How I Spent My Summer Holidays Essay

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  • Descriptive Essay On A Tree House

    huge front porch or how massive and exquisite it appears. For me, home is the first thing that rushes to my mind. To countless people this is just an image of a house, but to me there are bountiful memories and lessons that arise when I see this house. This house is not my home, although it was my grandparents’ house; they built it in the mid 1970’s. I actually spent more time in this house than my own while growing up. While my parents were…

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  • My Dream Holiday

    Hotel Most people start planning their summer holidays as far ahead as winter time, to have the opportunity to choose what country to travel or to stay in Slovakia, to decide how they will travel, whether to stay in the hotel or just camp, to get the best deals like first minutes, and so forth. What is more, travellers have to make up their mind about a kind of trip they want to make. There are numerous journeys to choose from. It depends if they want to stay by the seaside or go sightseeing,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fletcher Family

    Home or away? I know what I 'd choose in a heartbeat. For me, the summer months have always been one of the highlights of the year. From a young age, I have loved escaping to new places. What made this holiday so special is that we were reunited with our good friends who live in Australia, The Fletcher family. For as long as I can remember, The Fletchers and my family have been very close friends. Our families would socialise every two or three weeks whether it was at a party or just spending…

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  • Mulberry Brand Analysis

    fashion is something that is truly incredible and inspirational. I am fascinated by not only how the clothes you wear can express your personality to those around you, but also how a collection of seemingly uninteresting materials can be transformed into something beautiful and that people are willing to pay money for. Being from Somerset, I have been privileged to have the iconic Mulberry brand on my doorstep. I was introduced to the brand through my grandmother, who was a seamstress for the…

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  • An Important Person To Me Essay

    An Important Person to Me I met Amanda during my first day of my high school, and she caught my attention. She has twinkling eyes and her long black hair lies back in curls from her delicate ears. An idea came out from my brain that: I want to make friend with her. And then, naturally, we became best friends. In the rest of our high school life, we spent a long time accompanying with each other and shared our experience, our memories, and our lives no matter it was good or not. According to our…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Sons Of Portugal Scholarship

    Scholarship Essay It all began when the first words that came out of my mouth were unfamiliar to the common American. My father, mother, and brother arrived to America to begin their new life in 1992. They came to provide their children with endless opportunities. In 1998, I was born and my family's Portuguese culture was not thrown into the United States melting pot. Due to my parents limitation on English, Portuguese was my first language. It caused me to lack guidance in my education at home…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Bug In The Box Are In Hospice

    When I was about eight years old with blue eyes, blonde braids, and wearing my favorite purple tie dye swimsuit, one of my favorite pastimes during the summer was “saving” bugs from our swimming pool. I would swim around the edges of the pool and look for bugs to rescue and nurse back to health, occasionally designating a box in which to place them. On one occasion, my mom walked outside to find me rescuing bugs and separating the living ones from the dead. I would place the dead ones on a piece…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Vietnam

    the years, I have been through many memorable moments with my family, one particularly memorable was our trip to Vietnam during the summer holidays. Not too long ago, I went to Vietnam for a month long trip. Since I had been to Vietnam once before as a child, I did not expect much. Rather, I expected the worst. The weather on my first day there did nothing to bolster my spirits, but instead, cast a gloomy shadow. Due to the inclement weather, the flight was delayed by almost an hour. Every man,…

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  • The Importance Of Vacation

    tourism. Individuals often take a vacation during specific holiday observances, or for specific festivals or celebrations. Vacations are often spent with friends or family. Traveling can be complicated when you have to decide what destination you want to go to and why. Moreover, planning a vacation is harder than it may seem since you need to narrow down your reasons why you would want to travel to that particular location. Although, there is many reasons people go on vacation and it differs…

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  • Eating Disorders And Weight Loss Analysis

    topic in my household. As a small child I was very slim, however when I was nine years old my Mother passed away. After her passing I began to eat my feelings and quickly began to gain weight. No one really noticed my weight gain and I thought it was a normal part of growing up; however I was eating a lot more than other kids my age. At night I would sneak into the kitchen and eat snacks and I always had seconds at dinner. Food was a comfort to me and my father was an excellent cook. I think he…

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