An Important Person To Me Essay

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An Important Person to Me
I met Amanda during my first day of my high school, and she caught my attention. She has twinkling eyes and her long black hair lies back in curls from her delicate ears. An idea came out from my brain that: I want to make friend with her. And then, naturally, we became best friends. In the rest of our high school life, we spent a long time accompanying with each other and shared our experience, our memories, and our lives no matter it was good or not. According to our conversation, we found that we have the same hobby, same belief and dream, and same living attitude. All of these linked us closer and finally everyone envied our friendship. She is really important to me because Amanda influences me a lot, not only
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That might be the darkest period in my life. I was under much pressure and therefore, I felt nervous when I took the exams. As a result, my score became lower and lower. I felt hopeless and even could not find my value in the world. I tried to suicide but were saved by my dad. When Amanda heard about it, she smiled and told me that, “To overcome the difficulties, there are only four worlds: FACE, ACCEPT, SOLVE, OUT DOWN. We cannot change the rule of the world, so the only way for us is to insist on ourselves and do not let the world to change us.” She is an active girl who is always full of energy and endless happiness. She asked me to join into clubs in order to help me forget bad scores and relax myself. As a result, we joined into the piano club and finally represented our school to participate a High School Student Art Concert in our city. Actually, I learnt a lot from her. No matter what happened, she always tried to keep an optimistic attitude to face everything without any complain or depression. I still remembered those words she told me because her words not only enable her to go through all the suffering leisurely but also made a large influence on me. Those four words are still working in my life and guide me overcome all the difficulties. Gradually, I became more and more peace and when I faced something again, I would try my best to finish it; if the result is not very satisfied, I will still …show more content…
Finally, she went to the Australia and I went to the United States. In the summer holiday, we lived together and enjoyed our life. We complained about how heavy a box of water is and argued that should we pour the oil first or the water when we cook. In addition, to abandon each other’s smelly socks is one of our important interests. Every day when I got up, I could see Amanda stirring a dish in the kitchen. Under the warm light, her face was showing slightly behind the smoke. Sometimes she poured sauce into the dish and sometimes wiped the sweat. In a few minutes, the breakfast was ready. I always enjoyed the food which Amanda cooked. In the last day we lived together, we climbed to the top of a mountain which near our house and shouted: “Amanda and Sebrina are best friends forever.” We did everything best friends have to do in this holiday because we knew, after this holiday, we would go on to different ways and say goodbye. It is hard to say goodbye so I did not go to the airport to send her to Australia. I gave an album and a letter to her which includes everything I wanted to talk her. And the album symbolizes our own

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