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Am I a Hero?
A hero is someone who does selfless, courageous acts. This statement refers to a great amount of people in the world. There are many heroes in the world and they come in all different shapes and sizes. For some there is no badge or reward for what they do and they still do it. Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, Odysseus is a hero. He performed acts of bravery and intelligence to protect his crew . Doc Hendley created a foundation to save the lives of men, women, and children all around the world. A true hero completes selfless courageous acts despite the obstacles they pose without expecting any reward. While putting others first, Doc Hendley and Odysseus demonstrated the core aspects of a true hero.
In the epic The Odyssey the
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Hendley started a foundation that helped people who do not have access to clean water. His idea of the foundation he later named Wine to Water started when he was working as a bartender. He collects funds and travels the earth to create water systems that create pure drinkable water for those in need . The 2010 hurricane in Haiti resulted in the lost of many lives. Not only was there death and devastation, but to add to that equation, there was no clean water all over Haiti. Hendley and his team traveled to Haiti and installed a water purification system. The ceramic system saved a countless number of lives. In this next year of 2018 Wine to Water is expected to install 4,000 ceramic purification system and save 20,000 lives. His book Wine to Water further explains his journey through the devastation and the steps he took along the way that is helping neutralize the biggest problem around the world. “Whether he is describing being shot at by the janjaweed militia; the dedication of his who coworkers who pray five times a day; how to dig a grave in the desert; or children’s excitement when a well starts pumping out water, he illuminates the facts of the crises in a very human way” (Publishers Weekly 1). This quote sums up why Doc Hendley is a hero. He went from working in a bar to saving lives with water. He knows the facts and faces the dangers for others while expecting no …show more content…
Stories of them are told in books, movies, and orally. True heros runs through obstacles for others while expecting no rewards. In the epic poem The Odyssey Odysseus shows characteristic of true hero many times. At the island of the lotus eaters he tied down 2 of his men and sailed away from the island filled with trouble ignoring their cries to be let go. At the island of the cyclops, he manipulated Polyphemus and attached his crew to the rams in a heroic effort to keep them safe. Real life heroes show the same fearlessness. Today their stories are told through the internet, television, and newspapers, but nevertheless do courageous acts without expecting rewards. For example, Doc Hendley, a real life hero, started his foundation Wine to Water with hardly any supporters. His foundation quickly grew as people wanted to get involved helping those without clean water. Hendley dodged and ducked under every obstacle in order to add filtration systems for those in need. These two men did acts that caused others to want to share their story. Their selflessness and perseverance earned them the title of a true

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