that I can provide myself financially and live in healthy lifestyle. I would like to have a nice house to own in a comfortable neighborhood. The reason why is because I like to own property for the first time. I am uncertain in where to live, but I know that I want to not move far away from my family. This could depend if the career that I choose could be required for me to locate somewhere. I will be providing financial help towards…

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  • Goals And My Career Goals

    My Career Goals The first forty-six years of my life has been the need to help and support my family. The next forty-six years I plan to create a better life for myself and my family, by achieving my one regret of obtaining my college degree. I have spent many long nights with my family trying to decide if that is even possible. After all the conversations with family members, co-workers and close friends I made a decision that will cement my future by returning to college. Now, the question is…

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  • My Career Goals And Career Strengths And Goals

    In my paper I am going to talk about my career goals, I will be mentioning my personal goals, for example, I will discuss my major which is Education, and explain why I choose teaching, and I am going to explain why I always want to teach and the real reason behind it, I will also discuss my strengths and weakness and how I plan to improving my skills. This is personal to me as long as I can remember I always want to teach. And now I will be sharing a lot in this paper. I am going to start by…

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  • Career Goals: Career And Day To Day Goals

    If I could summarize my career and day to day goals they would be to create, inspire, and achieve. In whatever circumstance that may be. As I reflect on the time that I have already spent at Western Kentucky University, my professors and peers have helped me to do exactly that. From both the encouragement and the discipline I have learned as a student, I have grown as a person and a dancer. I believe that the outcome of the dance program is not only the degree, but life lessons and knowledge to…

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  • The Importance Of Educational Goals And Career Goals

    felt like I was not keeping up with the things that were changing around me in the work place and academia. Educational Goals and Career Goals Setting goals are the most important thing that a person can do. I really feel like without a road map or GPS a person cannot reach a destination. Educational goals and Career goals are the same way. The GPS in educational goals are the syllabus and the course curriculum. Me as a student must navigate my way thru the classes to achieve academic success…

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  • Career Goals For A Career In Fashion Design

    Since I was a little girl playing dress up and carrying purses I knew I wanted to work in the field of fashion. Growing up I always felt the need to look different. At a young age, I began to sketch garments with hopes that someday I 'll be a fashion designer, my clothing line will be popular and worn across the globe. Fashion is an extremely innovative and artistic industry that allows people to express themselves through clothing. My career goal, which I have worked towards since my freshman…

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  • Goals: My Career As A Career In The Future

    Goals are something I set for myself on a daily basis. They have helped me accomplish many things I saw as being impossible. For example, applying to the honors program is something I had in mind for a long time until I finally made the decision to go ahead with the process. One of my academic short term goals is to receive my associate’s degree by May 2017 with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. It is very important for me to be successful in college because I believe that it is what establishes how you…

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  • Career Goals Of A Career As A Clinical Psychologist

    In the future, a career goal of mine is to become a clinical psychologist. At this point, I may be interested in specializing in adolescent or child psychology or studying general clinical psychology. Regardless of which route I choose, further education is needed. Although this is the case, a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University Nebraska in psychology and behavioral science will help facilitate a basic understanding and education of the field of psychology. A degree from Concordia…

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  • My Career And Career Goals In The Workplace

    My Career Goal Shelore Fisher Abstract To succeed in life, you should establish goals for yourself. I knew what my calling was at a very young age. My dream is to become an Entrepreneur and own my own business in the child care industry. I started working in the Administrative field and I have taught computer classes, however, due to my passion and love for working with children. I know I am on the right path now. I had to select three careers and complete individual research…

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  • Career Aspirations For Chemical Engineering: Career Goals And Careers

    Write a 1-2 page paper describing your career aspirations and the major(s) you are considering (including how your engineering degree will help you reach your goals). Also, comment on strengths you possess/past experiences you have had that will help you toward achieving these educational and career goals. Please also include comment on the role mentors have played in your life and how you define mentoring. In the winter of 2009, I was introduced to engineering for the first time. Two female…

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