Georgia Tech Career Goal

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I’m eager to purse an MBA education to gain valuable knowledge, advance my professional profile, enhance my network and increase my marketability for high profile employers. My experience taught me to greatly value efficiency and technology. Technological advancements have already proved their significance in organizational efficiency, but I believe further developments will be even more exciting. My goal is to become involved in these advancements and to contribute to the industry of technological solutions for enterprises. I believe Georgia Tech has the best atmosphere for professionals seeking business education with a tech scope. My short-term goal after my MBA studies is to continue my career in IT consulting or, if possible, join or launch a start-up. …show more content…
As a part-time employee and full-time student I searched for ways to keep up with my responsibilities as productively as possible. Creativity in problem solving and critical thinking were key to my success. The latter greatly contributed to my career. I began my career as a part-time assistant to the Marketing Director in a fairly successful hospital and now am the Director of Marketing and Sales of one of the most competitive Georgian wine and spirits producers. Being a Senior Executive has proved a great challenge for me and helped me further develop my ideas in managerial efficiency. Georgia Tech is likely to be the best school for my career goals. First of all, the challenging curriculum is adjustable to my interests and will help enhance my expertise in the tech industry. I’ve closely reviewed the elective courses and have found many of them interesting and relevant. Secondly, judging by the success of the alumni it’s safe to say that the school attracts students that form a solid network of professionals. The friend and connections acquired at the school might help a great deal towards my career goal of establishing a consulting

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