Exemplification Essay: Who Is My Hero

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A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than themselves.” That almost perfectly described my baseball coach. Joe Henning. The only thing off about this quote that's different from my “hombre” (he sometimes calls me) is that “gives his or her life.” He at least gets a 2 month break!! When baseball season comes around his plan is go to work, baseball practice then go to bed. Three times a week not counting the extra hitting practice we have on occasion. One of the best parts about Coach Joe is that he doesn’t have to do this at all. He doesn’t have a kid on the team, or anything. Joe could be at home relaxing with his wife and kids. But no, he wants to make us to the best ball players and young men we could possibly be! He is my hero because of his toughness, athletic ability and how he is such a good example towards us! One great trait my coach has is his toughness, physical and mental. When I say mental toughness I mean his perseverance with dealing with us!! Honestly if I was him I would be long gone!! Mostly just because we only have one volume, that’s loud! Always yelling or shouting I think he hasn’t quit on us yet because that's just what us boys do! His physical toughness…. Let’s say he …show more content…
He played baseball growing up but what he was best at was track and field! Joe holds a couple records still!! I forget the school names but it was in a little town. I’m really surprised he still holds records because honestly he isn’t that young. Don’t tell him I said that! But he is at least forty. You have to have some kind of athletic ability to teach baseball. Really though, you have to have a great coach to take fourth in the world series!!! That's another thing I strongly respect Joe as a coach and man for the way he has dealt with us and transformed into great ball player! Those are a couple reason I respect Joe and his athletic

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