Mulberry Brand Analysis

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To me, fashion is something that is truly incredible and inspirational. I am fascinated by not only how the clothes you wear can express your personality to those around you, but also how a collection of seemingly uninteresting materials can be transformed into something beautiful and that people are willing to pay money for.
Being from Somerset, I have been privileged to have the iconic Mulberry brand on my doorstep. I was introduced to the brand through my grandmother, who was a seamstress for the company. She often told me of how everyday she watched simple pieces of leather be turned into stunning bags, that would be sold all over the world. Since then, Mulberry has grown to be one of my favourite brands and the story of how the business
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The way that past fashion styles influence trends of the future really inspires me. Learning how to interpret these influences motivated me to create a modern day outfit in AS Product Design that took strong style cues from the 1950’s era. The combination of the reserved ideas of the 50’s and the more relaxed style of the modern day helped me to create a contemporary piece with a strong heritage …show more content…
I regularly read fashion magazines and blogs to help inform me of the latest trends. Browsing my favourite clothing websites such as Topshop, New Look and ASOS also help to show me what is fashionable for the current season. Online shopping has become particularly popular over the last few years, and I believe that the way these companies market their products through the use of creating outfits for their models is very effective, as the consumer can gain inspiration as to what to wear with the product they are interested in. I also visited the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition in London recently and this was a particularly inspirational experience for me. Not only was I interested by the fact that Alexander McQueen rose from being a graduate student to an internationally renowned designer, but also by the novel methods he chose for showcasing his latest pieces such as the live spray painting of a plain white dress in his spring/summer 1999 runway show. After viewing the exhibition I feel that I have become even more creative and experimental, in particular within my coursework for A2 product design. My research has become much broader, giving me a greater number of exciting and innovative ideas; something that I feel will benefit me greatly when studying a fashion marketing course at

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