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  • My Grandfather

    Success Comes from Hard Work My grandfather has always been a great inspiration to many. Many people grow up having everything handed to them. This makes people not work hard to obtain what they desire. My grandfather is an admirable man. He had to overcome several serious obstacles in order to succeed in life. Many people didn’t believe in him. When he was younger he was told to be like everybody else, but he wanted to make a difference, therefore he did. He grew up in a little town called “Tecoanapa” which is located in Guerrero. People who live there have very little opportunity of ever doing something with their lifes. It’s a very poor town. Therefore, kids have to start working at a very young age. My grandfather like every other kid in town started working when he was 8 years old. His family had a farm with cows, horses and many other animals. His job was to take the animals around town, feed them, and other duties depending on the day. He had to wake up every day at 4 in the morning, and he would come back home after 8 or 9 hours of hard work. My grandfather was raised by a single mother, because when he was very young his father passed away. He was only 8 years old when his father was working on the farm they own, when suddenly he cut his hand with a piece…

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  • Characteristics Of My Grandfather

    admire the most would need to be my grandfather, (his name). He has a great impact on development of my personality and achievement of my successes. He originated from the family of middle businessman, learning never to underestimate anything. His youth made him extreme. He experienced a great deal in his life yet always kept his head high and a smile on his face. I admire his quality, courage, decidedly, attitude, generosity, and wisdom the greater part of all. My grandfather's quality would…

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  • My Grandfather Essay

    If I could go back to a place and the past I would go to my grandparents house, back in June the summer of 2001. Why, because that was the last time I was able to see my grandfather and actually hear his voice. If you didn’t know my grandfather you would’ve wish you have known him. My grandfather name is James Carter. He was known as the first black chief /police officer in Yazoo City, MS. To his family he was a loving and caring man. A family man actually, he was the one that kept the family…

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  • My Grandfather And My Role Model

    On February 28, 1997, my grandfather and my role model, Jimmie Gray, passed away. He had been sick for a very long time, but he never wanted the family to know. The night that he passed away, I remember listening to his music, reminiscing on all the good times. My grandfather would always tell me, “We don’t want a mumbling doctor in the family.” He always motivated me to be confident about who I was, and when he passed away, I knew that God was passing me the baton. The time had come for me…

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  • Richard Allen, My Grandfather

    I decided to do my culminating project on Richard Allen, my Grandfather. I chose him for many reasons. We both like technology, he has been in the Vietnam War, he has lots of old antique items, some new, and he has experienced segregation. He has suffered from strokes recently, and has had two major strokes in the last 5 years. These are all very important reasons why I chose to do my project on my grandfather. My grandfather was born in Malden, Massachusetts on June 16th, 1943 which was during…

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  • My Grandfather Changed My Life

    beating. Although I have never experienced this, it was once a reality for my grandparents’ daily lives growing up. This suffering was one that my grandparents never wanted my mom and her sisters to experience. My grandfather, Alejandro, made the tough decision to stop picking crops with his family to get his certificate to sell insurance. His courageous decision supplied his family with the tools they needed to avoid thee immense pressure of juggling school field work, like he did. Growing up…

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  • Paragraph About My Grandfather

    My grandfather, Mohammad Yaqoob, was a great man. He was dearly loved by his wife, five children, and 12 grandchildren. He was born to Ghulam Mohammad and Rakhi in a big village Chander Ke Rajputan, Pakistan. He had seven siblings; four brothers and three sisters. His childhood is best described as both humble and fascinating. He lived a life that was full of pride, joy, and happiness. He took pride in his career as a businessman. It all started at an early age of 14 for him. He was the second…

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  • Grandparent's Love For My Grandfather

    love. Merriam Webster defines a grandfather as the father of your mother or father, but my grandfather was so much more. My grandfather was the glue in my life, he was the sun in my sky and the light of my path. Anitapoems says “My grandfather had the wisdom of an owl, the sense of humor of a headless chicken, and the heart of an angel.” And I agree with that. I used to collect seashells as a young girl only about four or five years old and I can still feel the soft sand under my wriggling…

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  • My Grandfather-Personal Narrative

    When my family first moved to Illinois, we lived in a home a few blocks away from my grandparents. We would visit them on occasion, but it was never a daily thing. I always remembered to expect a big fluff of fur to jump on me, and lick all over my face. Their husky, Kiara, always seemed to have missed me, but I really didn’t feel the same way. I think it was the height difference that was created when she stood on her back paws, but it frightened me every single time. “I hate this dog! Why…

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  • My Closest Grandfather (Revision)

    My Closest Grandfather (Revision) My grandfather passed away on Jan 19, 2014, due to kidney problems. My grandfather had suffered a lot before he died. They were the worst days for me because I didn’t imagine my grandfather would be hospitalized for over a year. This was an especially difficult time because I was away with my family in Morocco. I felt sad most of the time because I didn’t have the chance to visit my grandfather in Saudi. My grandfather was a good man and I love him because…

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