My Room Essay

  • My Experience At My Room

    After having to take your class I have realized that my study skills were not up to par at all. As the semester began to progress I started to buckle down and sit down and take the time that all the material that needed to be studied was receiving it 's appropriate study time. After being able to just sit down at my desk and assess the work that is at my desk I can finally study and work to my full potential. I learned that from all the concentration activities that we had done

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  • My View On The Mirror Room

    I approach the mirror room, my tail held high and awaiting my meeting with her. From the machine room there is a swinging side door that leads into the shipping room. I easily push it open and step inside. When I enter, I am immediately met with the sight of 10 feet high mirrors stacked in neat rows, and as I go farther along I come into another room where the glass is laid out to be shipped. These mirrors are smaller, ranging only 2 feet tall. In one of these my love awaits. Her name is Ladia, and

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  • The Disaster That Was My Room

    Total mess. Two words that described the total disaster which was my room. Textbooks; each and everyone thrown all over the once neat bedroom I only pray no pages were ripped out. All of my clothing that were neatly hanged in the closet disappeared leaving it empty with only the hangers taking its place. My bed covers were on the floor now only showing the mattress and the blinds on my window were not going to be blinding anytime soon. I 'm pretty sure you get the picture,the lovely scenery once

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  • My Thoughts On The Room

    My initial thoughts and feelings were that they had very cool abstract art and that it was very clean. I also noticed that it was much brighter than most bars and grills that I’ve been to before. Another thing I noticed was that it was playing very loud country music in the background. The spatial arrangement of the restaurant was that once you walked through the main doors, you were led directly to the circular bar in the center of the room. Around the corners of the room were groups of small

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  • My Life Of A Dark Room

    Walking in a dark room not knowing where you were or what you are doing is a scary thing at any age you and being at age five makes it ten times scarier. All I heard were words like learning disability, not educated, stupid and slow. I remember water of tears coming down my mom 's face and me taking my small little hands around her waist giving her a huge hug. We got in the car, and with my five-year-old voice, I asked my mom what was going on.It was right then and there I knew my life was going

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  • My Study On Dining Room

    were to go to my house and you went over to my study area you would see a have a kind of desk, a chair, and a lamp. The desk actually contains a sewing machine in the inside that used to belong to my mother. God rest her soul. Main reason I use this as a desk it that it is one of the few places in my house where I have a flat surface that is not cluttered with odds and ends. Also this desk is in a centrally located place in the dining room right next to the dining table. The dining room itself is right

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  • My Room Is a Mess

    about the hour when my father died, soon after dawn one February morning when ice coated the windows like cataracts, I banged my thumb with a hammer. Naturally I swore at the hammers the reckless thing, and in the moment of swearing I thought of what my father would say: "If you'd try hitting the nail it would go in a whole lot faster. Don't you know your thumb's not as hard as that hammer?" We both were doing carpentry that day, but far apart. He was building cupboards at my brother's place in Oklahoma;

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  • My Life Of A College Dorm Room

    day I move from my house to a college dorm room. Every since the first day after I graduated I felt like I was ready to be on my own. You know, that feeling that they say you get when you graduate. You feel as if the world is yours and all you want to do is explore and do everything you dreamed of. As the days count down to go to college you forget that college really is not free. So, I began to stress out. I thought I was ready but realty hit me dead in the face. It wasn 't till my graduation party

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  • My Parent 's Room At Bed

    could you come into the bedroom.” My dad said in a serious tone. I hear my two brothers running up the stairs like a heard of elephants into my parents room. I stand up and walk out of my room across the hall to my parent’s room making the floor squeak quietly. I walk into the room seeing maroon colored walls, a glass door leading to the deck and the big bed with mom’s quilt she made on top. Dads laying on the left side of the bed already in his pajamas like my mom who is sitting in the cream colored

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  • My Class Room Is A Diverse Environment

    My class room is a highly diverse environment, with many students from different cultures, and age ranges. This is an intro to art classroom, meaning we are learning about the basics, and fostering creativity that students may not know they had. All students are required to take a class like this one and many of the students tend to be freshman and sophomores, but on occasion we have juniors and seniors. The seating arraignments are set up in groups. This is not by my choice because I am using the

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  • My Family 's Living Room

    In 1991 in an apartment in Everett, Washington my family’s living room was adorned with elementary age handwritten homework. Walls covered with eight and eleven-year-old calligraphy, rooms echoed with oral histories. This was my new American home. I could hear my mother boasting about her kids on phone calls to familials in Mexico. I was gladdened as I was falling in love with the written word. My siblings and I were breaking a cycle of illiteracy with the added challenges of learning a language

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  • My First Time Of My Dorm Room

    Golden rays of early morning sunshine poured through the glass windows and illuminated my dorm room. I look over to see my friend Andrew attempting to sleep in by pretending to ignore his painfully annoying phone alarm. “Andrew you need to get up and shut that thing off. It’s hardly 8 a.m. and I’m already getting a massive headache.” I nagged at him, “Andrew. Seriously. Now. Get up!” I ready my hand to deliver a perfect “five-star” smack onto his bare back but instead he turns around and faces me

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  • My Room Door Open And Close

    I heard my upstairs door open and close. It was the morning of August 27th 2015, and I was still asleep in bed. Both of my parents were at work, at least I thought. Someone rushed down our echoing stairs, and when they reached the bottom, I realized my mom had come home. She rushed into my room and asked, “Are you awake?” I replied, “Sorta, I heard someone upstairs, and it woke me. Why are you home?” Her stare locked my eyes to hers and she said, “Honey, I have some really hard news to tell you

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  • My Experience At The Dining Room Table

    “Here, sit. I’ll make you some tea,” he said, pulling out a chair at the dining room table. I did as he said and watched as he filled the kettle and set it on the stove, then came and sat down across from me. “Why are you doing all of this?” I asked. “Because I thought you could use some help,” he shrugged. “But you didn’t have to stay. You didn’t have to feed my daughter or read to her or make tea for me. You don’t have to do any of that and yet you’re still here. Why? Don’t you have someplace else

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  • My Room At The Sanuki Club Hotel

    At night, when I look outside the window from my room at the Sanuki Club Hotel, I am amazed at how beautiful this city is. I can see city lights, the radiant orange glow of Tokyo Tower just a few buildings away and yet there is a silence to it all. There is an incredible considerateness here. Loud noises are kept to a minimum, construction sites have decibel monitors, and are completely sealed off from the roads. In walkways and escalators, people keep to one side of the street and form a somewhat

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  • My First Time At The Smallest Dance Room

    The first time the class met we were in the smallest dance room with a long wooden bar across the back, on the opposite side of the room was a wall covered in mirrors. The mirrors spanned from one side of the room to the other and ran from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. On shelves all around the room were what seemed like hundreds of trophies and medals that the local high school dance team had won over the years. The first thing I remembered thinking was “wow, I’m going to own trophies

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  • Gender Roles In My Antonia And Cather's More Room?

    Gender dictates one’s life. Gender is the division that separates all of society. This is demonstrated in Willa Cather’s My Antonia, Mindy Kaling’s “Type of Women in Romantic Comedies Who are Not Real,” and Judith Ortiz Cofer’s “More Room.” In Willa Cather’s My Antonia two childhood friends, Antonia and Jim, reunite with each other to share their experiences throughout life and observe how they and their family go through life differently due to gender views. In Mindy Kaling’s “Type of Women in Romantic

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  • The Pale Purple Wall Of My Sister 's Room

    The pale purple wall in my sister’s room came in and out of focus. I had completely stopped breathing and could not remember how I even made it into her empty room. I sat still trying to process what was coming through the phone, “Erin, did you hear me? Katie told Joe she was going to kill herself last night. She’s fine, but I’m worried. This is the second time she’s done this”. The word “second” was like a punch in the gut. “Jenny”, I paused, “I didn’t know there was a first”. The word “first” barely

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  • My Room Is Like The Big Diamond Pin

    "He doesn 't show up very well from down here," said Miss Leeson. "You ought to see him from my room. You know you can see stars even in the daytime from the bottom of a well. At night my room is like the shaft of a coal mine, and it makes Billy Jackson look like the big diamond pin that Night fastens her kimono with." There came a time after that when Miss Leeson brought no formidable papers home to copy. And when she went out in the morning, instead of working, she went from office to office and

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  • Different Cases During My Operating Room Experience

    I observed two different cases during my operating room experience. The first case I sat in on was a bi-CABG surgery, which stands for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. A CABG is a type of procedure that is done to improve the blood flow to a person’s heart. The second procedure that I got to sit in on was a laparoscopic hiatal hernia repair. A hiatal hernia is when a part of a person’s stomach pushes through the small opening of the diaphragm and into that person’s chest area. The laparoscopic, or

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  • My First Cardiac Arrest Of The Emergency Room

    back in January, 2012. I remember tucking my scrubs into my socks in a failed effort to prevent them from getting soaked in the slush-coated parking lot. I was overwhelmed with excitement as I rushed through the hallway to make it to huddle. Not even a snowstorm the size of Texas, trapping us all at work for days, could dampen my mood that morning. It was only my second week on the job in the emergency room when not even a half hour into my shift I witnessed my first cardiac arrest. I remember the charge

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  • I Am At My Breakfast Room Table

    I sat at my breakfast room table finding found myself in a puddle of discouragement; something I had waited so very long for and placed my hope in wasn 't there. All my expectation had been dashed in to what seemed a million pieces and I was left feeling absolutely hopeless! With my mother by my side compassionately consoling me yet at the same time exhorting me, she encouraged me to "Move forward with JOYFUL EXPECTATION"! I wiped the tears that were beginning to form from my eyes and gave a smile

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  • My First Time Volunteering For The Collection Rooms

    “My first time volunteering in the collection rooms,” she admitted with the slight shrug of a shoulder. “A beginner.” I took over holding the cotton and bent my arm. “I don’t know how I feel about being experimented on by an amateur.” She snorted. “I’m competent, I can assure you.” “So you know everything there is to know about me, it’s only fair you at least tell me one thing.” “What do you want to know?” I asked and glances briefly at the camera. “Your name?” “That’s not the way it works

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  • Finding Room Through My Heart For Writing

    9th December, 2015 Finding Room in my Heart for Writing Last spring semester, I took a preparatory writing course -WRA 1004- here at MSU. When I first enrolled myself to this course (WRA 110), I expected it to be completely different than WRA 1004. I expected this course to be concentrated about scientific and technological topics, which means we will be writing/reading a lot of research papers. Nevertheless and fortunately, it was not the case. In the first period, my professor told us that this

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  • My Dorm Room Is A Representation Of My Front Stage Behavior

    I think that my dorm room is a representation of my front-stage behavior. This is the case because although it is my room, I share it with a friend, and although it is our room, we often have other people in it with us. Dorm rooms are a space in which friends can gather for a party, to study together, or even to watch this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It is more of a public space than a private space in which I can be alone. I keep my dorm room in a manner in which I would publically display;

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  • I Sit On The Soft Carpet Of My Living Room Floor

    I sit on the soft carpet of my living room floor. It is a warm day and there is the sound of other children playing outside. Shouts and laughter filter in through the open windows along with a gentle breeze that ruffle the pages of a book in my hands. As the world moves on around me, it goes by without notice. I am in an entirely different world different world lost in the pages and words of a novel. I have been taken to a faraway strange and wonderful place where monsters and magic seem as real

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  • My Class Room Is Full Lab Write Ups And Laboratory Notebooks

    1. List three ideas that you would like to initiate in your classroom. I believe the most important idea I would like to initiate in my class room is full lab write ups and laboratory notebooks. I feel these skills are important for students to learn to do for three major reasons. First, the students will understand the purpose and outcome of an experiment at a deeper level if the write about it. I have found that students do not seem to connect the application of a skill to an experiment when

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  • Why I Didn 't My Zombie Walk At The Powder Room

    latest session and I had just managed to stumble out of bed on my way to the bathroom when I noticed his hand out and I high-fived him. I took a couple of steps towards the bathroom not believing that we just high-fived but I turned back around after some introspection and realized that he really deserved it and gave him some more skin along with some jive “mother fucker” accolades before continuing my zombie walk to the powder room. We were high as all get out before we started and after our couple

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  • Story About Ghengis Khan When Travis Miler Burst Into My Room

    I was sitting comfortably on my bed reading a story on Reddit about Ghengis Khan when Travis Miler burst into my room. “Derson?” “What’s good.” My phone said it was 8:56 am. “Bowl?” “I’d be down.” I laid back on my bed and rubbed my eyes, sinking into the pad on my mattress. I twisted some chest hairs and continued reading. Travis set his backpack down and dogged around for the ideal eighth-bag to pinch out of. He opened my closet and pulled out a bong wrapped at the base and downstem with

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  • Fred Hechinger's "They Tortured My Mother, " Suzanne Gordon's "What Nurses Stand for, " George Simpson's "The War Room at Bellevue"

    Like many systems in the United States of America, the health care system is far from perfect. Through Fred Hechinger’s “They Tortured My Mother,” Suzanne Gordon’s “What Nurses Stand For,” and George Simpson’s “The War Room at Bellevue,” it is clear that the quality of health care varies from hospital to hospital. The system, while in dire need of reconstruction, has some satisfying aspects that often times go unnoticed by the American public. Caring, respectful, and good-natured nurses are the

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  • The Night - Original Writing

    My mind is filled with many avenues and passage ways. Crevices and Rooms filled of times of my past and present. The good: open with welcoming smiles to anyone. The bad and ugly: locked but with the key still in the hole for anyone willing to enter. My mind is colorful to say the least. I can be thinking of anything at any given moment. There’s a room at the farthest point of the hallway, its door the darkest of red, the doorknob the same color. This is the room that my deepest fear stays trapped

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  • Physical Appearance Of The Ranch

    place we refuge to when we want to escape from reality. My safe haven is my grandparent’s ranch which is located in Michoacan, Mexico. This property has been family owned since 1956, so it has plenty of family history. My father and six of his siblings were born in different areas of the ranch’s home. A few of my aunts also had their weddings out in the backyard. The family history that this ranch holds is the main reason that it will always be my safe haven. The physical appearance of the ranch

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  • Essay about My Home

    My house is in Shastri Nagar, New Delhi. It is a quite new house. It was built only one year back. It has two storeys. My grandparents and my uncle live on the ground floor. On the ground floor we have a drawing room, two bedrooms, and a kitchen. We live on the first floor. On the first floor we have three bed rooms and a kitchen. It has also a dining room, a study room and a guest room. My sister and study in the study room. The rooms are well-lighted and airy. All the floors have marble tiles

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  • No Place Better Exemplifies Bricolages Than A Shared, College Bedroom

    Such a room is a bricolage on many levels, beginning with the pre-existing room design through the melding of different people’s styles, and the arrangement of each individual’s space. The bricolage created by my bedroom in my UCLA apartment communicates the harmonious melding of different personalities aimed toward a common goal: personal growth. Once all of our belongings were moved in, the synthesis of a bricolage emerged from each of our styles. We each claimed an area of the room as our own

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  • My Childhood - Original Writing

    happened there since you moved in, young or old.I’ve lived in my old house since I was 18 months old, but had to move out around the age of 15. I loved that house from the scenery of the front yard to the enormous backyard. All the rooms on the inside had memories that I will never forget. I still remember which room was my favorite room to be in and had the best memories about. I’ve had up and downs in this house, but it will forever be my favorite house to live in. Even though the house was half

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  • My Safe Place Research Paper

    Tanner Barnard English 1180 Prof. Elizabeth Davis October 5th 2017 My Room, My Safe Place, My Sanctuary There is no place like your room, it’s a place of complete safety. There is a loud creaking noise coming from the alarm clock, that sits on my bedside table next to my Pokémon cards, which as you walk away, is replaced by the two to four groaning base boards under my blue carpet. The noise of my busy family, reminds me I’m in a safe place to relax. The noise of the outside is still heard

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  • A House Full Of Parents, Children, And Grandchildren

    place; especially my home. The age is anywhere between sixty-five to one. The parents are sixty-four and sixty two, the children are: forty-two, thirty-eight, seventeen, and seven. The grandchildren are twenty-four, nineteen, four, and one. Our house has a first floor and a basement. I walk through the front door, immediately step into the our living room; with a television to the left, and chair straight ahead, and a couch to the right. I walk slightly to the right, seeing our dining room and pantry.

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  • How We Read Books About Books And Books

    novels. My mother put my sister and me into a reading program in elementary school because our reading levels were lower than they should be. There were no criteria so we read books that were interesting to us, like the Given Tree by Shel Silverstein and Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. When we finished reading them we would go around and talk about the book we read. About our reaction to the book and how we felt towards it. From that day we have been reading more books of different genres. In my junior

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  • Personal Narrative : ' Shh Nicolas Or They Will Hurt Us Too

    "Shh Nicolas or they will hurt us too" I tell my 9 year old brother who is currently crying in my arms. We were hiding in the little hidden door to our playroom that my parents made for me and my brother. I could see the two tall buff men enter one says “Get things that can come in use to us” and left the room. The one man started going through drawers. **Gasp** I quickly cover my little brother 's mouth. One man started coming towards where we were currently hiding. "JIM COME ON TIME TO GO GET THE

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  • The Suicide Room - Original Writing

    The Suicide Room. That 's what they called room 733 - as if I didn 't have enough to worry about on my first day as a freshman. We had assigned to dorm room 734 which, it turns out, wasn’t one of the nice add-on rooms in the south hall. No, we found ourselves in the older wing of the building on the 7th floor. I wasn’t too bummed out, though; at least they’d honored my request to room with my best friend. Lydia and I spent most of the morning moving ourselves in. By the time our Resident Advisor

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  • Experience At The Fralin Museum Of Charlottesville

    | Lithograph 1990.7008.029 | 2013.4   My Experience at the Fralin Museum The Fralin Museum of Art in Charlottesville wasn’t like any museum I’ve ever gone too. My experience at the Fralin was subpar when compared to my expectations. In such a modest building the rooms had large open ceilings which made the museum feel superior to what it actually was. The Fralin’s collection was inferior to what I originally thought it was going to be. However, each room that I walked into had a discrete atmosphere

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  • Memoir : My Final Tour

    Memoir: My Final Tour Change is the inevitable death of everything familiar. I had seen those words somewhere, but as I walked down the dark sidewalk, I could not remember where. The air was chilling and caused my breath to puff out like steam plumes that disappeared faster than they arrived. I thought the weather was fitting for my emotions and what I was going to do. I had been yearning for a final tour of my childhood home I felt extremely connected to. We were abruptly kicked from our home

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  • A Report On The Hospital

    to the locker room, reverse my scrubs and scurry on to bed one. I walk in the room and notice Hazel the hag left all the intravenous bags empty. I race into the supply room and collect the necessary intravenous bags, as I walk back to the unit I hear "CODE BLUE ROOM 352, CODE BLUE ROOM 352." With this in mine, I drop everything and rush to room 352 on the opposite side of the hospital, only to find a code blue has been called in error. Back in the Intensive Care Unit, I see my intravenous bags

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  • Driving Home From Work On My Life

    Tuesday night, I couldn’t be any more excited to throw my bags down, change into my pajamas, and crawl into my freshly washed comforter. I’ve been working so much lately that it seems hard to keep my scratchy eyes open, but I finally see my street up ahead. I move to the left turning lane anxious to finally be home. As I go to make the turn, out of nowhere a group of teenagers are crossing the street. I slam on my brakes in time not to hit any of them. My heart is racing, but when I realize everything is

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  • My Memories Of My Childhood

    Growing up in my childhood, I never really made a lot of friends. In my early years of education, I was very sociable, but to my dismay, people just didn’t seem the friendly type. I never really did feel safe in the school district. That being said, there was only one place that I would always go to relax and get the stress of my mind, and that would be my humble abode, my home. Because I walked to school on a regular basis, I always knew where to go, even during the renovations. I mean, I could

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The True Meaning Of Love

    beautiful thing to ever experience in my life. I found out I was pregnant when I was twenty years old. It was a crazy experience through my whole pregnancy. I struggled in life growing up with drinking and I was in the process of getting sober when I found out I was pregnant. It was hard for me to make a decision on what I was going to do. I felt scared and did not know how I was going to take care of a baby; when I could not even take care of myself. At one point, during my pregnancy, I remember I was at

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  • Short Essay On My Dream House

    For my imaginary place I chose to do my dream house! I chose to do my dream house because it will help you better to understand more about not only my dream house, but also about me and my personality! First I am going to start out with just talking about where my dream house would be located and why! I would have my dream house located in Frankton, Indiana. I would live here because I love this area for many reasons! A few of the reasons are; there aren’t very many people around, it is very quiet

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  • A Speech On The Locker Room

    the Operating Room the morning of November 26th; I remember walking in hoping I had good cases and was assigned to a room. Being part of the Open Heart team meant that if no open heart surgeries were scheduled, you would end up being a float for other services. Many of the nurses preferred not to float because they weren’t always comfortable giving breaks to both surgical techs and circulators, but I didn’t mind scrubbing or circulating different services. I reviewed the scheduled on my way into the

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  • Narrative Essay - a Scary Experience

    another day. I had classes in the morning. As it was a Thursday, I stayed back and spent some time with my friends after school. We had chicken broast for lunch at Helvatia and then we left to our respective homes. It was early summer. So I went to sleep after a shower and didn’t wake up till 9 p.m. My Parents were leaving for Dad’s business tour to Delhi and they won’t be back for at least two weeks. My sister and I were quite happy about the fact that we can do whatever we want for two whole weeks. I

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  • Looking At The Picture And Describing Only The Things I See

    I have to also tell what really happen in the three pictures make sure they link together and see how I can relate John Wideman’s story in mines with quotes. I have chosen three pictures one of me standing in the hallway of my room, a picture of my room, and a picture of my TV and hallway. In these three picture there is a story behind all of them describing what I was about to do. In picture one it is a picture of a man standing in a hallway with black and blue on. The man looks like he is holding

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