Personal Narrative: Personal Identification

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Ever since I was a kid I knew that I wanted to work with computer technology, and realized at an early age that I had knack for it, almost losing my technical certifications was an important literacy event in my life because it motivated me to pursue more education and ignited my passion of becoming an IT professional and working with computer technology.
It all started when I decided to go back to school to get my A plus certification. I went to a technical school that focused on helping students obtain IT certifications to help them pursue career in the IT field which was my goal.
First, I earned my A plus certification. Then, after I got my A plus certification I got my Network plus certification. Both certifications are from CompTIA and have to be renewed every 3 years. Lastly, I attempted to get a windows 7 certification, but didn’t pass.
Balancing school, working full time and trying to have a social life was extremely hard for me at the time. I found myself getting frustrated and making excuses about not going. Then finally I dropped out and only had my two certifications from CompTIA to show for it.
Soon after that, I started a small
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I thought I had it in the bag, but I ended up failing. I was crushed and worried about losing my certifications and not being able to become an IT professional. I had to reschedule the test on the last day before my other two certifications expired. This only gave me one week to study and retake the test. Needless to say I was sweating bullets and deeply concerned about not being able to succeed. During the second test I had the same four questions at the beginning as the other test; these were questions, that I didn’t understand. I finished all the questions and went back and thought hard about those questions. They we’re so tricky. Then finally it clicked and I understood what it was all about and I changed my

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