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  • Hazing Bullying At The Locker Room

    Hazing/bullying in The Locker Room A huge problem that I have encountered personally and heard about around at other schools is how sports teams like to haze the under classmen. This can be sometimes just by saying a few words that may be a little hurtful for the little guy but other times it can be very physical and sometime harming the person health. There are many problems that come with this that need to be stopped to ensure a good and healthy high school career for the upcoming students of

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  • My Room Is a Mess

    about the hour when my father died, soon after dawn one February morning when ice coated the windows like cataracts, I banged my thumb with a hammer. Naturally I swore at the hammers the reckless thing, and in the moment of swearing I thought of what my father would say: "If you'd try hitting the nail it would go in a whole lot faster. Don't you know your thumb's not as hard as that hammer?" We both were doing carpentry that day, but far apart. He was building cupboards at my brother's place in Oklahoma;

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  • The Room Of The Restaurant

    Emma. Emma takes me to a corner table in the party room. She then apologizes saying that they are so busy there are no empty tables in the main room of the restaurant. I proceed to tell her I will be happier sitting in the quiet party room rather than being in the obnoxious main room. Emma pulls out her note pad and asks me what I would like to drink. “Water will be just…” before I could continue my sentence another waitress rushes into the party room screaming that Emma has to take her food out to

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  • My First Time Volunteering For The Collection Rooms

    “My first time volunteering in the collection rooms,” she admitted with the slight shrug of a shoulder. “A beginner.” I took over holding the cotton and bent my arm. “I don’t know how I feel about being experimented on by an amateur.” She snorted. “I’m competent, I can assure you.” “So you know everything there is to know about me, it’s only fair you at least tell me one thing.” “What do you want to know?” I asked and glances briefly at the camera. “Your name?” “That’s not the way it works

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  • Evaluation Of The Emergency Room

    2016 my day was very busy. After I got back from lunch I read up on previous patients that I have seen to follow up and see how they were doing. My supervisor was checking her emails and listening to her voicemail. One of the case managers in the emergency room informed my supervisor that there was a patient that needed to be seen by a social worker. However; my supervisor was very busy so I went with the case manager to the ER. This gave me an opportunity to experience the emergency room. I shadowed

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  • The Day Of The Room

    but I knew what I had came to do. My heart began to race as I approached the reception desk. "Can I help you?" the woman asked. I could hear the words she was saying but I couldn 't find anything to say back. She looked at me again and asked once more. "Can I help you mam?" she said with more of a force. I swallowed and replied, "Um, Bruno... I mean um... Peter, Peter Hernandez..." She looked through the fumbled papers on her desk and responded with, "Room 707, floor 8. The elevator is around

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  • The And Non Nightmare Room Creation

    Production Journal Week 2 – This was our first week so we just established the groups. I am in the Lucy’s room interior group and we have chosen to both nightmare and non-nightmare room creation. There is seven of us in the group and Ben has chosen to be the group leader. Next week we will decided on what assets each person is doing so first we need to make an asset list which we started doing in class. I’m thinking I want to model the clock because I haven’t done anything like it before and I think

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  • Dancers in the Green Room Essay

    been to the DIA several times before to spend my leisure time glancing at the artwork there. I would meander down the hallways and corridors, almost as if I were window shopping. I would briskly walk past the exhibits that were dull and uninteresting to me such as the Early American and African American galleries. I momentarily pause in the Medieval section to admire the shiny amour and intricate designs on the swords. For this assignment, I told my self this time was going to be different. This

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  • Finding Room Through My Heart For Writing

    9th December, 2015 Finding Room in my Heart for Writing Last spring semester, I took a preparatory writing course -WRA 1004- here at MSU. When I first enrolled myself to this course (WRA 110), I expected it to be completely different than WRA 1004. I expected this course to be concentrated about scientific and technological topics, which means we will be writing/reading a lot of research papers. Nevertheless and fortunately, it was not the case. In the first period, my professor told us that this

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  • The Floor Of The Room

    The classroom was overall an excited fun room to be in. The teacher decorated the whole room as if the kids were inside a jungle. The wall decorations are very fun to look at. … The room was well organized with little shelves and cubbies where she organizes everything where it is at the eye level of the child and it is also reachable for the child/ accessable for the children. It was a cozy room with soft carpets and furnatures. The room has full of exploring things to do once the child steps in

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  • I Sit On The Soft Carpet Of My Living Room Floor

    I sit on the soft carpet of my living room floor. It is a warm day and there is the sound of other children playing outside. Shouts and laughter filter in through the open windows along with a gentle breeze that ruffle the pages of a book in my hands. As the world moves on around me, it goes by without notice. I am in an entirely different world different world lost in the pages and words of a novel. I have been taken to a faraway strange and wonderful place where monsters and magic seem as real

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  • The Yellow Room - Original Writing

    The Yellow Room The yellow room rested peacefully at the end of the hall. Yellow had been my cousin’s favorite color. Nerla’s favorite color. The twins, Ellery and Nerla’s older brothers, told me she loved the sun so much, she wanted to live in it. That 's where her fascination with wanting to be an astronaut stemmed from, in hopes that one day, just one day she 'd be able to live inside the sun. She used to carry it on her back wherever she went, beam rays of light onto the petals of flowers and

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  • Why I Didn 't My Zombie Walk At The Powder Room

    latest session and I had just managed to stumble out of bed on my way to the bathroom when I noticed his hand out and I high-fived him. I took a couple of steps towards the bathroom not believing that we just high-fived but I turned back around after some introspection and realized that he really deserved it and gave him some more skin along with some jive “mother fucker” accolades before continuing my zombie walk to the powder room. We were high as all get out before we started and after our couple

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  • The Star Room

    The Star Room Imagine you 're a 20 year old rapper from Pittsburgh that became almost an overnight sensation. You can have anything and everything you 've ever wanted the world caressing itself delicately on your figure tips. The rap industry 's eyes fixated on you, your dreams finally becoming a reality. You have the money, the cars, the girls, and the monstrous mansion, but something begins to change within you. Even though you 're surrounded by millions and you 're now the public eye you feel

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  • My First Time At The Smallest Dance Room

    The first time the class met we were in the smallest dance room with a long wooden bar across the back, on the opposite side of the room was a wall covered in mirrors. The mirrors spanned from one side of the room to the other and ran from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. On shelves all around the room were what seemed like hundreds of trophies and medals that the local high school dance team had won over the years. The first thing I remembered thinking was “wow, I’m going to own trophies

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  • My Family 's Living Room

    In 1991 in an apartment in Everett, Washington my family’s living room was adorned with elementary age handwritten homework. Walls covered with eight and eleven-year-old calligraphy, rooms echoed with oral histories. This was my new American home. I could hear my mother boasting about her kids on phone calls to familials in Mexico. I was gladdened as I was falling in love with the written word. My siblings and I were breaking a cycle of illiteracy with the added challenges of learning a language

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  • A Study On The Room

    Title The room is filled with the sounds of unintelligible conversation and there’s an aroma of freshly ground coffee beans floating through the air. Natural light pour in through the large glass windows, casting blurry shadows on the floor and warming the air. The walls, painted a soft orange, seem to absorb the light and glow in response. People of various background fill the small coffee shop but there is one demographic that is represented much more than others. College students. Some come

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  • Movie Scenes With Emergency Rooms

    and movie scenes with emergency rooms. The hero is taken in with their ailment, all the while glancing at the other people waiting, looking like death. But because we 're with the hero, we 're taken in immediately, the tests come back in no time at all, the hero is saved, and all is well. Right. Fail. If a visit to the emergency room were made into a movie, it would take, oh, 5 ­ 8 DVDs to play the entire thing. That 's over 12 hours. I got to the emergency room with some friends (one of whom

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  • Fred Hechinger's "They Tortured My Mother, " Suzanne Gordon's "What Nurses Stand for, " George Simpson's "The War Room at Bellevue"

    Like many systems in the United States of America, the health care system is far from perfect. Through Fred Hechinger’s “They Tortured My Mother,” Suzanne Gordon’s “What Nurses Stand For,” and George Simpson’s “The War Room at Bellevue,” it is clear that the quality of health care varies from hospital to hospital. The system, while in dire need of reconstruction, has some satisfying aspects that often times go unnoticed by the American public. Caring, respectful, and good-natured nurses are the

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  • The Tragedy Of The Baron 's Room

    I glanced round me with an avid curiosity. The Baron’s room had been made, the door was repaired, the floor, cleared of all the debris, and in this clean environment, nothing transpired about the tragic events that had happened a few weeks ago. Immersed in the silence of this sepulchral atmosphere, I stood motionless for a minute, before my attention was drawn to the portrait, hanging on the wall facing the bed. I remembered the safe, hidden behind that painting, and I also remembered Simone de

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  • My View On The Mirror Room

    I approach the mirror room, my tail held high and awaiting my meeting with her. From the machine room there is a swinging side door that leads into the shipping room. I easily push it open and step inside. When I enter, I am immediately met with the sight of 10 feet high mirrors stacked in neat rows, and as I go farther along I come into another room where the glass is laid out to be shipped. These mirrors are smaller, ranging only 2 feet tall. In one of these my love awaits. Her name is Ladia, and

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  • The Room - Original Writing

    I laid in bed staring at the cream colored ceiling. The room smelled of dust and perfume. There was a few posters on the walls. The mattress and box spring laid on the floor with no bed frame. The room was freezing like it always was. Liz my friend was passed out right next to me. I grabbed my phone from under the pillow. It was 1:12 a.m. I had been staying here a lot since my home issues got worse. I felt my phone buzz on my stomach. I looked at it and there was a message from Josh right on time

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  • The Churchill Room At Goodenough College

    Churchill Room Introduction There is no doubt that ethnographic studies can vary depending on scope, details presented, audience targeted, researching skills of the writer, objectives aimed at and several other associated motives. Primarily aiming at acquiring the benefits of developing what Clifford Geertz calls as “thick description” in his book The Interpretation of Cultures (1993), this essay will examine the daily activities in a public space called the Churchill Room at Goodenough

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  • A Room With A View

    Saving Private Ryan have helped show the world that even in dark seemingly unbearable times, people and life still possess faint glimpses of beauty that make life worth living. Forster seems to give us those same faint glimmers of beauty in his novel A Room With A View. In an ugly society that is reserved and oppressive Forster ironically paints a physical world filled with beauty and art. While most of the characters seem unable to see past the shade of conformity and social norms, the individuals who

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  • The Poker Room

    The Poker Room The poker room is a very unique and exciting place, but it can also be a frustrating place. Poker is a game for everyone. There are many different types of people in a poker room, anywhere from rich to middle class and in some cases lower than that. There are many sights and sounds all around, from the people to the décor, as well as the materials for the games. Poker consists of lots of different games and there’s usually at least one table for each game type. All of this makes

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  • I Am At My Breakfast Room Table

    I sat at my breakfast room table finding found myself in a puddle of discouragement; something I had waited so very long for and placed my hope in wasn 't there. All my expectation had been dashed in to what seemed a million pieces and I was left feeling absolutely hopeless! With my mother by my side compassionately consoling me yet at the same time exhorting me, she encouraged me to "Move forward with JOYFUL EXPECTATION"! I wiped the tears that were beginning to form from my eyes and gave a smile

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  • My Life Of A Dark Room

    Walking in a dark room not knowing where you were or what you are doing is a scary thing at any age you and being at age five makes it ten times scarier. All I heard were words like learning disability, not educated, stupid and slow. I remember water of tears coming down my mom 's face and me taking my small little hands around her waist giving her a huge hug. We got in the car, and with my five-year-old voice, I asked my mom what was going on.It was right then and there I knew my life was going

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  • A Large Room

    large room. In this room there are people of every age, ethnicity, and country that you can think of. Now think of each individual story behind those lives. Everyone, despite their age, has a unique background, upbringing, and mindset. As college is hastily approaching, I see more and more people wanting to stay in the comfort of living near what is known. Not that there is anything wrong with living close to home, but personally I would rather go to a place completely unique to that of my own inner

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  • My Dorm Room Is A Representation Of My Front Stage Behavior

    I think that my dorm room is a representation of my front-stage behavior. This is the case because although it is my room, I share it with a friend, and although it is our room, we often have other people in it with us. Dorm rooms are a space in which friends can gather for a party, to study together, or even to watch this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It is more of a public space than a private space in which I can be alone. I keep my dorm room in a manner in which I would publically display;

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  • The Pale Purple Wall Of My Sister 's Room

    The pale purple wall in my sister’s room came in and out of focus. I had completely stopped breathing and could not remember how I even made it into her empty room. I sat still trying to process what was coming through the phone, “Erin, did you hear me? Katie told Joe she was going to kill herself last night. She’s fine, but I’m worried. This is the second time she’s done this”. The word “second” was like a punch in the gut. “Jenny”, I paused, “I didn’t know there was a first”. The word “first” barely

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  • The Art Room - Original Writing

    nearing the conclusion of my ninth grade year when the dark abyss of depression consumed me; anxiety and sadness masked my cheerful demeanor. The depression came on as unannounced as a thief in the night. One day I was on top of the world, and the following it was difficult to get out of bed. In spite of the crippling darkness that threatened to consume me, I continued to maintain straight A 's, for the pressure I put on myself would not allow for error. In the midst of my emotional demise, one of

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  • My First Cardiac Arrest Of The Emergency Room

    back in January, 2012. I remember tucking my scrubs into my socks in a failed effort to prevent them from getting soaked in the slush-coated parking lot. I was overwhelmed with excitement as I rushed through the hallway to make it to huddle. Not even a snowstorm the size of Texas, trapping us all at work for days, could dampen my mood that morning. It was only my second week on the job in the emergency room when not even a half hour into my shift I witnessed my first cardiac arrest. I remember the charge

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  • My First Time Of My Dorm Room

    Golden rays of early morning sunshine poured through the glass windows and illuminated my dorm room. I look over to see my friend Andrew attempting to sleep in by pretending to ignore his painfully annoying phone alarm. “Andrew you need to get up and shut that thing off. It’s hardly 8 a.m. and I’m already getting a massive headache.” I nagged at him, “Andrew. Seriously. Now. Get up!” I ready my hand to deliver a perfect “five-star” smack onto his bare back but instead he turns around and faces me

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  • My Thoughts On The Room

    My initial thoughts and feelings were that they had very cool abstract art and that it was very clean. I also noticed that it was much brighter than most bars and grills that I’ve been to before. Another thing I noticed was that it was playing very loud country music in the background. The spatial arrangement of the restaurant was that once you walked through the main doors, you were led directly to the circular bar in the center of the room. Around the corners of the room were groups of small

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  • The Amber Room

    Amber Room Three hundred years ago, there was a great treasure, which was built by human hands. It is called the Amber Room. Art experts from Germany said it should be the 8th wonder of world due to its beauty. History, when recorded, is evidence that shows that the past actually happened. However, the Amber Room did not have the fate to stay in a physical form and became one of the interesting mysteries of the century. Many researchers are interested to discover the mystery of the Amber Room, however

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  • The, No Room At The Inn

    the Savior to be born There was no room Lordy, no room at the inn.” On Saturday the 10th of December 2016, I attended Jazz at Lincoln Center Big Band Holidays with Wynton Marsalis at Memorial Hall. I expected a night of swing and jazz, so when vocalist Catherine Russell took to the stage to sing a song by gospel queen Mahalia Jackson, I was surprised. The setlist was primarily jazz interpretations of sacred and secular holiday songs, however Jackson 's “No Room at the Inn” was a welcome addition

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  • My Experience At My Room

    After having to take your class I have realized that my study skills were not up to par at all. As the semester began to progress I started to buckle down and sit down and take the time that all the material that needed to be studied was receiving it 's appropriate study time. After being able to just sit down at my desk and assess the work that is at my desk I can finally study and work to my full potential. I learned that from all the concentration activities that we had done

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  • My Class Room Is Full Lab Write Ups And Laboratory Notebooks

    1. List three ideas that you would like to initiate in your classroom. I believe the most important idea I would like to initiate in my class room is full lab write ups and laboratory notebooks. I feel these skills are important for students to learn to do for three major reasons. First, the students will understand the purpose and outcome of an experiment at a deeper level if the write about it. I have found that students do not seem to connect the application of a skill to an experiment when

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  • My Parent 's Room At Bed

    could you come into the bedroom.” My dad said in a serious tone. I hear my two brothers running up the stairs like a heard of elephants into my parents room. I stand up and walk out of my room across the hall to my parent’s room making the floor squeak quietly. I walk into the room seeing maroon colored walls, a glass door leading to the deck and the big bed with mom’s quilt she made on top. Dads laying on the left side of the bed already in his pajamas like my mom who is sitting in the cream colored

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  • I Saw The Room Coming

    I saw the room coming, it would be one of those rooms that a person would see in a detective or an action movie. The one guy just sitting in a room where they think their thoughts are private but really they belong to the people around the villain, the hero. When the questioner comes and sits down at the other end of the table and gets started in such a peaceful manner but really the person that is being questioned for what he is doing and there I was sitting in that same room I envisioned exactly

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  • The Suicide Room - Original Writing

    The Suicide Room. That 's what they called room 733 - as if I didn 't have enough to worry about on my first day as a freshman. We had assigned to dorm room 734 which, it turns out, wasn’t one of the nice add-on rooms in the south hall. No, we found ourselves in the older wing of the building on the 7th floor. I wasn’t too bummed out, though; at least they’d honored my request to room with my best friend. Lydia and I spent most of the morning moving ourselves in. By the time our Resident Advisor

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  • My Class Room Is A Diverse Environment

    My class room is a highly diverse environment, with many students from different cultures, and age ranges. This is an intro to art classroom, meaning we are learning about the basics, and fostering creativity that students may not know they had. All students are required to take a class like this one and many of the students tend to be freshman and sophomores, but on occasion we have juniors and seniors. The seating arraignments are set up in groups. This is not by my choice because I am using the

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  • The Down Of The Room

    Gall slipped out of the room as Britta fell back on the bed. Sleep quickly overtook her. Vig yawned again and shuffled over to a chair. Fighting to stay coherent, he gave the door a quick glance. Drat, no lock. Guess I’ll have to block it. Sliding the chair in front of it, he sat with a thud and looked toward Britta. She rolled on her side, back toward him. He sighed, giving into his fatigue, and with this, his chin pitched forward into his chest as his eyes closed. As Britta snuggled into the bed

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  • A Room With A View

    uses intriguing and unique storytelling devices and present the changes that a character incurs in a thoughtful manner. Impressive internal character development in novels is often absent from novels but is executed brilliantly in E.M. Forster 's a Room With a View where the character Lucy’s developments made exciting by the change in setting throughout the novel as well as her changing opinions of different characters leading up to a well developed and satisfying climax. The first way in which Forster

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  • Suspense In The Red Room Essays

    The Red Room’ written by a famous writer H.G Wells. He was a science fiction writer who lived in the Victorian times. People in the Victorian times believed in science and also believed everything they were told. I will be explaining genre, the structure, setting, language, imagery and atmosphere in order to create suspense. The Red Room is based on a gothic horror story. This type of fiction existed in the late 18th and 19th centaury, gothic stories are mainly based inside big, dark, ruined castles

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  • The Disaster That Was My Room

    Total mess. Two words that described the total disaster which was my room. Textbooks; each and everyone thrown all over the once neat bedroom I only pray no pages were ripped out. All of my clothing that were neatly hanged in the closet disappeared leaving it empty with only the hangers taking its place. My bed covers were on the floor now only showing the mattress and the blinds on my window were not going to be blinding anytime soon. I 'm pretty sure you get the picture,the lovely scenery once

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  • The Beauty Of The Room

    The room was full of high class politicians and aristocrats, sipping champagne and making idle chitchat with each other. They all danced to the music of a live orchestra and dined on the gourmet food at the back of the room. Everyone seemed like they were having a wonderful time as they all got slightly drunk- all except a young woman in a red dress. She sat alone at a silk covered table, a seemingly neutral or bored expression adorning her delicate face. Quizzically taking in the

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  • My Room Is Like The Big Diamond Pin

    "He doesn 't show up very well from down here," said Miss Leeson. "You ought to see him from my room. You know you can see stars even in the daytime from the bottom of a well. At night my room is like the shaft of a coal mine, and it makes Billy Jackson look like the big diamond pin that Night fastens her kimono with." There came a time after that when Miss Leeson brought no formidable papers home to copy. And when she went out in the morning, instead of working, she went from office to office and

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  • My Study On Dining Room

    were to go to my house and you went over to my study area you would see a have a kind of desk, a chair, and a lamp. The desk actually contains a sewing machine in the inside that used to belong to my mother. God rest her soul. Main reason I use this as a desk it that it is one of the few places in my house where I have a flat surface that is not cluttered with odds and ends. Also this desk is in a centrally located place in the dining room right next to the dining table. The dining room itself is right

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  • The Small Room

    The Small Room As the handle was pulled, I breathed in deep, and exhaled just as hard. And that was the end, My whole life leading there. “Everyone off!!” The Guard shouted. I sat in the back of the bus, young and fearful of the things to come. All fifteen or so of us shuffled off the Bus in a straight line. As we all walked through the small court of the prison, I could hear the inmates who had gathered yelling at the top of their lungs…”Fresh Meat”, “Little Lambs”, things along those lines anyway

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