Master's Degree In Nursing In Administration And Leadership Case Study

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Leadership is a quality and is living phenomena which shapes and molds, depending on the needs of its purpose. The most effective leader is a person who understands his or her own strengths and behaviors, and is best able to develop strategies to meet and exceed the demands of his or her profession. An effective leader with excellent skills always stands for improvement in quality, working environment, and advocates for changes which promote overall wellbeing of the society (Blais & Hayes, 2011). Through consistent and perfect performance, effective leaders maximize the talents of the team members and lead the team to success. To accomplish the goals, a good leader seeks participation and consultation of group members in decision-making and …show more content…
My personal long-term career goal is to get a Master 's Degree in Nursing in Administration and Education. As a preliminary step towards it, I am pursuing by BSN degree, and will finish by February 2015. I 'd like to further my education, and can achieve my dream position by 2016, and could be in a leadership position in administration. According to Swami Vivekanandan, and Indian scholar, "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in a man, and it helps to form character, increase the strength of the mind, expand the intellect, and helps one to stand on one 's own feet" (Swami Vivekanandan, …show more content…
The meetings and decisions made by EDNPC helped me to improve the quality of nursing care. Through the great effort of the nursing team, my hospital was the first hospital to receive the Magnet Recognition five consecutive times. I am a Skills Lab instructor, preceptor for new hires, and the quality improvement chair for my unit. By participating in all of these committees, I could develop more in my career, both personally and professionally.
Competency Needs Improvement A distinct way of thinking helps me to sort out the clutters and barriers in development and helps me to find the best route to overcome it. As a leader, I think that nothing is impossible for humans. If there is a will, then there is a way to improve. The competencies that I have to improve in my professional life include certain areas of communication, relationship management, leadership, professionalism, knowledge of the healthcare environment, and business skills and knowledge (ACHE Healthcare Executive Competencies Assessment Tool 2014, 2014). Communication is very important in creating constructive interaction among members. I know that I have to be more sensitive when communicating with people from diverse cultures. It will help me to create good relationships and will improve interpersonal relations, which can help facilitate labor relation

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