Influential Essay: My Mom Makes Me The Most

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Have you ever inspired someone I bet you have. The person I am inspired by is my mom, Tania Day works at Kellogg's she works around the house to keep it clean and she helps her two kids with homework before she gets started with her work. My mom inspires me because she helps me with mom homework and she works a lot of hours to put food on the table every night. My Mom works hard at her career, she works up to 70 hours every week, she been working at Kellogg's for almost 20 years. but she may get fired because of budget cuts at her work. When my mom isn't working at Kellogg’s she is working hard around the house.
Working hard around the house. My mom works so much to make the house spotless every day, every week and every month. She makes the family dinner every day of the week. Every morning of the week my mom makes my Sister and My lunch before she goes to work. That's not the only thing my mom does my mom also helps My Sister and I with our homework.
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When my mom comes home she always ask if we have homework and basically everyday I do have homework and so does my sister. She always waits until our work is done before she does her work. But that's not the rest she stays up some nights to finish her work before she goes to bed, but that is not until 11 o’clock some nights. Therefore that's why my mom inspires me in what I do
My mom inspires me because she has a nice job works around the house and helps us with our homework. I want to work hard in life like my my mother and get where she is at today because I don't want my kids to struggle, I want to give them what they want in life. the person who inspires me is my mom because she gaven me what I want and what my sister want in

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