ENCP 6000: Career Goals

ENCP 6000, Section## Career Goals Joshi, Prerana Avinash
My persistent inclination towards technology influenced me to pursue my undergraduate curriculum in Electronics Engineering from University of Mumbai, India. During my studies I was intrigued by the stupendous pace at which telecommunications industry has evolved and transformed our lives. In order to be a part of this development process and to pioneer the next generation of networking technologies I further took up a specialization graduate program in computer systems networking and telecommunications from Northeastern University. My stint as an intern in management information systems business unit at Larsen and toubro, a leading
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that provide networking solutions to various multinational companies. The job I would be doing would be configuring or troubleshooting routers switches, maintaining the system, resolving service interruptions etc. I vouch that the graduate curriculum at northeastern university which has courses like data networking, Linux for network engineer along with the projects I will be undertaking would surely help me to land into a co-op in one of my dream companies. Besides that, I am planning to undertake the Cisco and Juniper Networks certification program. While on coop I would try to learn TCP/IP model in the IPv6 networks so that I gain an expertise in that, various SDN technologies, and scripting language like Python. By taking up the coop program, it would surely be helpful as it would help me connect academic study to the real world challenges. I would get acclimatized with the job scenario in networking fields. I would also get to know the latest trends in the market along with that coop will provide me with a great opportunity to work and interact with the skilled professionals in networking field which would further help me decide the final job I would like to take after …show more content…
I will apply all my skills, deliver the best performance, and keep learning new things in order to keep myself a brush with the latest technologies. Thus having a steady background in this field I would then aim to do my MBA in finance in order to move to the managerial side of networking. Completing my MBA simultaneously with my work I plan to get into one of the senior most titles in the company. A well-formed technical background with many years of experience clubbed with my MBA degree would surely help me find a better job than the former one. Working in such companies for 2-4 years I would then venture into the entrepreneurship sector of networking as that being my ultimate goal. Thus due to my many years of experience it will be easier for me to head a company, realize the problems of the employees and also deal effectively with my clients. Due to my experience I will have good contacts in the business of networking which would help me gain sponsors for my company. And lastly having a MBA degree in finance would surely uplift my profile towards a better

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