Reflection Paper On The Spartans

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The Spartans were the greatest fighting force in ancient history. Spartans trained together from a young age for war with their countrymen. The Spartan warriors were elite. They were the most feared warriors. Unlike the Zack Snyder film 300 where each warrior is seeking glory for their own desires, the real Spartans were brothers forged in battle and in trials of war. I did not have the pleasure to know John Datzman from a young age, but I know that John was a Spartan at heart. Yet, the minute we met in Marine Corps’ Boot Camp a bond that supersedes friendship and enters the realm of brotherhood was forged between us.
We went through boot camp, infantry school, and deployed within the same infantry squad together, creating a relationship that
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By far our worst fight happened midway through our first deployment in 2011 when we returned from a three day long mission. The brutal heat, intense stress, and just the hardness of being deployed led to the spark that nearly killed our friendship. That spark, sadly, was when I accidently broke his laptop and in his rage we went fist to cuffs, which took five other Marines separating us. Yes, that is a very extreme example, but valleys such as that allowed up to grow and deepen our relationship because despite our initial rage towards each …show more content…
Obviously there were unknown aspects to each other, yet we disclosed everything to each other over the course of our time together. We were open to each other or both of our suicide attempts we had when we were younger; we were open about our first loves and the struggles in our family. Likewise we knew the others blind self which for John was his massive pride that he would never seem to understand that was the thing getting him in the most trouble. I would always tell him that pride comes before the fall, but he would never understand. Ashe knew the same for me in different aspects of my life. The respect John and I had for each other was unprecedented, which probably attributes to similarity theory; both of us were the youngest brother of three. We were forced to fight tooth and nail to for the respect of our elder brothers. That lead to the fact that we were always competing with each other just as iron sharpens iron. While we were both similar, we also had been large differences that allowed us to complement each other. The differences we did have were surprisingly effective for us because the other would have that as a strength. One thing I could not handle was his love for the Chicago Bears football team; he was a

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