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  • What Is The Poverty Effect On Participants Personal Education Journey?

    peasants and pastoralists, so we are still in less than a $1 a day. I can say far below from a dollar per day. I don’t know how to say it, it is far below a dollar per day because when a farmer harvest, for example, in Mara, the majority of them cultivate maize, Millet, sorghum, beans, cassava, some of them tobacco and cotton a little bit when you go to Bunda and so forth. But when you look at all these crops, farmers predict the climatic condition of their area is a semi-desert like-So they cultivate crops that fit in the dry season. Yet even farmers engage in commercial farming, the government is not ready to prepare the market for them, where to sell their produce. They become discouraged. They don’t know where to sell, they are discouraged. For example, this year many farmers failed, and they thought agriculture would rescue their lives, but they found no market, they sold low price of oppression, this is what we call corruption. So with hope they work hard, making sacrifice eating a single meal hoping to harvest, and rescue his or her family, but the result is negative. The situation force people to run away from our region to different regions thinking that in Mwanza for instance, he may become mpiga debe [someone looking customers for buses at the bus station], or wash cars, some of them move completely from their families to seek life. So I think people still live below of what so called a dollar a day. Participant P#1 again explained poverty in terms of the…

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  • Primary Discourse Analysis

    James Paul Gee, in “What is Literacy?”, expands on the definition of discourse by breaking it down into its two vital parts, primary and secondary. According to Gee, discourse provides us with identity kits, which vary based on cultural and socio-economic factors, and our abilities to participate and share meaning with others in the world. The distinction between primary and secondary discourses lies in the physical and abstract acts of being, belonging, absorbing, engaging, and producing, as…

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  • Cultural Project: Italy: Living In Italy

    American holiday that we all look forward to. In other countries like Europe, they don’t have the same holidays, traditions or values. They have a very different lifestyle than we do in America, particularly in Italy. Italians eat different foods, listen to different music, and have a different education system. Living in America, I can tell that our lives are contrasting from those who are living in Europe. In Italy, there day to day life is significantly diverse than America. It all starts…

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  • My Freshman Year Of High School

    When I first began my college search my freshman year of high school I knew exactly where I wanted to go; Purdue University. There was not the smallest shadow of doubt in my mind that I would one day be a Boilermaker. By the end of my freshman year of high school I had visited the campus multiple times and had stayed one week for a 4H conference and another week for Purdue’s swim camp. I was aware of Purdue’s well-known veterinary medicine and engineering programs. I figured since I wasn’t very…

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  • Enforcement Of Secondary Education

    10.1) until about one hundred years ago there was no rules regarding the enforcement of secondary education. The only education most people received was their primary or grade school education, as we call it today. You were more likely to continue if you had money, and were a male. Secondary or higher education was expensive, and the average person most likely couldn’t afford to send their children; most low class families were big, and they were lucky to all finish primary school at all because…

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  • The Importance Of High School Education

    eighteen years of my life throughout elementary, secondary, post-secondary and maybe graduate school. This amount of time dedicated to educating myself places me in a better position. When looking for a good job and become a productive member of society. Our teachers, instructors, and professors are important throughout this process. In truth, when I walked into my geometry class as a freshman I was terrified because of multiple reasons. I knew my performance in geometry class, as well as my…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Public Education

    States for all school-age children. Federal funds for education are collected through taxation and are dispersed to the states. The individual states add to the federal funds, and then distribute the funds to the local districts, which, in turn, add local funds and disperse the funds to the local schools. The U.S. federal government spends on average $7,743 per student for education (Rossier Online, 2011), and the total average spent per student is around $12,000, while “the average OECD nation…

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  • Side Effects Of High School Sports

    High school athletics have long been touted as a necessity in the United States. They have been a staple of secondary school education for over 100 years and are deeply rooted in the American culture. Advocates point, primarily, towards high school athletes’ better grades and character as proof that secondary school athletics are beneficial (Sage & Eitzen, 2016). However, both points are not necessarily correct or proven. In reference to athlete’s academics, Sage and Eitzen stated that it is…

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  • Essay On My Educational Experience

    My educational experience was fun, entertaining, and adventurous. My elementary and secondary school that I went to were in a small town. One on one help was always easy to get since my class contained about 25 children in the classroom and there was always an aide in the room. My elementary and secondary school did well in assisting anyone with homework or anything overall. Both the teachers and staff knew and cared about each one of the students that were enrolled in school. According to John…

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  • Post Secondary Tuition Essay

    Canada, Post-Secondary tuitions are extremely high for just about all of the provinces. This is a huge issue because, after the completion of Post- Secondary, students still aren’t guaranteed jobs. So what basically happens is you take out a huge student loan, and you are left unable to pay it back because you are jobless. This is something that is a huge problem for our youth as Canadians. If post-secondary is so expensive then why is the cost of high school significantly less. It’s not like…

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