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    Chasers of the American dream would love to see a happy ending for Gatsby, because it will be assuring their delusion about wealth. But Fitzgerald pointed out the high price for “living too long with a single dream.” by arranging the tragical death of Gatsby.   For people who consider the American dream to be their only dream, pursuing it could also be destructive. Because with only one single dream to full fill, people tend to be irrational and therefore be self-destructive sometimes. The death

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  • The Great Gatsby: Is Gatsby Moral? Essay

    Gatsby loved Daisy a lot, and he refused to come to terms that their relationship was already over. In trying to erase the past, he moves closer to her when he moved to East Egg. To make it worse, he even lies to himself that, because he is wealthy, he will be able to buy Daisy back with the money he has. Fitzgerald writes, he “paid a high price for living too long with a single dream” (Fitzgerald 169), but ultimately, he could not have Daisy. Gatsby should have learnt from the past and that times

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  • Great Gatsby Essay

    Tom ends up finding out about Daisy and Gatsby affair and Tom gets into an argument with Gatsby about Daisy. In the end Gatsby dies and never gets to make love with Daisy, so Tom and Daisy stay together. The Great Gatsby is showing the pursuit of happiness throughout the book too. Pursuit of happiness is shown at Gatsby’s parties whenever all his guest are having one heck of a time. Nick Caraway ends up getting a letter to go to Gatsby’s party. “One day, Gatsby’s chauffeur brings Nick an invitation

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  • Essay on The Great Gatsby

    to the reader how “James Gatsby” got his name Jay Gatsby. He chose the name Jay because James sounded to plain and it would not impress someone of Daisy’s status. It also explains Gatsby’s childhood. This is an effective flashback because it gives the reader an insight to how Gatsby made his money and his relationship with Dan Cody, the man who gave him his start. Fitzgerald places this flashback in an appropriate spot because it is important that the reader know how Gatsby made his money before the

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  • Great Gatsby Essay

    purity and innocence, and her affair with Gatsby validates this. Although she may have lead a life of innocence during her childhood years, her life as described in the story is far from it. In “The Great Gatsby”, the West Egg and its citizens represent the newly rich, while the East Egg and its citizens represent the old aristocracy. The newly rich are characterized by their vulgarity, pretentiousness, and lacking in taste demonstrated by Gatsby with his immensely ornate mansion, while the

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  • Essay about The Great Gatsby

    The Buchanan’s lack the showiness that Gatsby is characteristic of. Jay Gatsby and Nick reside in West Egg; both have accumulated wealth through their labors, yet they do not have the class and intelligence to match their prosperity. If you view them from a moral standpoint, East Egg and West Egg both bear natural faults, whether it is snobbishness or bareness. In general, the setting is directly related to the main theme of the story: the American dream, in the sense that each character,

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    The Great Gastby is a perfect example of how the pursuit of wealth corrupts the characters. The American dream is so attractive to the characters, that they will do anything in order to achieve this vast wealth. Gatsby belives he must become wealthy in order for him to impress his love Daisy. After the war Gatsby`s moral values changed and he became involved in bootlegging of alcohol in order to earn the money needed to impress Daisy. He lied to people about how he earned his money. ``Well, about

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    fortune did she agree. He lived a life of extravagance and died quite young at the age of 44. Some people say that Fitzgerald included many autobiographical elements in many of his works, including The Great Gatsby. A great deal of the adulterous and scandalous behaviour described in The Great Gatsby was reflective of Fitzgerald’s personal life at the time in which he wrote the novel. Fitzgerald was living lavishly, throwing parties and indulging frequently with his wife, Zelda, who was also involved

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    he could have gained his wealth was because, “He’s a bootlegger” (Fitzgerald 61). It seems that nearly every character in The Great Gatsby is entangled in some form of corruption or deceit. “Fitzgerald’s own experiences with frauds, gangsters and mischievous characters of all types aided him in shedding light on the malfeasance that are notorious in that era” (“Great Gatsby Captures” SRC). The Jazz Age brought about newfound emphasis on ones on personal property and social status. The values that

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  • Great Gatsby Essay

    Therefore, the desire for wealth became immense. Jay Gatsby's hunger for materialism enables him to do anything that will greatly achieve wealth. Jay Gatsby opts to try illegal methods in order to maximize his profit, " He and this Wolfsheim bought up a lot of side street drug stores here in Chicago and cold grain alcohol over the counter" (Fitzgerald, F Scott 141).  Jay Gatsby's materialistic desire causes him to be involved in illegal business with Wolfsheim. Thus, proving that materialism corrupts

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  • Symbolism In The Great Gatsby Essay

    however, Gatsby was truly in need of their company (while he was on his death bed), they could not seem to find his house.      Gatsby was so obsessed in his attempts to win the respect of others that he furnished an elaborate library. It was common for people in the 1920's to appear sophisticated by owning huge libraries. In most cases these libraries contained cardboard cutouts of classic novels and not the real thing, it was only their appearance that satisfied others, but Gatsby was so intent

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  • Great Gatsby Essay

    color in The Great Gatsby serving a dual symbolism role. It represents money and wealth in one area, and corruption, destruction, in another. When Myrtle, Tom Buchannan’s mistress, was killed by Jay Gatsby’s yellow Rolls Royce, Myrtle’s husband was upset and kept referring to Gatsby’s car as “that big yellow car” (141). Wilson’s knowledge of the car’s color led to Gatsby’s death by Gatsby’s car was known and its color and stood for a symbol of luxury and by the luxurious life of Gatsby and stood for

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    One of the many themes that Francis Scott Fitzgerald portrays in the novel The Great Gatsby is the American Dream. The first question is what is the "American Dream"? The "American Dream" can mean many things to different people. If you’re a guy, people might dream about money, cars, girls, large houses, and so on. If you’re a woman, people might dream about money, shoes, purses, jewelry, and others items. The average American goes to school for 13 plus years of his or hers lives. Why? Is

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    1920s America saw the first adverts for consumer goods and therefore the materialistic society portrayed by Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby has some relevance for modern readers. To encourage consumers to buy, advertising became widespread in the 1920s. On billboards, in cinemas and newspapers, Americans were constantly bombarded with the call to buy more goods. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald describes the advertisement of Doctor T.J. Eckleberg to illustrate the consumer culture of the 1920s. The eyes

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  • Essay on The Great Gatsby

    of money,” which is why Gatsby thought wealth was the only way to her heart. People often think that material wealth means success which is why it is associated with the American dream. I do not necessarily agree with this, but it is definitely how society perceives it. I think this is especially the way todayʼs youth perceives success they think the material things like nice clothes, cars and houses show how successful a person is. In the setting of The Great Gatsby, the people who have the

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    involved with murder and kills many innocent people for no reason. Lady Macbeth transforms Macbeth into a despicable, power-hungry human being. In the Great Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan is a superficial, pretentious woman. IN spite of this, Daisy is Gatsby's motivation for the future. Daisy is not just a girl to Gatsby, but instead his reason to live. Gatsby can have everything he wants in life, but without Daisy nothing will matter. Daisy, unlike Lady Macbeth did not share Gatsby's ambition, but was in fact

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  • Essay about Comparison Tom and Gatsby in "The Great Gatsby"

    the narrator, Nick, “Jimmy was bound to get ahead... Do you notice what he’s got about improving his mind? He was always great for that”, and that is exactly what Gatsby did. Gatsby left his home town and set out to find his fortune, and although some of his actions were not too admirable, James Gatz, the poor farm boy, used his ingenuity to reinvent himself and become Jay Gatsby, the self-made millionaire. Fitzgerald makes Gatsby’s residence in West Egg, where the newly rich reside, a place for a

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  • The Great Gatsby Analysis Essay

    the falsities and fakeness in this upper class east coast society, ultimately leading to his departure back to his true self in Minnesota, where everything is true. Many characters in the book shows their deceitful personalities throughout The Great Gatsby and doing so

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  • Great Gatsby Essay

    Nick's statement was aimed for Gatsby because he had good goals as a teen and was constantly moving forward in his life, but once he stopped and got caught up in his past with Daisy he saw how basically the current brought him back and hindered his progression of moving forward with his life. My conclusion of the quote from Nick would be that the quote directly relates to Gatsby. One way I find the quote and Gatsby so alike is basically the downfall of Gatsby’s reputation and failure to

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  • The Great Gatsby Literary Essay

    affair to be his own fault. He even blames himself for her death, and eventually kills Gatsby and himself as a result. Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan first met almost five years prior to the novel, when they were both merely teenagers. During this period, they had a whirlwind romance which ended when Gatsby was sent off to fight in the war. After his departure, Daisy finds new love and marries Tom Buchanan, but Gatsby remains obsessed with Daisy. He spends the next five years of his life keeping tabs

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    The letter is from Gatsby and she lets the letter fall like snow just like she lets Gatsby slowly fall away from her life. Daisy gives Gatsby a false sense of hope when she writes to him claiming that she will wait for him but in the end she got inpatient and had to find a guy to marry. This can be tied in with the white snow that is used to explain the letter falling because Daisy is not innocent here and knows all along exactly what she is doing. The fact that she does not feel bad that she broke

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    Gatsby pretends to be prestigious by altering Benjamin Franklin’s schedule of virtues to become pure. The schedule “wrings the neck of fiction and glamour, showing it all to be no more than a con game” (Weinstein 24). As a young Jay Gatz, he found a “ragged old copy of a book called Hopalong Cassidy” (Fitzgerald 208). He mocks the schedule by changing the virtues into actions that are not as arduous as the original virtues; this, therefore, defeats the point of the schedule. His tweaks to the

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  • Characters in The Great Gatsby Essay

    been cheating on Daisy a woman from New York named Myrtle. She is also a married woman and one night Tom even beats her for mentioning Daisy’s name. “Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand” (37). The only reason Gatsby even became rich was to somehow impress Daisy and get he to fall back in love with him. That was the reason he moved West Egg and why he would throw all of those lavish parties. “This is an unusual party for me. I haven’t even seen the host” (47)

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    drew from her well-loved eyes. Sometimes, too, he stared around at his possessions in a dazed way as though in her actual presence none of it was any longer real. Once he even toppled down a flight of stairs" (P.96 – 97) Daisy means everything to Gatsby, his American Dream is merged with his dream of being with Daisy. Without Daisy, Gatsby's American Dream is incomplete. A major factor that makes Gatsby's American Dream so tragic is that everything seemed to be so perfect in the beginning, for

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  • Essay about Great Gatsby

    The west represents the idealistic viewpoints and the simplicity of life. The east represents the corruption of the wealth and the extravagant wastefulness of society. Tom, Daisy, and Jordan all live in East Egg. They represent the established rich. Gatsby, and Nick live in West Egg. They represent the nouveaux rich. The established rich spend their money without caring about a thing. An example of this is when Tom Buchanan rented out a hotel room just so he could drink on a hot day with his friends

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    does quite often. The tone of this novel is very depressing and full of impossibility. Though Gatsby had money, possession, freedom, and an immense amount of people around him, he could never be part of the “new money” or high status because of his upbringing. The more Gatsby tried to reach for his dream, his illusion, the more it eluded him, taking him further and further away from reality. Gatsby rags-to-riches dream turns into a dark nightmare that led to his untimely downfall. “It eluded us

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    guests are decorous and well-mannered. Gatsby also treats his guests very well. His sympathy is especially shown when one of the guests remarks over how when she tore her gown on a chair, and “inside of a week [she] got a package from Croirer’s with a new evening gown in it” (47). This quote shows how Gatsby wants to please everyone, and also that he has so much money that and expensive $250 dress is very minor to him. Aside from his appearance to his guests, Gatsby having a shady past is somewhat surfaced

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  • Great Gatsby Essay

    reacted by punching her square in the nose. Furthermore, when he discovered the affair between Gatsby and his wife, he caused his hit-and-run accident, killing Myrtle, thus leading to the death of Gatsby. The next deadly sin is envy. Gatsby was definitely envious of Tom, especially because of Tom’s stronghold on Daisy. Upon discovering Daisy’s affair with Gatsby, Tom instantly becomes envious of Gatsby, which, through a chain of events, led to Gatsby’s murder by George Wilson. Lastly, pride is exposed

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    Gatsby then answers "Five years next November"(pg.92). This shows that Gatsby and Daisy have still thought about each other often and want to become involved in a relationship once more. Unfortunately for Gatsby, this will cause more suspicion and rumor. Fitzgerald is putting Gatsby and Daisy in the same situation that he and Zelda were in when they first fell in love. Like Daisy, Zelda was from a wealthy family and would not marry Fitzgerald until he became a wealthy novelist. Fitzgerald uses

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  • The Great Gatsby Essay

    Nick Carraway is another main character. He a close friend of Gatsby, and because he himself is not wealthy and wrapped up in all that comes along with wealth, he is able to see the world from a stable point of view. He is one of, if not the only, logical character in the novel. Nick lives in a modest home near Gatsby's. He is the cousin of Daisy whom is Gatsby's object of affection. Nick is a good observer of character but he is reserved in expressing his opinions of people. Daisy Buchanan is the

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